Zhao Guizhen, such a heart-fighting guy, thinks it’s an insult to himself.
"The golden body is broken and the heart chakra is damaged. I’m afraid you will live forever in this life."
When there is no time to return to Zhao Guizhen, Lingyou is panting and holding Pei Wende in his arms again.
"Shout … shout …"
It was not until I saw Pei Wende still sleeping peacefully that Lingyou breathed a long sigh of relief and then turned to Zhao Guizhen and laughed
"The Buddha once said," There is no dispute over others, there is no comparison between things, and the heart does not seek the world and troubles itself. "
It’s like being cut off from the hope of eternal life and not being yourself. Lingyou’s tone is full of open-mindedness
"All the troubles in life are nothing more than asking for a lot of things."
"Monk, your broken golden body now is equivalent to a big worry."
"Today, after this world’s Buddhism and Taoism contend for me to get involved with monks again, I can finally see all these great rivers and mountains with peace of mind."
Zhao Guizhen can hear that this "crazy monk" in front of him really thinks so.
The turning point of enlightenment is that you don’t want to be imprisoned in one place, but you want to travel all over the land of Datang Wan Li in your lifetime.
Naiyin’s spiritual coffin inherited the will of Zen master Huaihai, and wanted to follow the example of his mentor to rebuild the tranquility of Buddhism and vigorously promote the discipline of Baizhang, which forced him to get involved in the dispute between Buddhism and Taoism.
Nowadays, since the saint no longer believes in himself and he has been broken by Zhao Guizhen, he can finally live for himself.
"Time and tide wait for no man"
"At present, the heart is broken and the steps are taken from the beginning."
With a faint sigh, it seems that some kind of tacit understanding has been reached. Zen master Lingyou walked slowly with awkward steps and Zhao Guizhen passed by.
"Remember to help me stop those pursuers Zhao Daoyou later!"
Silently staring at the figure of Lingyou monk fading away, Zhao Guizhen didn’t continue to stop each other this time. It’s a kind of wonder whether it’s a long laugh or a sigh tone and said
"Ha ha, you are free and easy, but you leave all your troubles to me."
"Which one is easy to be younger, the Southern Sect, the Tiantai Sect, the Saint of the Present, and the Manchu Dynasty?"
Speaking of this, Zhao Guizhen also turned his back to Lingyou, but there was a kind of unspeakable loneliness in his look.
"There are smelly monks. I don’t remember which Buddha said such things as" don’t argue, don’t compare, don’t beg ".
Chapter 100 feet pole head, meditation into the Tao
The foot of Weishan leads directly to Chang ‘an Qianzhong Road.
A "beggar" who faltered and didn’t have a good cloth all over suddenly looked up and looked at the direction of the back hill of Tongqing Temple with a surprised expression.
"Buddha light?"
Although that great vitality fluctuation came from the deep mountain, it could not be hidden from the beggar who was extremely sensitive to vitality fluctuation.
In particular, Bodhisattva’s belief that all evils are easy and all laws do not invade hegemony can be clearly perceived even if they are hundreds of miles apart.
"He sure is here!"
Look in both joy, but also at a loss, and even a wish is about to be achieved at a loss.
"Beggar" has spent seventeen years at this moment, and he himself has changed from a young boy to a man who is not human and a ghost.
Although "time" is the least worthwhile thing for the level of "beggar", the energy he has spent in the past 17 years is solid
"I finally found you!"
With the "beggar" whispering, his image is constantly changing.
First of all, the tattered clothes turned into neat robes, and the original messy hair turned into a bun tied high.
Then, two strands of white hair at the temples of the beggar naturally drooped, and the dirt and black spots disappeared and became a well-dressed and sage-like Taoist.
"I’ve been here for seventeen years … and I finally didn’t waste my time."
Slowly changing direction at an old pace, I saw that I was really old-fashioned, muttering softly and revealing a strange smile.
Sniff …
In this process, the old road is normal to walk around, but the vegetation and rocks around it are inexplicably withered and black, as if they were eroded by some evil force
The only thing that is fortunate is that there are not many living people walking on this road.
Although this evil force continues to expand and erode, not many people really suffer from it.
The most important thing is that his figure has become more and more illusory when he has recovered his belief in strength a little bit.
Is to take a step forward but cross a hundred meters in an instant.
With this strange speed, which seems to be slow and fast, the old man quickly got out of the official road and really got close to all kinds of rural trails at the foot of Weishan.
-shrink into an inch. god travels thousands of miles!
Different from the disaster, daoist magic’s old skills have been shown before, and now "shrinking into an inch" is the real magical power
Just as Pei Wende has pure yang and true fire, he is as good at this kind of supernatural power and travels thousands of miles every day, but it is only a moment.
Moreover, in this process, he showed his casualness and natural magic, which can be called a real body moving at will and traveling thousands of miles.
"Shout …"
On the other side, when Pei Wende spits out the last mouthful of polluted air and opens his eyes again.
The python has disappeared from his whole body, and the waterfall has resumed its flow. Even the clouds in the sky have turned into raindrops from the sky.
Going …
With the raindrops falling, everything seems to be back to the time before nothing happened.
In this quiet and serene mountain, even the messy vegetation on both sides of the stream is extraordinarily calm, and naturally there is only a shortcut to the Buddha rhythm that spreads and spreads in the air.
What water mist serpent, what vitality riots …
Even the little green snake who witnessed all this has some doubts about whether she just saw an illusion.
Good little green snake stupidly didn’t last long before he turned his attention to Pei Wende, who was still meditating at the waterfall.
Compared with Pei Wende before concentration, now he obviously gets a huge promotion visible to the naked eye, and his every move vaguely reveals a certain harmonious aesthetic feeling
It’s as if Pei Wende, the giant buddhas carved with rocks and cliffs, actually made the little green snake have the illusion that more than one point and less than one point are no longer "perfect"
Little green snake knows this feeling, except that it often meditates and meditates on Zen master Lingyou. It has always protected Ah Hong’s body and seen a similar state.