They were waiting outside to see Zhang Shenglai when they left the Tianzundao Palace, and they all asked eagerly what was the Dan medicine that grandmaster gave me.
Zhang Sheng laughed, of course, to practice these pills, but it’s unusual. I’m afraid your grandmaster has been refining this batch for a hundred years. This time, it’s a one-time department to give you a few guys.
Zhang extremely hey hey smiled and said, it seems that grandmaster is still very us.
Zhang Sheng took a white look at Zhang Ji and said, Don’t wave these pills until you meditate and want to practice, but then swallow them, otherwise these pills will be a wave.
Zhantian laughs, master. Don’t worry, we know the boundaries.
Zhang Feng looked calm and not as happy as they were. He simply asked Dad if you still have something to do.
Zhang Sheng laughed and said that Fenger is very clever. Well, you said it was good. When I leave the celestial world for a while in half a month, you should hurry up and practice when I return to the celestial world. Then the pattern of the celestial world will probably change.
They didn’t hear it very well, but Zhang Sheng didn’t explain what a smile is. Okay, let’s go home.
Half a month passed quickly, but it was also the most comfortable day for Zhang Sheng in the past 100 years. He was worried and fully enjoyed his family life. This quiet and natural life was what Zhang Sheng wanted, but he could not live this pastoral life forever with the life of Jiuli clan.
It’s time for Zhang Sheng to go to hell in half a month.
Although they don’t give up, they don’t have any other way. Zhang Ji wants to go to hell with Zhang Sheng, but Zhang Sheng doesn’t agree that Shura Hell is not a playground. Zhang Ji’s strength is obviously insufficient to go to a place like that. It’s better to stay at home quietly and practice well and prepare for future battles
Zhang Sheng couldn’t help smiling when he looked at a group of people. Well, this is the last time I went, and after this incident, we can really live a quiet life.
Zhang Sheng’s wives smiled and said goodbye. Since Zhang Sheng’s wife, she would regret all her husband’s actions.
When Zhang Sheng came to the Buddha Taoist Palace, he accidentally found that Yuan Tianzun was not here. Zhang Sheng was stunned. In Zhang Sheng’s memory, Yuan Tianzun was always sitting on a futon and never got up, but this time he was not in the Dan room. This is too strange. Zhang Sheng was there but didn’t know what to do.
Although Zhang Sheng can go directly to hell, Zhang Sheng doesn’t know the way. Although he transfers his strength, he is in trouble.
After waiting for a long time to see the land rent returned in the future, Zhang Sheng sat on the ground and practiced.
Zhang Shengxiu almost realized it in the fight, but this kind of quiet meditation practice is not common. Just after Zhang Sheng started to operate Jiuli energy, he suddenly felt that Yuan Tianzun had returned, and he quickly dismissed the meaning of practicing.
When Zhang Sheng opened his eyes, Yuan Tianzun was already sitting in the futon. After Zhang Sheng saluted, he asked the master not to be here just now.
Yuan Tianzun laughed. Nothing to do. You’ve been waiting for a long time, haven’t you?
Zhang Sheng laughed and didn’t just rest here for a moment.
Yuan Tianzun smiled and said slowly that this trip to hell may still be dangerous, and this danger may be severe. You should be prepared.
Zhang Sheng shrugged his shoulders and said, it’s nothing. If it’s not dangerous, I really don’t like it.
Yuan Tianzun laughed and said little. I’ve already found the road sign. Your foothold will be Hell Road. In fact, if you want to go to Shura Hell, you must get a person’s consent.
Zhang Sheng is one leng and then thinks of something. Is it the bodhisattva who laughs?
Yuan Tianzun laughed and said, "Earth treasure king."
Zhang Shengdao heard that the King of Earth Treasure is the Great Sage, and this time he was fortunate to see trip worthwhile.
Yuan Tianzun nodded slightly and said that the earth treasure king has profound powers. You should be polite and never neglect him.
Yuan Tianzun said, then you can go. I wish you a pleasant journey. With that, Zhang Sheng was hit with a wave of his right hand and a gate. Before he went in, he already felt that the other side was full of dead air. When it was really lifeless, Zhang Sheng took a deep breath and went in without hesitation. Then the gate was closed.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Law enforcement Buddha
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Law enforcement Buddha
Zhang Sheng is used to this kind of travel. When he opens his eyes again, he will come to the ghost world.
The whole world is gray and lifeless. When you look around, you can see a piece of dead air. Occasionally, you can hear ghosts and wolves howling and evil winds blowing around you. It’s really shocking.
Zhang Sheng looked ahead and saw groups of ghosts dressed in white walking forward with eyes. At the end of Naiqiao, she saw an old woman with a dark face and a short stature. Her mouth kept sneering, and she was holding a white bowl with a huge black basin beside her, which seemed to run out of water. She handed the water from the basin to these ghosts. These ghosts drank the water in the bowl without knowing how to resist and then walked across Naiqiao to go deeper.
Zhang Sheng took one look and said, I think this river means forgetting the river. That old woman is the famous Meng Po.
Zhang Sheng took a deep breath and walked towards the Nai Bridge. When he got closer, he found that there were a pair of couplets on both sides of the Nai Bridge. It was easier to practice Nai Bridge than to be greedy and guilty. There are three steps to cross Nai Bridge and know whether it is good or evil. Go through the gold and silver channels to give you a blessing and make a fortune.
Zhang Sheng’s stepping on Nai Bridge has already sensed that a great force is eroding his mind. It seems that he wants to erase his memory. Zhang Sheng takes a deep breath and Jiuli energy runs slightly from Nai Bridge. The disappearance of energy horse and Zhang Sheng’s sudden arrival have also attracted the attention of ghost soldiers.
There was something congenial about something black in front of Zhang Sheng, and then dozens of ghost soldiers stopped Zhang Sheng with spears and broadswords.
You’re a practitioner. How dare you break into the underworld? A ghost soldier shouted, "Something congenial is blowing against my face, but when you get to Zhang Shengsan’s feet, it will be removed."
Zhang Sheng didn’t want to get into trouble, so he smiled and said, I’m an important person in the celestial world. I want to see the earth treasure bodhisattva. I hope a few little brothers can make it convenient for me to pass.
These ghost soldiers are used to being in charge of many ghosts in this Naiqiao bridge, which makes them forget that they are just a group of little kid soldiers. One of them sneers and says with disdain that you are a human being and want to meet the Bodhisattva. I’m waiting for you to be a middleman in the celestial world, so if you don’t care, you won’t retreat quickly.