Xiao Zhang has stunned him by clicking on the title of the first page of the Battle Report. "I was born unexpectedly and defeated fpl King ag. The situation is worrying!"
"This … this … how is that possible? Sister Bing, where is your boyfriend? " Xiao Zhang is very excited tunnel
Su Yanbing shook his head. "What do you mean, I don’t understand? What happened to him?"
"You know what? Their team defeated the ag team. You know, the ag team is the king of fpl. They have won three consecutive championships and are the strongest team in the world. I have never heard of your boyfriend’s team before, but they defeated the ag team! It’s incredible. It’s just like dreaming! " Xiao Zhang couldn’t believe his eyes were wrong at this time.
"Oh, he didn’t seem to be a professional player for a long time. When I met him, he just became a professional player for a month or two, but he is a very talented person. It is normal for him to beat the ag team." Su Yanbing is very calm and tunnel.
"Wait a minute, I think the statistics may not be that your boyfriend is good, but that his teammates are good." Xiao Zhang is very malicious and tunnel how much he hopes to laugh at Su Yanbing’s boyfriend in some ways so that his heart will be balanced.
When he counted the statistics of the game at noon, he was stunned again, because the number of people killed by Ye Qing was very amazing, and he stood out from the crowd. It is generally necessary to know that this is a professional game with such a high number of people killed.
Ye Qing’s high killing rate is because his teammates are not very strong and he has to fight alone, which means that he almost defeated the ag team by himself, which shows how abnormal his strength is!
"This data actually doesn’t say anything … well, let’s continue to watch the game …" Xiao Zhang was hit hard by the tunnel
The third map of the I Club City Competition is the annihilation mode. In the first round of Alaska, they picked up their guns on the locomotive side and ambushed here, and then waited for the other side to arrive. The sniper rifle was tilted on this side. They had to follow to cover Thomas. The rest of them rushed over after picking up their guns in the snow on the right side of the base.
The same is true of the whole city competition. They went to the other side to pick up the sniper rifle, but they didn’t ambush there after picking up the gun, but directly attacked the snow on the right side of the I club base. Of course, they jumped on it.
There are no footprints in the snow. The guns that should be picked up have been picked up. The remaining guns are all relatively unpopular guns. Usually, few people go to mainstream guns such as ak and m4. All the grenades have been picked up and disappeared.
The footsteps of the whole city race towards each other’s base to touch the snow is very big. If you don’t step, the other party can hear it from a long distance. At the same time, the whole city race is also very careful to pay attention to the situation behind it, fearing that the other party will attack from behind. After all, this is a square map. There is no other way to go. If the other party is not in front, it must be guarded at the same time.
When the whole city entered their base through the door of the I club base, Ye Qing couldn’t help it. He rushed to the other side of the snow and took a look, only to find that there was a person there. He suddenly realized that the other side might have touched behind them.
He hurriedly told his teammates to pay attention to the wooden door of the base, and don’t let the other side sneak up on several machine gunners. He immediately turned his gun and aimed at the wooden door export. The sniper Thomas also quickly changed his position. He retreated to the other side of the snow and was just aiming at the wooden door export.
At this time, the competitors in the whole city did not dare to attack rashly because they found that there was no enemy chasing after them. When they were picking up guns in the snow just now, they did not find the enemy rushing in. What does this mean?
This means that the other person is likely to ambush behind the train, that is, outside the wooden door in front of them. Since it is analyzed that the other person may be outside, of course they can’t attack rashly, otherwise they may be ambushed.
There is no flash bomb on this map, but even if they rush out together, they may not take advantage of each other. After all, the other side is ready and has a geographical advantage. Both sides suddenly have no movement, although they are separated by a door, they are horribly quiet. Everyone seems to be able to hear their own breathing.
When the enemy doesn’t move, I don’t move. This is obviously the best way when we don’t know the enemy’s position, but both sides have implemented this strategy, which makes the audience see something, that is, through a door, but both sides don’t know what they are waiting for.
"I depend on quick play! Do you want to give each of you a cigarette before you finish it? "
"I think they may not have played after we have played a table of mahjong for three times!"
"I’m going to sleep now. I guess I haven’t called yet when I wake up. Don’t bother me. I’ll sleep first …"
"Are they trapped? Are they playing 123 Woodenhead?"
"One thing makes me wonder how they formed this tacit understanding?"
Everyone in the audience has been talking about the first round of the game, which is so wonderful that the two sides are deadlocked. Among them, the audience dozed off and their eyes are almost gone. They still haven’t moved. After all, this is the last map, which is important for both sides, especially for the whole city competition. They can’t afford to lose the afternoon game. If they lose this game, they will not qualify for the finals. They have to be careful and dare not be careless.
The two sides were deadlocked for about five minutes, which is a very long time for a round of competition. Ye Qing finally couldn’t stand it. He told the players to withdraw and then headed for the other team’s base. He planned to go around the back of the other team to fight.
The competitors in the whole city are still like sculptures, and they are very disciplined. Without orders, no one dares to move, because if they make a little noise, they may expose their position, which will make the whole war situation different.
Ye Qing and others soon arrived in their own snow. The footprints left by the former competitors have disappeared, perhaps covered by heavy snow. This world of ice and snow makes gamers seem to feel a little cold.
The whole competitor seems to have been impatient to wait, and the other party has been silent. Even if it is withdrawn, it will be a breath. They don’t know that the other party is no longer outside. 7kg can’t help but flash to the front of the door and take a glance at the outside. It turns out that there is one person outside.
