However, the previous fatal mistake made Yu Haixian cautious, but he was more active and brave in defense, and Yu Hai has finally grown into a physique, which has helped him a lot.
Since Magat left Bayern, Yu Hai was completely idle, even when he didn’t play in the second team competition, he devoted himself to physical training. He worked harder than Magat and kept his mouth shut. He strictly followed Gao Jun when he asked Xia Chuan to make a plan for him. Now Yu Hai’s weight has increased to an astonishing kilogram and his fat content is extremely low, but at the age of two, he has reached the most suitable physique and finally stopped growing. Even if Yu Hai’s muscle type is about 1.9 meters. Lin’s physique is not as superior as that of Gao Lin, but after practicing to this extent, his physique is still quite excellent, and he can take advantage of it in Asian games. The physical confrontation ability of Korean players in Asia is also considered to be in the middle reaches, but no one can take advantage of Yu Hai for a while, whether it is offensive or defensive.
Seeing Yu Hai’s more and more outstanding performance, the South Korean team coach Pi Murville Baker’s face gradually became dignified. "It turns out that he has both physical, technical and consciousness, and he has both offensive and defensive playing habits. It is said that he is also a versatile player. Such a player is simply born free, and he can win in Asian football at a low level. Even if he inserts before leaving, his teammates who cooperate with him will make up for him in time, and it will be even harder to fight for it when he returns to defense." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Ending the fear of Korea (in)
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In the 32nd minute, there was a silence for a while. Yu Hai suddenly took the ball from the backcourt and advanced at a high speed. The players of the South Korean team quickly doubled in front. Who knows that Yu Hai was pretending to see that he had successfully attracted two people to defend, and immediately he gave the ball to Hao Junmin on the right without hesitation, while he immediately retreated back to the latter. After he got the ball, the left-back of the South Korean team immediately took the ball and obliquely inserted it into the penalty area. He was afraid that Sun Jihai could come out from the central defender to make up the defense, but in this way, the South Korean team’s defense against Gao Jun and Gao Lin could not
Although Hao Junmin’s line of sight was blocked, he couldn’t see that Gao Jun had run out to catch the ball, but he gave the ball to someone to guard Deng Zhuoxiang, who immediately stuffed the ball into the ribs of the restricted area because he had got rid of the defensive Gao Jun and was entangled because of an extra foot, but another striker of China team Gao Lin took the opportunity to get out of trouble and Deng Zhuoxiang directly plugged the ball to find it!
"Beautiful straight tell Lin! Push the near corner ball in! China leads 2! " He Wei shouted excitedly, "Gao Lin shot very calmly. It can be seen that he has made great progress in the Bundesliga journey for a season."
Xu Yang, a guest, spoke highly of the whole China team. "This goal was very crucial. I was worried that China would be attacked by South Korea if it continued to storm after taking the lead, but now it seems that they dare to do so out of self-confidence. I believe that even if they were stolen by South Korea, they can still win this game. It is worthy of being the strongest team in history. China is not only the most powerful team in terms of skill and spirit."
The game has only been going on for more than 30 minutes, and the China team has already achieved a huge advantage of leading by two goals, which makes the China fans in the stands forget what little worry they have in their hearts. They frantically waved the five-star red flag and turned the stands into a red ocean.
After all, it’s already the knockout stage. What’s the point of goal difference? Either win the game and advance to the next round, or lose the game. It doesn’t matter if you go back to China before losing.
The South Korean team tried to launch a fast break immediately after the ball in the middle circle, but it was forced to return the ball by the China team. The China fans in the stands were all happy when they saw this scene. Some old fans cried and sighed, "I remember that our team was most afraid of Koreans’ forcing, but today, Koreans are just as afraid of us! It seems that fear of forced robbery is not a big problem. You can run and rob more than the other party. "
"That’s true, but it’s the first time I’ve seen football for so many years that I can run and rob the China team better than the Korean team." A China fan, who is a little old, recalled the past and was crying.
After China retired from defense, although the formation of the South Korean team was pressed, because it was always not good at tackling the old problems, it seemed that there was no way to fall back and forth outside the restricted area of the China team, but it was difficult to get the ball into the restricted area. At this time, the South Korean team could hope for a long-range shot. Although Zeng Cheng was very focused today, it was not easy to score, even if he saved it, he would have a chance to get a corner kick. The attack ability of the South Korean team’s corner kick was always the first in Asia!
