Ah Ch ‘ou, that is, Gong Xiaoli, has never been here, but Master Brother Zhao Zhumo came once and brought him good news with Gong Xiaoli.
Corleone also smiled slightly and said nothing.
Bian Mu drove Zhao Zhumo out. If it weren’t for Zhao Zhumo’s kung fu, I can’t guarantee that Bian Mu would directly bite his neck.
A hundred years of vicissitudes
People have changed in a hundred years, and many changes have taken place. Sun Hao, like a bystander, looked through the clouds one by one.
Many, many people who should have visited didn’t come.
But many, many people insisted on coming.
There are many subtle cares, many subtle sorrows and many subtle warmth.
Nearly a hundred years later, Sun Hao finally realized the true meaning of vicissitudes of life.
Sun Hao sumeru’s tower has been penalizing for many years. Xia Lan never resigned and rarely walked out of the air chamber. Xia Lan came out and pulled Sun Hao away from Yunziyan.
That night, Xia Yan held Sun Hao and cried and bit Sun Hao’s shoulder and twisted Sun Hao’s loin.
Sun Hao frowned and said, "Little Master, it’s best not to break Dan’s baby in this state. I feel very uncomfortable."
Xia An shook his head and finally brought Sun Hao to Sumeru Tower, a valley full of flowers.
The flowers all over the mountains made the whole valley fragrant and buzzing, and they kept coming out from the flowers.
Xia Lan, a simple grass house among flowers, finally calmed down and pointed to the flower sea and said to Sun Hao leisurely, "Aquilaria sinensis is the flower sea in the valley of bee valley. There are seven land bees. These seven land bees are all developed by the queen bee eggs you gave me. This valley was built by myself bit by bit, and the seven land bees were also developed by me bit by bit …"
Beauty is like a fairyland under a sea of flowers.
Sun Hao seems to see the hidden midsummer longing for a better life and longing for the future.
That deeply hangs on oneself.
Holding Sun Hao’s waist and head and lying on Sun Hao’s chest, Xia Lan muttered, "Junshan will hunt big bad guys more than me. At that moment, I knew that maybe my generation would chase you. Sure enough, I chased you for hundreds of years."
Sun Hao silently touched her little head.
She said leisurely, "I know that many people around you don’t like me very much. I said that I am not tall and too strong, but you know what?" I want to catch my heart and my happiness. I try my best to grind my teeth and persist. I want to catch it, but maybe I can’t catch anything. "
Corleone gently hugged her petite but plump charming body and said softly, "Little Master, you are tired. It will be fine to have a good rest for a while …"
That night, Xia Yan finally fell asleep and comforted Sun Hao.
However, only three days later, Sumeru condensed the tower, and Xia Yan attracted the break of Dan Sheng’s baby robbery
Summer in the bee valley grass building ushered in three disasters in Jiu Nan.
Her accumulation is not too deep. Sun Hao prepared a baby-raising pill for her and refined a magic weapon for her. However, Yuan Ying’s disaster cannot be said to be over.
All over the sky, a hundred flowers bloom in the red lotus, and seven land bees automatically meet her and fight.
Sun Hao tearfully saw her with a fearful smile, and finally took a look at Sun Hao, accompanying her with flowers and flowers.
A hundred years of vicissitudes
Just like a mortal, Sun Hao sat down for a long time and burst into laughter with tears in his face. With a wave of his pen in his hand, three characters "Buried Flower Valley" appeared on the cliff after the fire.
Operator pen stumbled out of the sumeru tower, shook his head, shed tears, and smiled faintly, saying, "Mom kept you waiting …"
Yun Zi Yan’s body is slightly stiff, showing a bit of pity. When he turns around, he has a smile on his face. "Xiaohao doesn’t return for three cups in overtime …" ~ ~
Chapter 1372 One hundred sermons
A hundred years of vicissitudes
Sun Hao wants to laugh and see the clouds.
Look at it. It’s not light.
The century-old bell struck a moment to return to the top of a fairy mountain, and Sun Haoyou opened his eyes.
A ray of sunshine shone through the pagoda’s virtual shadow and covered Sun Hao with a golden glow.
There are vicissitudes in the eyes, leisure and sadness, and joy, deep and rapid convergence from the moment Sun Hao opened his eyes.
Sun Hao slowly turned around and looked at Guiyi Fairy Mountain lightly.
I don’t know when Li Qian was already full of monks.
Sun Hao once told XuanYuanHong that he would preach once every 100 years on the date of guarding Yixian Mountain, so that XuanYuanHong could bring his brother to listen to the story.
Now the centenary has expired.
I didn’t expect hundreds of people to wait for my brother before returning to Yixian Mountain.
Not only that, but the younger brothers who are waiting for the return of a fairy mountain and a great emperor to a fairy will learn that these are the descendants of the great emperor who came to listen to the great emperor’s sermon and received it warmly, and naturally they will not miss such a great opportunity
Therefore, when the first ray of sunshine in the morning came to a fairy mountain, the fairy mountain was already neatly filled with monks who had been waiting for a long time.
Corleone’s eyes swept the team one by one, and it was still Xiaohong and Luo Cha Zhenjun
Beside them, there are still lights that have been sitting in the South China Sea of the Aquilaria Corps
The younger brothers are all here, including Xia Chuan and Zhou Hongxi, including Huang Wenmao’s brother and sister Sun Haomian, and several older brothers Xiang Daewoo, Zhu Dezheng, Wu Xianlang and Xiaoyu Huaku are all here.
Of course, it’s more that Sun Hao doesn’t know, but it should be Sun Hao’s disciples and grandchildren.
The agarwood sermon is very serious, and even some people shouldn’t have come to know it. The news has also come.
Sun Hao didn’t expect to see Wan Ren Mountain Godsworn Jin Laozu, Yaqin Laozu personally led monks such as Chen Silk and Lan Lan, who also appeared in Guiyi Fairy Mountain with a little flush.
Sun Hao also found that XuanYuanHong sat cross-legged behind him, and a handsome Godsworn then looked up at himself with his godsworn.
Sun Hao sits cross-legged on the top of the mountain
He can come out from the Sumeru tower in his small courtyard. The monks sit in clouds and purple smoke, and both sides come out together to listen to the way
The busiest nature is that God Dog’s adult barks and barks while grazing, which resounds through Yixian Mountain. "Quiet, quiet and order. Pay attention to order. Who dares to make a scene and drive him out carefully …"
Xiaoyu Huaku said the truth without fear of death, "It seems that the whole fairy mountain will hear you barking."
I don’t know how little this is, but I’m generous enough to let go of my old love and pastoral care.
And the mountain Sun Hao face smiled indifferently.
Laughter rippled like ripples to cross your legs, and sitting monks instantly produced a very strange feeling.
Sun Hao hasn’t spoken yet. They seem to have read a lot of things.
They seem to feel a lot of life, a little confidence, a little loss, a little firmness, a little sadness and a little relief from Sun Haoxiao …
A very contradictory and unforgettable feeling.
But the weird thing is that when the monks think about it seriously, they find that they don’t understand anything.
Yourself or your own agarwood or agarwood
Guiyixian Mountain is still the sun is out.
Lord Chen Xiang hasn’t preached yet
Sun Hao smiled. "All Taoist friends came to Wan Li to listen to my sermon. Can you tell me how you came to my Guiyi Fairy Mountain?"
Sun Haoxiao is full of affinity.
Many monks immediately involuntarily gave Sun Hao the answer.
Someone said, "I’m from the Imperial Sword."
Someone said, "I came by boat."
"I took a boat", "I walked" and "I flew here …"
Answer wuhuamen