Star Wu Tian laughed and started the star field to light up the south stand. Is it a revenge activity because of the anger of the dragon soul? ? ?
Chapter two hundred Avengers revenge! If you want to play, play hard (middle)
Let them take care of the big battle themselves. Blood Winged Flying Dragons will live up to their mission. By the way, King Smart of Dark Feet didn’t expect that the two guys were really needle-to-needle. As soon as they met, they owed each other two dollars. Like a dog, they rushed to the other side and fought mercilessly. From the height, Blood Winged Flying Dragons seemed to take advantage, but from the strength, King Smart of Dark Feet was definitely out of the wind. And judging from his posture and strength, Blood Winged Flying Dragons would almost lose.
However, the dragon soul can’t consider these things. He jumped into the ring and rushed past the corridor in front of the NPC thugs. It seems that these thugs didn’t seem to be very interested in his sudden escape. A few enthusiastic banana skin bricks flew towards the dragon soul, but more thugs chose to be a civil thug, not going to pay attention to the dragon soul, but fighting with two big guys in the ring.
Of course, it’s not you who hit me, so I’ll swallow my pride and take revenge for ten years. It depends on where it is. At this time, it’s obvious that after ten years, the day lilies will become popsicles. Of course, I will avenge the dragon’s anger on the spot, stare at the stands, and then rotate Xuanyuan Excalibur towards the place where things were still thrown at him just now. First, a Xuan Bing stream will move a group of thugs, and then a large number of NPC thugs will be killed by the dragon’s soul frost wyrm before they come to confess their actions.
"I’ll leave the rest to those guys." The dragon soul secretly thought and then continued to think about watching the mesa passage run past. It was very dark in the passage, and there was a light on the top of the head that was not very eye-catching, lazily emitting orange light, but this did not prevent the dragon soul from finding a small door with four characters of "idle people entering"
"If you don’t let me in, you won’t go in." The dragon soul said angrily after reading these four words. He kicked the door and was too lazy to take care of the dark inside and went in.
Perhaps it was the dragon soul who felt that there was something wrong with his nerves. In other words, he didn’t step on his right leg first to find a foothold. Unfortunately, the whole body of the dragon soul lost its center of gravity and then leaned forward involuntarily. God knows what was waiting for him. He was almost scared to death. The dragon soul quickly reached out and grabbed the edge of the door just now and finally got a little help.
"Young people don’t know how little they are. I tell you that idle people have to go in now, right?" In the master control room, the middle-aged man looked at the dragon soul with a relaxed face. I don’t know what his face expression was so relaxed, even though he could see from the window in front of him that the venue outside had become a mess. A huge dragon was fighting with a big guy wearing an eagle headdress like a sheik. The whole scene was flying everywhere. From time to time, several thugs NPC were rolled up by a gust of wind and then fell to the ground.
But even if the outside has become a mess, he is still a pair of hands, thick and short fingers knocking on a black box from time to time, which looks exquisite, but from the outside, you can’t see what the box is doing.
"Avenger Dragon Soul, don’t underestimate the strength of Dark Foot King Smart. Oh, I think your pet may not be able to beat him." The middle-aged man squinted at the battle outside and the Dark Foot King also fought inextricably. Because the speed of the Blood Wing Dragon was not faster than that of the Dark Foot King Smart, the explosive power of the Dark Foot King Wang Zhan was amazing in the close-knit battle. Seeing that he easily crossed the Blood Wing Dragon Paradise, the huge golden cross exploded towards the audience behind and then suddenly jumped over the back of the Blood Wing Dragon. It was very close to the back of the blood-winged flying dragon, and then his hands stretched out backwards and grabbed the neck of the blood-winged flying dragon. The whole body suddenly came to its own body and twisted into a circle and rolled towards the front.
"Super hell rolling! 」
These super fighting skills are all about the dragon’s soul, but the dragon’s soul is too fast. Wang Gen can’t keep up with his speed and vent his anger on the blood-winged dragon.
The blood-winged flying dragon was badly injured in this rolling. When the super-hell rolling ended, his body was already depressed and lying on the ground. At this time, King Smart with dark feet did not intend to let him go like this. His body jumped high and went straight to the colorful ceiling, then violently tumbled, and then the ceiling rebounded and rushed towards the blood-winged flying dragon on the ground.
At first glance, the situation was not good. Ma Zhenchi hid himself from the dark feet. King Smart hit the ground like a meteorite, forming a big pit on the ground. The blood-winged dragon flapped its wings in the middle and breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect this guy to be so difficult. Don’t say that there are even stronger forces than him.
Seeing that the Dark Foot King hasn’t got up in the pit, the Blood Winged Dragon seized the opportunity to bless the curse and weakening department on him so that this guy couldn’t be so arrogant and suddenly flapped his wings and hit the ground. After all, he is also a dragon with strong dignity. It’s too embarrassing to be insulted by you.
At this moment, the rose-purple will also summon the North Ghost Xuanwu, which will make the middle-aged man in the main control room a little big. I didn’t expect one to win the bet, and there was a new turtle in the North Ghost Xuanwu Yi Long, which made the whole venue full and had been cleaned up. Almost the audience (these almost idiot NPC thugs actually knew that they had fled for their lives at this time and were scared away by most thugs NPC) have already given out the audience. These big guys can rest assured to fight.