However, the China team knows too well about the South Korean team’s three axes. Once the South Korean team gets the set-pieces in this game, it will definitely go back to the defense and take the lead. After that, Gao Jun will also go back to the defense again and add the central defender position. Yu Hai and Zhao are very compulsory, so the South Korean team can’t take advantage of it.
On the contrary, China’s set-piece attack threatened the goal of South Korea many times. With the full growth of Yu Hai, Gao Lin and Gao Jun, it is impossible for South Korea’s defender ability to completely prevent death by one person, and it is simply not feasible to take out six or seven people to completely seal off these three China players. You know, there is also a central defender Zhao who is also not weak in control, and there are many long-range players in China. If there is no one to protect the periphery, it is impossible to rewrite the score if someone receives the ball and swings it outside.
Therefore, even knowing that it is dangerous to do so, the South Korean team still adopts the strategy of one defense and one defense when it can’t prevent the China players from relaxing. Anyway, now that the China team is two goals ahead, Korean football is very powerful in Asia, and the referee will not blow it too much. In addition, the South Korean goalkeeper lee woon-jae has also expanded the scope of defense and is more determined when attacking.
Relying on this somewhat risky defensive strategy, the South Korean team did not continue to concede a goal at half-time. However, it is still difficult for South Korean fans to worry about the small number of stands by relying on set pieces in the half-time. Although the header scoring rate is low, especially when there is personal interference, if it is still like this at half-time, they will not be optimistic after all.
However, China’s third goal didn’t rely on set-pieces or header. It was only seven minutes after halftime that Hao Junmin passed two people on the right. After the high-ranking army squeezed a South Korean defender in the ribs of the restricted area, his right foot shot the ball into the near corner of the goal and South Korean goalkeeper lee woon-jae didn’t respond.
With this wonderful goal, the China team is 3 ahead of the South Korean team stands. The China fans are simply ecstatic, while the South Korean fans, who have always been very organized, seem to be stunned for a long time and can’t shout for cheer.
He Wei praised with a beaming smile, "This goal is too powerful. Just now, the South Korean team was actually two players staring at Gao Jun, one behind his back and the other waiting for Gao Jun to stop the ball, but they didn’t expect Gao Jun to squeeze an Asian central defender with little physical difficulty after Bundesliga training and seize this moment to score directly without adjustment. This is a star! We will win this game! "
"’fear of Korea’ has been called for so many years, but now it is so easy to break it, which really makes us former international players ashamed! These guys are really amazing! " Xu Yang praised the performance of the younger generation with some emotion, and also gave them advice. "It is impossible for the South Korean team to win the game with a three-to-one advantage, but the China team still can’t care that the South Korean team is very tenacious, and at the end of the game, their physical strength will be more reflected. If they pull back one or two, the game will not be perfect."
However, Xu Yang’s worry did not come true. On the contrary, the South Korean team became anxious after falling behind by three goals. In the sixth minute, the South Korean team made a quick counterattack and won the best scoring opportunity in the game, forming a single-handed lee chun-soo who needed to knock the ball back to give Li Dongguo a chance to push the shot. However, this guy directly hit the door because of impatience and greed, but the result was that Zeng Cheng was struggling to save it because of the angle.
Seeing that such a good opportunity was lost by lee chun-soo, the only B wave, South Korean coach Pi Murville Baker was so angry that he swore on the spot and decided not to give that bad chance again. However, Pi Murville Baker was fired by the Korean Football Association after the Asian Cup, and he can leave it to later generations.
The famous saying "Wave opportunity is to be punished" has been fulfilled again in the on-site game. Only less than 2 minutes after lee chun-soo missed the opportunity, Gao Jun grabbed the South Korean team’s defense line in the frontcourt, and the other team was forced to foul the ball successfully. Gao Jun gave the China team a penalty area. The Italian ball on the right side of the restricted area took part in the national team competition for the first time. Deng Zhuoxiang drew a wonderful curveball and bypassed the human wall and flew into the near corner of the goal. After all, lee woon-jae, the old goalkeeper of the South Korean team, was 34 years old. Although he tried his best to straighten his body and arms,
"Golden left foot! Deng Zhuo Xiang Jin left foot meritorious service! In the Chinese Super League, he has scored more than once with his intention, and now he has proved that even in an international competition like the Asian Cup, he can score the opponent’s goal with his intention. Congratulations to Xiao Deng and China. Now they are 4 ahead of the Korean team! Look at the three-year old scores. Let’s boys plan to pay off the Koreans this game. "Although He Wei’s cry is still loud, maybe he is not particularly excited because he has led by three goals. Maybe this is to relax after winning the game."
