In the thunderous thunder, Sun Hao incarnated Taigu Lei Shou and stood firm.
Usually, it is the most taboo for a third party to intervene in heaven and thunder.
Even if the third party is powerful, it is easy to dare not intervene in other people’s doom.
Intervening in the apocalypse will not only attract the merciless bombardment of heaven, but also attract the cause and effect of heaven.
But there are exceptions to what is inevitable.
Sun Hao and the small fire body are connected by life, and it seems that it is not big to bear the cause and effect.
Sun Haoshen has a special incarnation, too ancient, too ancient in Lei Shou, so rare that he can be in the thunder and swim in the thunder, and he has the ability to intervene in the sky.
So Xiao Zhang gaped at the young and surprised eyes.
ZhongSunHao tough withstood the thunderstorm.
Wings flapping small fire Sun Hao came to the thunder.
Sun Hao, whose wings are pressed down to pursue the thunder, flatly drinks "small fire to swallow"
Small fire smell speech can’t wait for Zhang Xiao’s mouth to suddenly launch to devour.
Ahead is the dew of heaven.
Tian Dao gan Lu tu bu
However, it is important for the subsequent progress of the monks to moisten the dew of heaven after the ancient monks reached the advanced stage of practice.
No friar has verified such talk.
However, since there are ancient books saying that Sun Hao will definitely not let go.
A small fire swallowed it in one gulp, and the nectar of Heaven was swallowed by her before it dissipated.
Heaven’s manna was swallowed
Heaven’s thunder and robbery reward was actually robbed by others.
The pursuit of Sun Haoman’s thunder seems to be a little zheng and then put down.
No matter how unwilling, no matter how angry.
The fact that the reward of Heaven is robbed means that the robbery of Heaven is over.
Even though the test of heaven is still there, the reward is gone.
There is no need to test.
I opened my mouth and swallowed the nectar of heaven. I found myself as if there was nothing unusual. In my eyes, I flashed the divine light, and I turned around to face the pursuit of Sun Hao. Suddenly, the thunder opened my mouth and swallowed it again
Sun Hao.
A virtual sky full of thunder disappeared
But at the same time, the small fire has been burping "giggle giggle …" Hiccup incessantly.
Every hiccup comes out with a thunder, and some silver snakes and snipes are inserted in it.
Different from the silver snake and the harrier wind, thunder no longer gets into the small fire, but directly explodes in front of her.
Right in front of the small fire is the broad back of Taikoo Lei Shou.
Corleone a not examine a series of thunder has bombarded the back a piece of Lei Guang.
Sun Hao felt hurt in his back.
Small fire a face of panic paws to cover your mouth, but how also can’t cover it.
Still burping continuously, still burping outwards.
Sun Hao is in distress situation when he sees a small fire in a hurry.
The mind moved too fast. Lei Shou took a series of thunder and a piece of blue smoke burned by thunder quickly landed in Sumeru condensate tower and fell into the "gas" room by mistake.
Turn into a body and put a small fire in front of you with your hands stretched out.
Small fire has involuntarily rushed Corleone burp out of the two or three thunder again.
"Small fire" Sun Hao said with a big smile on his face. "Don’t lie in a panic, rest and digest thunder. Although it is me who burps at me, you can burp thunder to temper my body."
Small fire smell speech finally stabilized the mood.
Sun Hao’s body is tempered by thunder. She knows that since her hiccups can help Sun Hao, she naturally doesn’t feel that there is anything wrong with her hiccups.
According to Sun Hao, she lay down and burped directly opposite Sun Hao.
Sun Hao said that Hiccup Leijian is more about comforting a small fire. Sun Haobai said that a small fire can quickly comfort and consolidate the repair.
However, after really sitting cross-legged and suffering from a small fire burp, Sun Hao found himself hitting the body with a small fire burp, and the effect was very good.
The main reason is that the small fire burps are regularly ejected, and the ejection direction is relatively fixed.
Sun Hao can consciously temper himself with the help of laws.
With such a discovery, Sun Hao simply sank his heart to cultivate his own noble spirit by means of small fire and abundant aura in the air chamber.
There is a regular thunder in Sumeru Condensation Tower.
In the thunder, the Sumeru tower became solidified. Sun Hao and the small fire disappeared from the tower.
However, I have seen the small fire and Sun Hao’s hearing that it is difficult to express my expression in words at this time.
Anyway, Xiao Zhang got mixed up with Sun Hao after he made a decision in his heart.
No, don’t. In the future, Du Jie
With a small fire and Sun Hao, Du Jie is really safe.
Thinking about thinking about Xiao Zhang’s super cute little face, a longing expression emerges.
I feel excited when I think about it
In the future, wouldn’t it be relaxing for Du Jie’s boss to hit a small fire first and then swallow it …
Is it too simple?
Chapter seven hundred and one There is treasure ahead
The air chamber flashed by for two months.
The small fire still burps, but the frequency of burping is much slower.
Moreover, there are few people who are furious when they burp, and most of them are silver snakes or snipes.
The silver snake went straight to the small fire.
Sun Hao stopped practicing and stepped out of the gas chamber to find out the gods.
There is a fierce battle outside, and the fleet still hasn’t finished taking the sea torch rhinoceros.
Xiao Zhang saw Sun Hao come out, but he didn’t say hello to Sun Hao. He jumped over Sun Hao’s shoulder tentacles and intimately entangled Sun Hao’s neck. He was a super cute performance to please and tell.
Sun Hao had no heart.
Pat Xiao Zhang’s super cute head and stand in front of Sumeru Tower, quietly waiting for a small fire to collect work.
Soon the air chamber was about ten days later, and the small fire woke up with his eyes open.
The first thing I did when I woke up, Xiao Huo shouted "Brother, brother …"
Corleone’s face smiled, and a small fire rushed out of the air chamber and landed on Corleone’s shoulder.
Like a small chapter, a small fire also hugged Corleone’s neck for a few intimate moments.
Then the small fire mouth burped one by one
Angry, a small fire caught the burp, and the silver snake stuffed it into its mouth.
Next to see a little eye straight small chapter is not flattering expression for small fire.