"Shit!" He felt an ominous feeling in his heart and was about to wake up. The players noticed that Ye Qing and others had already broken in behind him.
As soon as the gun was smashed, it was snowing outside Alaska’s quiet base, but it was raining inside. The whole city was caught off guard and killed by an instant sweep. Two machine gunners and the rest of them immediately fought back.
After all, Club I took the lead and killed the other two people first, which had a great advantage in firepower. Ye Qing was as powerful as a tiger, violently shooting and blasting the other two gunners in a row. 7kg wanted to quit and didn’t come, so he was killed by Pearl Krabs and their fire.
This wave of attack on club I was swift and violent, and the audience finally cheered because they didn’t give the whole city a chance to compete cleanly. They just wanted to see the fierce competition, and they couldn’t wait to roll up their sleeves to help those professional players play.
The over-cautious play of the whole city competition made them suffer a big loss. Instead of giving full play to their sharp offensive advantage, they let Club I sneak up on them. After summing up the experience and lessons, the whole city competition decided to continue to launch a stormy and unreasonable play like the border trade city to force the other side to fight a decisive battle.
Ye Qing continued to take the defense after picking up the gun. It is unwise to play against each other on this map. Their overall strength is weak. Only by playing a defensive counterattack can they hope to win the whole city. After picking up the gun, they directly attacked from both ends without stopping.
Picked up a sniper rifle 7kg under the cover of a machine gunner and rushed directly into the other side of the snow. The leaves fell on this side of the snow and the roots were not arranged to defend them. They picked up the rifle in the snow and retreated to the base, but because 7kg rushed in without stopping, the machine gunner picked up the rifle in the snow and returned to the base without coming.
7kg quickly shot one of the retreating machine gunners and scared the other two people to shoot back at once. 7kg was responsible for covering the machine gunner, so he stood up and fought with the two machine gunners. Ye Qing was about to support the two teammates when three machine gunners rushed in the snow.
Ak and the sniper rifle can only be picked up on this side of the locomotive. Ye Qing was with Thomas. While resisting the other three machine gunners, he told Thomas to find a chance to kill the other machine gunners. Now they can’t take care of each other.
Those two machine gunners who haven’t returned to the base in the snow can help themselves at this time. They can’t wait for support. If they don’t give strength, they will be killed by the other side.
Ye Qing didn’t take advantage of the exchange of fire with the other three machine gunners. Instead, he was beaten with a sharp drop in blood volume. Thomas flashed out and took one of the machine gunners away with a shot. Ye Qing’s pressure was slightly reduced, but the blood volume was not enough, and he was finally consumed by the other side.
Chapter 74 Bite the score
Ye Qing was killed by the other two machine gunners, and then they immediately rushed towards Thomas, violently strafing him, and Thomas frantically shot one of them to pieces, and he was swallowed up by the dense bomb at any time.
7kg shot several times in the snow and took away a machine gunner. The last man in the I club finally retreated into the base. He didn’t catch his breath and found himself caught in the middle of the enemy’s double team. Ye Qing and Thomas were killed. The other person rushed in directly from the outside, and the machine gunner rushed in from the snow.
There is no retreat, and the last person in Club I can fight recklessly, but there is no shelter to avoid the situation, and it is meaningless to struggle, and then he is killed by the other machine gunner.
The whole city quickly regained a point, and the score between the two sides became one to one, which accelerated the game process. The third map is that there is no half-court and 13 rounds to decide the outcome. Every point is important for both teams and cannot be easily given up.
In the third round, Ye Ye stopped defending, but after picking up ak, he rushed straight into the snow without waiting for Thomas to follow. He wanted to hit the other team unprepared. He had not arranged yet. He wanted to exercise the consciousness of a team member and let them know how to improvise in a crisis, instead of asking him to give orders every time, they knew what to do.
I have to say that he has a lot of guts to exercise his players in such an important game. If these guys are out of their minds and do something impulsive, they may lose the game.
When he rushed into the snow, the other person just picked up the gun. I really didn’t expect him to rush in so quickly. Ye Qing ak immediately roared and bounced in the snow and hit the enemy as if splashing a snowflake.
A machine gunner’s head was blown by a leaf tilt, and his body fell heavily in the snow, leaving two machine gunners to directly turn some shots into strafe. This is because they are all afraid of leaf tilt, and they think that strafe can bring them a sense of security and suppress their opponents in fire.
Thomas quickly flashed out and took a shot to share the pressure of Ye Qing. His shot didn’t hit the target, but it scared the other person to get some firepower at once. Ye Qing seized the opportunity and directly shot one of the machine gunners in the head. He felt hot and his desire to win was too strong. He had the momentum of blocking the Buddha from killing the Buddha.
The remaining machine gunner knew that he was defeated and immediately retreated toward the base. Thomas flashed out again. When the back of the machine gunner was about to disappear at the door, he was relieved to kill Ye. He and Thomas killed each other. The record of three people was very good. Two of them were machine gunners or Thomas killed this guy. The sniper rifle finally exerted its power. Yuzryha was very pleased
On the other side, the fighting in the snow has ended. 7kg and a gunner wiped out the three gunners of Club I, which is almost a complete replica of Ye Qing and Thomas’ achievements. Now there are two people left on both sides, and they are both a gunner and a sniper. The difference is that the sniper is stronger in Qingcheng Competition and the gunner is stronger in Club I.