You should be careful about the bloodthirsty ghost king, Zhang Sheng said. Although he was born in the same place as me, he was caught in a hell world, and resentment is the source of resentment. You should be careful.
Zhang sheng nodded and said, eldest brother, don’t worry, I’ll be measured.
All ages smiled with satisfaction that my second brother was convenient for me to go to see them together.
The other two ghost kings were sitting in another room. Although they were sitting opposite each other, they didn’t talk to each other, and both of them closed their eyes slightly, which made them look unfathomable.
Zhang Sheng came to this room with the ages, but he met two grotesque guys.
One of the demons has red blood and hair, and his eyes can vaguely see a trace of treachery. Although he is sitting in a chair, he can also see that his figure is extremely high and his feet are dozens of centimeters higher than Zhang’s. The other ghost king is even more bizarre.
He had no facial features, but the one that should have facial features was flat paper, but then all kinds of faces changed in that flat face, which surprised Zhang Sheng. It was really strange that the man even became himself and then restored his flat face.
Gee, bloodthirsty, thousands of people, how did you come to me? After walking in for ages, you sneered coldly.
The bloodthirsty ghost king took one look at the ages and then fixed his eyes on Zhang Shengshen and said coldly, you are a human from the ghost world to the hell world, right?
Zhang Sheng returned to his senses with a slight stupor. Hehe smiled. Brother Bloodthirsty guessed it well. I really came here from the ghost world and I am indeed a human being.
How did you get in? A thousand voices suddenly sounded.
Zhang Sheng smiled and came in from the King Kong of Earth Treasure.
Bloodthirsty people frowned at the same time and then almost said, take us.
Bloodthirsty looking at thousands of people tut sneered, thousands of people don’t want you to give me an idea
No one can see the expression of a thousand faces clearly, because he has no expression when he comes, but the dull sound still rings. I’m afraid it’s not just me who brought this gentleman back to his ghost town through the ages. I think it’s also to find the passage to hell.
I really want to go, but I have different eyes. I want to look around and see what the outside world is like, and I will come back here later.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Hell blood pool
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Hell blood pool
This hell world is also full of crisis plots. When Zhang Sheng unexpectedly comes to the hell world, the plots will be restored to the three ghost kings. Finding out how to get to the outside world is constantly in the dark, but Zhang Sheng takes a look at all this.
After all ages said these words, bloodthirsty was the first to laugh.
For all ages, I can’t help but shout, bloodthirsty, don’t get what you think, just say it.
Bloodthirsty sneer at a dismissive, saying that you will always be a hypocrite. We were all born in hell. Aren’t we familiar with each other’s personalities? You learned from those evil spirits that human hypocrisy and cunning have made you a bad guy. Can you fool us?
Zhang Sheng looked at them and sneered in the heart of infighting. It seems that this hell world is the same as the outside world. In this case, this ancient world really wants to leave the hell world through my strength
I’m furious for ages, and I’m covered with black gas. I’ll show you if you don’t say anything.
Bloodthirsty cold hum said I will be afraid of you.
Zhang Shen, seeing that the two men are going to start work, quickly stop them and don’t start work. I know that you have lived in this vast hell for years and have long been tired of it. In fact, if I can achieve my goal, I will take three of them away from here.
Bloodthirsty look, slight movement, but still cold ice. Really?
Zhang Sheng laughed is not false.
A thousand voices are ringing at the right time, so what does this gentleman want to do? In this hell world, I can still serve you a little.
I’m afraid you don’t have the guts to look at the bloodthirsty thousand-faced people coldly and say lightly
I will ask you to score a high score sooner or later, but if you play dumb, I can’t accompany this gentleman. I will certainly do it for him.
Wan Gu laughed and said bloodthirsty. Do you know what Mr. Zhang asked for?
Peter said hinder bloodthirsty ao however way
We will accompany Mr. Zhang to the blood pool, but I will go. Mr. Zhang has already married a brother, and he is my second brother. Of course, I will accompany my brother to that place.
Bloodthirsty, hey hey, smile and say, you are very knowledgeable.
Eternal sneers at bloodthirsty, and when we go, I will personally make you stunned.
Bloodthirsty sneers at the same time.
The ugly voice of thousands of people rang again. Mr. Zhang, are you really going to the blood pool? It’s a very dangerous place, and even the three ghost kings won’t go there easily.
Zhang Sheng smiled and said indifferently that I have to go.
Thousands of people flatly said, it’s no problem. If you can take me to this damn hell, I’ll accompany you to the blood pool. Although it’s dangerous, it’s not enough to kill me. Besides, I was born there with them. You don’t have to.
Hey, hey, sneer at thousands of people for ages. My second brother doesn’t need your intervention. I’ll take him to the blood pool. Gee, let’s go back to your ghost town and be the ghost king.
Mr. Zhang, what do you think? Thousands of people don’t know how to live forever, so they asked Zhang Sheng.
Zhang sheng ha ha smiled and said, since that place is so dangerous, I think we can all go together and take care of each other, don’t you think, big brother
All ages a slight frown sighed so well.
Bloodthirsty mouth peep out one silk sneer and then asked us when.
Zhang Sheng laughed and Brother Wan decided.