"Where to?" Chu Yun curious blinked consciousness way
"Where do I live …" Said the heart and took Chu Yunfei off.
Chu Yun got a fright, but he didn’t expect the heart to accelerate when it said to accelerate.
"Brother, it’s good that you wait." The heart smiled at ChuYun and said.
"All right."
Chu Yun thinks he’s fast, but now he knows what it means to be behind the scenes.
"Why are you so fast?"
Chu Yun couldn’t help but ask, when we met for the first time, although the heart defeated a magic general, she was half kneeling on the ground, obviously winning the battle. But now … this speed can be arrogant.
"Is this fast? Can I be faster?" The heart just looked at Chu Yun smiles to say
"Uh …" Chu Yun dizzy head can be faster. Is this woman a natural speed king?
"What’s your fastest speed?" ChuYun couldn’t help but wonder.
As soon as Chu Yun’s words fell, his heart flew to the sky with his speed.
Chu Yun don’t know how to shape the ear buzzing straight ring urgent way "slow down …"
Going to Chu Yun like this is almost unbearable.
Soon the heart slowed down, but it was still fast in Chu Yun’s eyes
"Brother, where I live, the horse will arrive soon." My heart smiled sweetly.
"Don’t you live in heaven?" Chu Yun couldn’t help asking, otherwise, what would the heart do with flying so high?
"Yes, in heaven," said the heart.
"Tiangong? !” Chu Yun brain involuntarily appeared these two words.
"Sort of." The heart laughed.
"It’s a heavenly palace." Chu Yun was surprised that the heavenly palace was just his guess, but he didn’t expect the heart to admit it directly
"Brother, stop it. We’ll see it soon."
The speed of words falling in my heart suddenly accelerated, and Chu Yun was not ready.
Chapter 593 The identity of the heart! ()
I don’t know how high I flew, but my heart finally slowed down, and now Chu Yun is already in the clouds
"That’s that …" Chu Yun squeezed his eyes hard and set up an unattainable palace in front, covering an area of thousands of miles as if it were a small country
Chu Yun was shocked. Who would have expected this heavenly palace to be so big?
"So that’s where you live?" Don’t be shocked by Chu Yun, which simply means that the mythical world in China makes people feel unreal.
"Yes, is it big?" The heart blinked nifty eyes and said
Chu Yun swallowed a mouthful of saliva, which is not only big, but also insane.
Heart directly with Chu Yun came to the fairy jade palace, if the door closed tightly, two women stood outside the door.
These two women are almost not as beautiful as their hearts, but they are absolutely beautiful. Adding that sacred temperament there is no different from a fairy.
The moment I saw my heart, the two women bowed and said that the tone was full of respect.
"Goddess adult? !”
Chu Yun really can’t help but focus on his heart and wonder what he wants to call the goddess. Is the heart very important in this palace?
Goddess Palace!
Soon Chu Yun noticed that the three characters on the door plaque were glittering and dazzling. If the big palace formed an absolutely shocking scene,
"Heart, is this called the Goddess Palace?" Chu Yun couldn’t help asking, "What’s your status here?"
Goddess? Goddess Palace?
Although Chu Yun knows that the identity of the heart is great, he knows nothing about it.
"I’m the goddess," my heart said sweetly.
"…" Chu Yun didn’t know what to say.
"Oh, by the way, the mainland people gave me a nickname, Goddess of Light," said the heart.
"What what! ?”
Chu Yun almost jumped up. The goddess of light is the goddess of light. God, are you cheating me?
"Brother, I’ll take you in." The heart took Chu Yun directly into the palace, which is strange to say, when approaching, the glorious gate was involuntary.
Chu Yun’s brain is still short-circuited in Chu Yun, but the phantom of the goddess of light keeps overlapping, except that his face is covered by a veil, which seems to be almost the same.
"My heart, are you really the goddess of light?" Chu Yun has nothing but shocking his brain.
"Yes, I am the goddess of light" said the heart with a smile on her face.
Chu Yun’s heart is full of waves. If the heart is really the goddess of light, wouldn’t you kiss the goddess of light? !
Who is the goddess of light? That’s the pinnacle and the most powerful woman in the whole King. In the hearts of several people, that’s what God’s justice and beauty can’t incarnate!
"My heart, you are the myth of the goddess of light, so you …" Chu Yun couldn’t help but ask, "What happened when we first met?"
When we met for the first time, it was hard to kill a magic general. If it is really the goddess of light, it will be a matter of minutes and seconds.
Xiner Bingxue Cong soon knew what Chu Yun meant and replied, "It was my spirit when my brother met for the first time."
"What is a spirit body?" Chu Yun consciousness said.
At that time, the inferno was born, so I isolated a spiritual body to see the situation in the mainland. I didn’t expect to meet my brother, you. The heart took Chu Yun’s hand and couldn’t say how happy it was.
"Er busy? !” Chu Yun’s mouth is wide enough to swallow an egg, and he can kill the magic commander when he is so busy.
"Brother, do you still not believe that I am the goddess of light?" The heart knows what Chu Yun thinks and says.
"I I …" Chu Yun really doesn’t believe that every time I think about kissing my heart, I feel incredible and my heart can’t help but get excited.
"Brother, do you remember the glory ring I gave you?" Said the heart.
"Know know ah" Chu Yun don’t know what the heart say so?
"My heart realized that my brother was wearing a dazzling necklace and bracelet, so she summoned the dazzling ring and gave it to my brother to make a good match." My heart said with a sweet smile.
"well! ?”