And the guest Xu Yang is a face of easily poking fun at the big screen, a face of regret former rival lee woon-jae said, "Alas, lee woon-jae really can’t fly, just a little bit. If it was that year, the ball might still have a chance to save it."
At this time, the Korean fans in the stands have already left before, while the China fans are excited to play the crowd wave, but they also have a long history of watching the game. Instead, the fans are worried that "the game will be won, but they are afraid that the other side will lose their black feet. If one or two main players are injured by them, it will be a big loss." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Ending the fear of Korea ()
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It’s not unreasonable for these fans to worry. In fact, before Deng Yi scored the goal, the South Korean team’s defensive action had increased, but the referee’s whistle was much looser than before. If China’s offensive players had been trained in the Bundesliga, their awareness of self-protection was generally strong, and they were afraid that someone had been injured and lost a goal, and the South Korean team often resorted to all kinds of unconventional actions. At this time, most of the players in China team relaxed because of their lead, and at that time they were a little confused and let the South Korean team storm around their own goal.
In the 73rd minute, the South Korean team became more and more impatient. As Yu Hai and Zhao both stared at each other’s high points, the South Korean team finally rushed to the middle of the road and attacked China goalkeeper Zeng Cheng to grab the first point. Actually, lee chun-soo’s height was less than ten centimeters, and the goalkeeper had more arm length. It was naturally impossible for lee chun-soo to win the header, but this bad guy took advantage of the referee’s line of sight to get the ball blocked and elbowed Zeng Cheng’s chest hard. Zeng Cheng immediately lost his balance and fell to the ground painfully, but before that, he managed to play the football out of the box.
He Wei, the commentator of CCTV, didn’t know that Zeng Cheng was injured and was relieved after seeing the ball fly out of the restricted area, but the horse exclaimed again, "Ah, the dangerous South Korean team hit the door! Ah ah! The ball was hooked from the goal line. Which one was it? Let’s take a look at slow motion. Oh, it’s Hao. He appeared in front of the door at the crucial moment and hung the Korean team players to us. The gateball was hooked just before crossing the line. Well done, even if we were four goals ahead, we wouldn’t let them score a goal! "
"The South Korean team is under great pressure just now. If that player, er, was No.17 Jung woo Kim, if he volleyed directly and vigorously, Hao wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he went back to the door, but he just obviously wanted to pursue accuracy and chose a light stroke that looked safer, and he missed this excellent opportunity." Guest Xu Yang added a few words. When the slow-motion defense was over, he immediately saw a large number of people surrounded by the restricted area and suddenly said, "What’s the matter? Is anyone hurt? "
"It was Zeng Cheng who fell to the ground. Let’s take a look at the slow playback. It was lee chun-soo’s elbow that caused Zeng Cheng’s injury. This was definitely intentional, but the referee didn’t see it and didn’t even blow the foul." After seeing what happened, He Wei was naturally very dissatisfied
However, Xu Yang, who had a direct experience of the darkness of Asian football, silently sighed in his heart, "Even if the referee saw him, he may not be able to brag that South Korea, Japan and West Asia have backgrounds. We are stepmothers with Iran and Iraq."
The team doctor of China team made a preliminary examination of Zeng Cheng and thought that he was probably a fractured rib. It suggested that Ma should be sent to the hospital. Although football history has had a fractured rib, he still insisted on playing tough guy, but China team is now ahead by a big margin. Naturally, Crouchen will not risk his brother’s health and safety, so Wang Dalei, the No.2 goalkeeper of the Olympic team, will sit on the bench in the previous Asian Cup and unexpectedly get a chance to play.
Perhaps because of his personality, Wang Dalei made his first appearance on behalf of the "national team" in the official competition. Instead of stage fright, he played very well under great pressure. Even Gao Jun, who didn’t like him very much before, had to admit that this little boy did have talent. "Wang Dalei’s talent is really amazing. Even if Zeng Cheng develops well, it is difficult to play in the five major league teams, but his personality is really different. After this training, help him find a master and maybe I can solve his problems."
Wang Dalei’s outstanding performance quickly restored the Olympic team’s defense line to calm down, while the South Korean team members were not punished for their malicious foul on Zeng Cheng, which aroused the anger of the Olympic team members. After the first four games, China people opposed bullying and unified values. Everyone subconsciously refused to continue to be ruthless, but lee chun-soo’s f * * * king behavior made the boys play more actively than before, and the South Korean team was eager to score and made their defense line full of loopholes, which was simply the best target.
