Far JiFan looked at the changes in the barracks, smiled and turned away.
Sunset in the western hills, the setting sun is like blood. The soldiers in the barracks began to prepare food for the night. After that, rest and prepare for the next day’s training.
The smell of fat sheep is far away. . .
Gao, a captain, was very guilty and took the remaining 199 sheep home and kept them in the Houfu.
Ji Fan walked into the second battalion, looked at the foot soldiers and asked with a smile, "Hey, two hundred fat sheep have all been eaten! Is training hard today? "
A foot soldier said with a bitter face, "Instructor, please let us go back!"! We can’t take it anymore! We haven’t eaten 200 fat sheep, and all of them were taken home by the son of a bitch named Gao. We are starving. Thirty catties, thirty catties, heavy load! We haven’t had a full meal, so we often have a quarter of an hour to eat, and we don’t even have time to light a fire. Instructor, you are a good man, please help us! "
Ji Fan frowned and scolded, "This high captain has gone too far. I bought it for my brothers. Why should he eat it? Why? "
Ten thousand foot soldiers nodded and roared: "Yes! Yes! Exactly! "
Wu Yeyun suddenly said, "I remember you didn’t have a town in the Jizhou mountains?" Let them go there! "
Ji Fan said: "This is not good! We are all working for others now, which is. . 。”
"Instructor, let’s go!"
Ji Fan said, "Tell you what, Wu Yeyun, you ask people to get their families out of the city and leave tonight."
—————————— dividing line
Early the next morning, Yang Xiao looked at the information with a ruddy face, and suddenly a man broke into the palace and said, "Your Excellency, a captain Gao asked us to tell you where you sent 10,000 soldiers. Why is camp No.2 empty?"
Yang Xiaoqi was surprised and asked, "When did I send someone out on a mission? He didn’t wake up! " The four gates are all soldiers given by my God, so it is naturally impossible to let them out without my orders. Ten thousand foot soldiers are not a group as big as a foot soldier. How can they disappear?
Yang Xiao, who came to Camp 2, stayed. . . It’s completely dull . .
Yang Xiao roared angrily: "Where are the ten thousand foot soldiers?"
A captain Gao cried and roared, "Ten thousand foot soldiers. . . . It’s gone. . 。”
Yang Xiao is angry! A foot kicked a captain Gao far away, and it was dusty.
Yang Xiao felt all over the camp and found a note.
"High a captain insult, training hard, we are weakening. It’s only a quarter of an hour to eat. Yesterday, instructor Ji sent me two hundred sheep to treat me, but I didn’t expect it. A captain Gao stole 200 sheep for his own selfish desires and hid them in his backyard. I am depressed. As a soldier under such a captain, it is better to go to the Jizhou Mountains to find their own way. "
Yang Xiao looked at Gao with a livid face and roared: "Somebody! Pull him down and cut him! "
Chapter 15. Holding Wu Gongzi hostage
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Yang Xiao angrily looked at the empty barracks, ruthlessly grasp the brain. !
Ten thousand foot soldiers how so gone!
He doesn’t have many soldiers, and now he’s 10 thousand less. How can he live? But also the teacher of the tiger and the wolf that the man has just trained!
What the hell is going on here! He is about to vomit blood!
At this time, a foot soldier ran outside the military camp and reported to Yang Xiao: "My Lord, more than 10,000 residents in the city disappeared inexplicably."
Yang Xiao was frightened and angry! Suddenly one mouthful blood spit out, people in situ fell into a coma.
Who on earth has such magical powers to send 20,000 people out of the city unnoticed? Who the hell is it!
After everything was handled the next day, Yang Xiao suddenly found himself useless.
Ji Fan.
A while ago, what he did may have kept him away. Yang Xiao sighed and summoned his son. Prepare to let him get close to JiFan.
In addition, Yang Xiao also sent people to the plain area to find out the identity of JiFan.
When I arrived in Pingyuan Town, the yellow turban insurrectionary army was just retreating at the door.
At this moment, a captain of the city gate stopped him, revealing his face as a deer. At this moment, the deer stared at the man and stopped him.
The deer pointed at him and asked, "You! What do you do? "
The man was also car-scrapping and roared, "I was sent by the Lord of Yecheng to inquire about a man of Ji Fan."
The deer looked a whole, grabbed his collar and asked, "What do you want to know about him?"
The man was flat and said, "He is the coach of our military camp. I’ll check the identity of the Lord."
Jilu nodded and said, "I know that man. He belongs to Jijiazhuang."
The man asked again, "Where is Jijiazhuang!"
The deer roared impatiently: "It was flattened two months ago! He may not know yet! "
The man refreshed and hurried back to Yecheng.
The deer looked at the direction of Yecheng with a complicated look. He did know what his brother Fan was thinking, and it was shocking to think about it. First, he went out to crush Jijiazhuang and achieved the goal he didn’t dare to think about. Moreover, after only four months, he enlisted 1,000 troops, and now he is mixed with Yecheng. . . what does he want to be? Hold Jizhou?
Jilu made up her mind to treat Jifan Enemy at the Gates and offered the city!
Yang Hao has had more contact with him these days, and JiFan is also pretending to flatter and so on.