See Nie Shuang some panic Yang Luoluo chuckled. Her hands let go of Nie Shuang’s arrest and she was free. Nie Shuang just bounced up and left Yang Luoluo’s body. She calmed her heart and bowed her head. Yang Luoluo moved and surprised him at first-
Yang Luoluo also sat up straight. Nie Shuang could vaguely see Yang Luoluo moving her hands along a slightly curved figure. Five fingers grabbed the nightgown skirt and then turned it over with a sling. She took it off directly and threw it aside.
A little light Nie Shuang saw Yang Luoluo’s white skin full of girlish breath and ketone body reflected light, and there was no proud flesh in a body part. Just by looking at it, you can feel the amazing elasticity. More importantly, Yang Luoluo didn’t wear a mask …
Small chest just caught the eye of Nie Shuang, which made him unable to move his eyes. Perhaps he was a little shy by Nie Shuang’s hot eyes. Yang Luoluo gently raised his hands and covered two grapes, and then gently fell back and lay flat on Nie Shuang’s bed. The hair was laid out in the back, which was beautiful and moving.
Right foot gently lifted the little devil in Nie Shuang’s chest, and it was provocative. His eyes were blurred and his breathing was short. Yang Luoluo probably felt the thigh clamping light way.
"Nie Shuang, help me take off my nei pants …"
The girl’s voice seems to be the craziest aphrodisiac in the world. When the last words rang in Nie’s ears, he also unloaded all thoughts at this time, and his eyes narrowed and he jumped directly at the girl lying in bed …
Then one night, Nie’s family was filled with girls moaning …
Nie Shuang woke up early the next day. Last night, he was a little crazy. After tasting the forbidden fruit for the first time, Nie Shuang failed to control himself. yu looked at his body and was not driven by his brain and reason. He did it again and again …
Actually, it hurts a little! The same is true for men …
The girl beside him lay quietly beside him, and her body clung to him, which seemed a little cold, but in fact she just wanted to get a sense of security.
This girl is Yang Luoluo, the first woman of Nie Shuang.
With a small frown, she seems to be telling Nie Shuang that she is still very sad and slightly pulled up a Nie Shuang bow and gently kissed Luo Luo on the forehead.
Maybe it’s a little big. The girl woke up.
"Uh-huh …"
The nose wrinkled and made some lovely sounds, but as soon as the body moved, it was followed by a change of face and a breath, whispering "psst … pain"
Of course it hurts the first time.
The pain made the girl wake up. She suddenly opened her eyes, looked up and found a gentle look. After that, she smiled and smiled wittily. "Hee hee" as if the pain had disappeared last night.
There is no pain, and it is also a moment. Yang Luoluo is stimulated by the body to feel pain again. He frowned tightly and bit his hands and leaned toward the surface to cover his belly to relieve the pain.
So moving Nie Shuang looks even more distressed.
As soon as Nie Shuang got out of bed, he turned to help Lolo cover the quilt and kissed her on the cheek. Judo "Wait for me to boil hot water and wait for you to take a bath. Taking a bath with warm water can alleviate one"
The girl has grown into a woman, but at this moment, she is still a little woman in front of the beloved man, and she is carefully taken care of and full of happiness.
I feel very good for the first time, otherwise they won’t play all night. Yang Luoluo’s body makes Nie Shuang extremely anxious. She likes everything in taste, movement, eyes and name, but the more she likes Nie Shuang, the heavier her heart feels …
Walking out of the door, I turned around and cried, which startled Nie Shuang-
Xia Xi!
Early in the morning, Xia Xi was just outside Nie Shuang’s room, with black eyes and angry faces, where he looked a little black and full of anger.
Knowing that he was indefensible, Nie Shuang pulled his face and smiled stiffly. "Good morning … good morning!"
Good … What a fart!
Xia Xi condescension unceasingly in the heart, although she promised to let Yang Luoluo do something special last night, but … But … But I didn’t expect them to … Actually …
And all night! ! Poor Xia Xi got up in the middle of the night to pee. After hearing the sound, she couldn’t fall asleep all night. Finally …
Xia Xi’s face suddenly turned pink. Finally, she listened to the two voices in her room! !
Shame! !
Opposed to be angry for a while, Xia Xi was relieved again. Things have happened, and there is no more anger. And Lolo, she … probably … Forget it.
Eyebrows lift Xia Xi stare at Nie Shuang angrily. "Why are you still silly to take care of Lolo?" !” to be continued
Chapter 64 Administrative Region Outside the Palace
In three or four days after Lolo * *, Nie Shuang didn’t have a game, but he took good care of it at home and experienced a broken melon night. Lolo also comforted Xia Xi’s mood. Xia Xi didn’t have Nie Shuang’s imaginary bad temper, which surprised Nie Shuangting.
Think about it too.
Guess this kind of situation Xia Xi would have expected.
Because Miss Xia Xi was in a bad mood, Nie Shuang tried to take the initiative to touch Yang Luoluo-gnome male-"man tasted the sweetness once and always wanted to do it again."
Moreover, Yang Luoluo is not a quiet girl. Although her body still hurts, she is still playing with her heart. For example, when she is eating, she wears white silk feet and secretly rubs at Nie Shuang and Nie Shuang to make Nie Shuang eat a few meals. What’s more, she doesn’t wear pants at home, and she changed her skirt and … And …
No nei pants!
If you don’t wear it, don’t wear it. It’s nothing, but she is deliberately running, walking, squatting, lying down, etc. It’s always spring and let Nie Shuang see it! Yeah, Nie Shuang couldn’t immediately rush to eat this charming lamb. She turned red and endured to change her job and became a "ninja". There is no need to say more about her happiness and suffering.
Don’t expect to sneak in in the middle of the night and what happened to Lolo. Miss Xia Xi has forced Nie Shuang out of her room. She and Lolo have lived together again. The room has changed from her room to Nie Shuang’s room. Poor Nie Shuang naturally can’t dirty the two princesses’ boudoir. She has to lie on the living room sofa with quilts and pillows …
Don’t be miserable and cold that night.
Of course, Lolo is also an understanding wife who knows that Nie Shuang can’t bear to suffer. In the middle of the night, she sneaked out of the room while sleeping on a summer evening. After waking Nie Shuang up with a clever smile, she played with him in the living room for a night, and the next day she cried out, clutching her belly …
Lolo just wants Nie Shuang to take care of more and enjoy a coquettish little woman’s feeling. It hurts less, but Nie Shuang is naturally white. Therefore, in four days without any relaxation in taking care of Lolo, all kinds of nutrition were bought back, and chickens, ducks and fish were completely eaten. Two girls touched their bellies and shouted to eat …
Happy is happy, but the clouds hanging over the heads of the three people can’t be dispelled. After all, Lolo’s disease still needs to be treated. Whether it can be cured is still unknown, which makes Nie Shuang feel more and more heavy. At that time, Lolo will appear beside Nie Shuang and look at Nie Shuang with gentle and affectionate eyes and say
Don’t worry, Lolo has been very happy to get a lot of what he wants. If you are sad, Lolo will be even more sad than you …
I can’t change my sadness for the better, which will make the process worse and eventually worsen. Before Yang Luoluo’s parents come back to pick her up and leave, it’s good to make her happy. What Nie Shuang can do is to make her laugh-
Sweet smile
On the fifth day, Nie Shuang took two girls to have something important to do today-