In the second minute, China team launched a quick counter-attack after breaking the ball. Deng Zhuoxiang, who performed well in the game, sent Miao Gaojun out. He got the message and instantly got rid of the watch. The defender of South Korea suddenly inserted the ball forward to form a single-handed attack. lee woon-jae, the goalkeeper of South Korea team, accurately sent the ball from his file to the net. Perhaps it was revenge for Zeng Cheng being injured by a malicious foul. After scoring, Gao Jun reached out two fingers and shook lee woon-jae, making him red with anger.
"Ha ha Gao Jun is really naughty. He motioned to lee woon-jae that he just shot into two doors. The old goalkeeper of the South Korean team will be furious." He Wei immediately laughed when he saw this scene.
Xu Yang, the guest, once again praised Gao Jun’s great progress. "Now the South Korean team formation is too high, and there is often a person who can keep an eye on Gao Jun. But now where is Gao Jun a Korean team defender? It is not difficult for Gao Jun to eat raw directly by strength and speed or cheat by fake action. Now the door of the South Korean team is almost open in front of him. "
Korean players are tenacious, so they are deep into the bone marrow. Even if they are embarrassed to fall behind by five goals, they are all red-eyed. Instead of being discouraged, Korean players are increasingly frantically stepping up their attacks. However, this has further accelerated their physical exertion. Even Korean players who are famous for their untimely running in Southeast Asia can’t hold on. Just two minutes after China scored the fifth goal, another Korean player cramped and fell to the ground. At this time, South Korean head coach Pi Murville Baker had no replacement quota. But later, two pictures of the South Korean team player who fell to the ground with cramps and their coach’s expression Nai were combined by a certain media and made into a sports cover. Some old fans commented, "It makes me happier to see that our young man can actually fight the Koreans to exhaustion. How many times before, I was killed by the Koreans because of my poor physical fitness!"
After the exhaustion of physical strength, no matter how tenacious the mental will is, the South Korean team will soon be able to maintain the difference between Koreans because the score has been leading and the mentality is very relaxed, which reduces the physical consumption. At this time, the China team still has the spare capacity to attack because of its physical strength advantage. Facing the faltering South Korean team’s defensive field, the China team’s players seem to have turned into Brazilians one by one, constantly playing dazzling and exquisite cooperation, attracting applause from China fans in the stands.
In the first minute, Yu Hai was suddenly inserted in the back row, and Deng Zhuoxiang made a beautiful wall-hitting cooperation, then he broke into the restricted area and shot hard. In the game, he was depressed to the extreme. Although lee woon-jae, an old Korean goalkeeper, struggled to save, he was once again freed from the defense. Gao Jun followed up and shot the ball into the goal of the South Korean team again. When he saw this goal, the head coach of the South Korean team, Pi Murville Baker, didn’t even express his dissatisfaction. He silently sighed and thought about what to do after class.
"The game is over for 30 years, so many people didn’t expect it before the game, but let it go to hell regardless of the fact that’ fear of Korea’ has become history! Thanks for the hat trick, Gao Jun, thanks for the game running through Yu Hai, thanks for the goal line rescue, thanks for the injured goalkeeper Zeng Cheng, thanks for representing the national team in the official competition for the first time in this game, but they all performed well, thanks to Deng Zhuoxiang and Wang Dalei, the head coach of the national football team, Crouchen, who trained these children step by step from the World Youth Championship in the Netherlands, and thanks to all the hard-working people of the China team. In addition, we must not forget to cultivate more than half of the players in this group, the Oriental Club and Xu Genbao, and all the football players who silently care about China After the game, He Wei was so confused that he was incoherent in his speech.
However, Xu Yang, a former days of darkness international who experienced that period, can fully understand that He Wei’s mood at this time is "invincible for three years" and the so-called "fear of Korea" has been exaggerated by the media. It is a bit dramatic to end a six-match game today, but this is the football boys, and I am proud of you! Your goal should not be confined to Asia, but the world is your stage. "
Soon after, the AFC official website also published a report that gave a high evaluation to China’s hearty game, recognizing that this game is likely to lay the pattern of Asian football in the next ten years, even fifteen years. However, it is worth it. First, although Gao Jun completed a hat trick in this game and was rated as the best in the game, after careful analysis, this report of AFC official website pointed out that Yu Hai was the offensive and defensive hub and the biggest hero of China in this game. After seeing this report, Gao Jun smiled and said to Yu Hai, "What you said is still insightful."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Sewer capsized