The star Wu Tianhe and the two beautiful women Dragon Soul decided that the plan was to clean up the meeting, and the scene work was to make a scene. The mastermind here, the heinous middle-aged dragon soul, decided that all revenge actions were his.
A few men ran along the dragon soul’s footsteps towards the dragon soul’s entrance passage just now.
At the same time, the dragon soul has struggled to climb out of that small door to prevent the stars from making the same mistakes as themselves here again. The dragon soul Xuanyuan Excalibur carved a few crooked words on the wall to wake up the stars and Wu Tian. This door is not allowed to come in.
The whole passage has become like a maze, with more and more doors. The dragon soul is a little regretful that he asked for it and generally ran into it. Now he can search from door to door. Seeing that it is too waves, the dragon soul wakes up from anger. Why are you so confused? Why not sharingan?
With sharingan’s help, it is much easier to search for the dragon soul. He can also easily see the things in the door clearly. It turns out that the middle-aged NPC who can’t die has prepared so many good things for the dragon soul. The dragon soul will leave a wake-up call at the door without going through a door. Later, they will come to the stars and Wu Tian, and they will not go in.
Chapter two hundred and one Avengers revenge! If you want to play, you can play hard ()
"So they won’t be pawned?" Middle-aged people in the main control room saw that he smiled and pressed a few buttons. Suddenly, after the stars and Wu Tian came in, the passage became very different when the dragon soul came in. The passage became lighted. In front of several people, a wall was made up of four sides, which puzzled the stars and Wu Tian and two beautiful women. It was really a difficult choice to choose which door to choose.
"Shall we divide it?" But the horse was rejected by Crysal, a crystal. "I don’t want so many unknown danger points in this unfamiliar environment that it is easier to be broken by the other side one by one." Then the crystal turned to look at the rose-purple rose nodded and the star Wu Tianhao shut up.
"Then try it first." The star Wu Tian muttered softly, kicking the first door, and suddenly the snowstorm blew out. You will know that this is definitely not the second door kicked by the star Wu Tian.
"What kind of role is this NPC that can have such a depressing venue and the layout here is so weird?" They finally decided to target the third door, which is the only one that looks familiar.
They had just walked to the door when they suddenly heard a loud howl outside. They didn’t listen to it and knew that it was the blood wing dragon. Then a particularly strong tremor came. Several people felt that their channels were about to collapse. Think about it. The horse knew what skills the blood wing dragon had released, and then it was hidden by King Smart. As a result, the star Wu Tian rationally analyzed and shook his head to move on, but he didn’t know that it was the blood wing dragon. This attack could help them a lot.
"Damn it!" Middle-aged people’s fingers are moving fast in the flashing golden keyboard. Just now, the attack of the blood wing dragon almost paralyzed his brain. Although most of them returned to normal in other luck, some of the controls still lost their effect, that is, they lost their restrictions on the stars and Wu Tian.
"What Avenger Dragon Soul has actually arrived here?" The middle-aged man found that he hadn’t noticed the dragon soul for a long time. His eyes fell on a liquid crystal screen dedicated to monitoring the dragon soul. A look at it almost dropped his glasses, which made him think that the dragon soul was so fast that it could appear in his master control room after a few seconds.
The approach of the dragon soul makes the middle-aged people fall into a panic, and their proudest defense can’t trap the dragon soul. This can be very anxious for the middle-aged people. Drops of beans and sweat are rolling down from his forehead. He can’t stop fighting in the main control room, just like a wolf at about five o’clock in the zoo. His mouth is still muttering, "After what I did to him just now, he will definitely kill me. Even if it kills me, I think his eyes are so horrible that he won’t rape me first, then kill me, then rape me. It’s really unlucky. Why did I
"Then you can pay for it." The dragon soul business suddenly appeared behind the middle-aged man, who stopped shaking and trembled. He looked back at the smiling and amiable face of the dragon soul. At this time, the stars Wu Tianhe, the rose-purple and the crystal Crysal were behind him. At this time, two beautiful women were just carefully surveying the whole master control room.
"Wow, this chandelier is so beautiful." Crystal Manchester United naively pointed to a chandelier made of purple crystal on the ceiling and said that the middle-aged man changed into a standard flattering smile and said, "This will be given to the young lady as a gift. The name of the young lady is crystal. It is really suitable for you to have a crystal lamp."
Crystal suddenly eyebrow eye smile at this moment, the dragon soul suddenly found the middle-aged left hand but refused to take it out in his left pocket. Judging from the floating marks of his pants, this guy is either playing with an object in the attack (which has been said to be crooked). This mysterious thing will definitely not bring good luck to the dragon soul and them.
The dragon soul is alert. sharingan looked in and saw that this guy was putting his thumb in a small black box. Looking inside, the box was actually a button. The dragon soul horse realized that it was not good. No wonder this guy has been so cooperative. It turned out that this was a delaying tactic and YD opportunity was waiting for him.