Kas language destiny
I hate not waking her up every night and telling her clearly that he is a demon, a demon who can’t control his body and scares her to death.
Han Wailian just took two steps to see Cass fly like a flea, abuse and hit the opposite side, and his eyes hurt. He wanted to faint and hate Buddha’s light, and bullied him when his spell was weak. How about you? Han Wailian was suspicious and helped him compromise before running. Well, if you don’t want to stay here and wait for me, I won’t be naughty for a while. Oh, she gently told me that if a knife was black, he would really like to stop me. Watching them stand in the corner with resentment can be called rude every day.
Enter the ancient temple that is well-known, and put it in a sweeping courtyard, a fetching water and a chanting sutra. Together, an old abbot can’t help laughing and regretting that the temple is not too big, can he?
Hmm. How interesting
If the temple is not in the big margin, the benefactor will be spiritual. If the old woman is in the small temple, she can also solve the disaster. The old abbot threw away the broom and plucked the rosary, and the white beard was very kind. Seeing that he was about 7 years old, he didn’t breathe and stirred up water, like an old fairy.
Don’t take offense, abbot.
The girl is full of bones and evil spirits. When the old abbot sees the mountain, he dials the rosary and closes his eyes. It is expected that you are the same demon who came here today, right?
Girl, I want to ask this demon. It’s unusual. I can find it for you, but I can solve your doubts.
Han crooked leaned forward, knelt down, saluted devoutly, and looked forward to every midnight dream. She almost asked the same question. Cass left her, and she didn’t believe that she would be such an idiot.
I’m sorry to tell you that this demon is more noble than mana, but it has many twists and turns. You mortals had better stay away from the wonderful old abbot. You seem to expect something unusual when your brow is frowning. Now he is in trouble, donor, I advise you not to ask again.
Abbot, I’m not afraid of him. Even if Cass is dead, let me see his soul. Even if he is disabled, I’ll treat him once. I’m not afraid of his disaster. I’m not afraid of his danger. I’m also an unlucky star. Korea raises her eyebrows and smiles sweetly, and her eyes are full of tears. My heart is clear in an instant. My eyebrows are curved and my lips are slaves. She is still so happy that the abbot told me that he would not see me again.
Please, abbot
I’m afraid I’m not even an ordinary demon when I fell from the peak to the abyss, and I’m afraid he lost his memory. I’m afraid I don’t know you. I don’t want to see you. I’m sorry that I can’t help the girl again. If you meet each other sooner or later, if I don’t know each other all my life, I may remember that you are a mortal. If you are a chip demon, it will change when you get involved emotionally. The words of the old abbot reverberate in your ears again and again. Han Ye doesn’t know Cass, and she is generally down and out
Suddenly everything gets dark.
The breath of spring can’t hide her eyes full of surprise and pain, surprised at his misfortune and distressed by his experience, but she knows nothing.
She called him an asshole, she hated his feelings, she also complained about him, she hated him, she was tired of waiting for missing, but she was glad that she never gave up.
Just before Luo Bin died, he told her to wait for him to give him an explanation and wait for him to explain. Don’t let fate be misunderstood and washed away. She is as sorry as he is. She is glad to hear all this, which makes her feel distressed and makes her feel at ease. He didn’t complain about being upset. He didn’t love her, but he couldn’t find the intense black eyes where his heart was hot, his face was limping and his face was pale. The pain made her look faltering and weathered. Looking at her head-on, Cass suddenly felt bad and wanted to be a demon. Ask her what this guy looks like with a sad
Sister Han, are you okay?
I’m fine, she’s calmer than ever, because the dream is not broken, and it’s better to keep him alive than anything else.
I believe that your fate, he can save me and prove that he can smell your breath around you and feel that you are in your hearts.
Hmm. How interesting
Yan doesn’t regret comforting Han. It’s true that fate meets thousands of miles across the street. She doesn’t know how to hold Cass. Her mouth raises a smile. When he looks for him, she won’t believe that God can break them up. Let’s go home and wait for Cass. I must let you meet that smelly guy.
Cass is annoying again.
Maybe he can teach you some magic to make you grow a little bigger.
buzz off
Cass was provoked to sulk and insult him. This stupid woman doesn’t have a long memory. It’s no use eating again and again. She picked up Kashan and lifted her dress. Just as she was about to return to the inn street, a Taoist called the young lady to tell your fortune.
No, thanks.
Miss, you’re a fortune teller. You want to be a governor. The old abbot doesn’t know if I might be able to sue.