It took two minutes before, and then it was decided in this second!
With a scorching light from his left hand shield, it lights up red light and directly sinks into Mino’s knight armor. In an instant, Mino’s whistling in the sky shows the violent momentum of the shadow war. Black eyes suddenly bloom with conspicuous blood-red original convergence breath …
In Mino, the pike in his hand also broke into a dazzling cold light. Although it is not so precious to the dark gold weapon, it is also a gold weapon. If Lin Ze has no idea in this spear, his combat effectiveness will definitely lose more than half, even if Linze has a strong * * repair ability.
However, Mino didn’t stay in the same place. He picked up the bloody pike in his hand and ran towards Lin Ze. It was a head-on collision. The audience at the scene could not help but be convinced by Mino’s courage. In the face of an opponent who had been waiting for so long, Mino still dared to face the danger. It must be said that Mino is a qualified film war.
Two people sprint each other Lin Ze disillusioned figure in an instant has been stuck out of the 30 meters distance at this time he has mino narrowed the distance by half to see Lin Ze’s right foot on the ground and push again with the help of just that moment, the burst dark attribute attached to the ghost chop is more rapidly moving towards mino.
Chapter 36 Rolling
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Instantaneous Lin Ze that black figure hit Mino bloody pike straight!
The word "stupid" appears in almost all the spectators’ minds, even some of the big names in the film and war branch on the distant rostrum think so. Mia is so excited that she doesn’t know who her heart is …
Even if Lin Ze this dark attribute god officer again how severe a defense outstanding knight face-to-face combat is not much chance! Lin Ze should make full use of his own flexibility to avoid Mino pike and then gain a good shadow skill to defeat Mino …
In the eyes of most people, Lin Ze is doomed to defeat. Isn’t it stupid to choose such an attack method? However, they didn’t find that Mi Yuan, the president of the Divine Officer Branch and the president of Jig War College, did not move. They had already seen the final result.
In the first row of the audience, Lin Biao, dressed in black, showed a trace of doubt in his eyes. His resolute face frowned slightly and muttered, "What on earth is he doing?"
Even he didn’t see what Bai Lin Ze was doing so hard at this time …
"Bang-"a loud noise.
Being pierced by a bloody pike instantly dissipates and turns out to be the phantom of Lin Ze? Where is he? Everybody keep an eye on the ring!
There was a dark fog behind Mino’s body … The purple ghost chop had actually split in Mino’s body, a black awn flashed, and then two lux auras bloomed from Mino’s arm shield. This was Mino’s last resistance as if he had stopped at the last minute …
Mino’s pike also stabbed the round shield rung toward the sky like a red flash on his left chest. At this time, his triumphant smile on his face was slowly getting cold.
Guns are broken, shields are fierce, armor is broken, people fly …
Mino’s body is like being pulled up by a huge ghost and dumped! The whole person was hit like a fly and flew directly over the whole ring and smashed it in the other place!
Blood spurted out from Mino’s mouth.
Including the referee, a few people in the audience saw Lin Ze moving in the dark fog! Lin Ze didn’t split Mino’s armor with a blade in the black fog, but knocked Mino at the end of the black moon. Otherwise, the dark moon and dark gold weapons will be sharp and sharp for so long, and I am afraid that they will be directly cut in two.
Lin Ze’s feet firmly landed on his body, and the foggy black light slowly dissipated. On the surface, he looked a little pale at this time, which was no different from that before the game, even if Mino was wearing armor.
On the other hand, when Lin Ze looks at Lin Ze, he simply consumes his soul power and can continue fighting after a short rest.
Rest area
I was so nervous that Leo shook his fist violently and looked at Wei centrifugally and said, "Lin Ze won, and Wei Li was a strong blow!"
Only from heavy drink a way "sit don’t you see the blow? Blind booing "
Leo spat out his tongue. He really didn’t know the specific action of Lin Ze’s blow. Then he quickly sat down and asked, "Is the strength of Lin Ze so strong?"
Wei Li gave her a look, and Leo caught a little banter from Wei Li’s eyes.
"If you only think that this is the strength of the Linze Department, you can think too little." Say that finish this sentence, Wei Li slowly got up and patted Leo’s head and walked in the direction of Lin Ze.
She wants to meet the winner of this battle …
Mino spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and looked at his broken armor. His left hand shattered the shield and broke into two pike. He was dull and said, "Impossible, absolutely impossible. How could I lose so badly? He should be a god official, and he didn’t use any magic skills!"
The referee looked at the ring Mino and then looked at the motionless mountain. Lin Ze suspected the god officer in his heart? Is this young man really an official?
Just then, a very magnetic sound came out from the rostrum!
"It is inevitable that Mino will win the game on the 33 rd and go home to practice well."
This sound is very calm but with a trace of indifference, and Mino’s face turned white when he heard this sound, because this sound was none other than the dean of Mino’s father’s film and war branch, Mi …
"Win on the 33rd"
After being judged by the podium, the referee respectfully saluted in the direction of the podium and motioned for Lin Ze to win. Then he waved behind him. A team of officials dressed in blue gods had appeared in the arena and roughly released several water properties for shadow treatment. Then the injured Mino was carried away.
This game is weird but also wonderful …
"This little guy in your branch is really superior!" Mi Yuan, president of the War College, glanced at Giger, the dark god officer, and said absently.
And Giggs didn’t take a reason after hearing Mi Yuan talk. He was mumbling to himself.
"What a powerful shadow soul force control. This Lin Ze spirit must be very strong and dark. Maybe he can move forward with me …"
Mi Yuan seems indifferent to Gig and doesn’t care. Looking at Gig, he already knows what he is thinking. He frowned slightly and asked.
"Do you want him to be a Diablo god officer? But the dark knight is not this easy to do. Are you sure he can meet your requirements? "
Answer Mi Yuan is a silence …
"Well, I know!"
Mi Yuan doesn’t know what he knows, but at least one thing is certain: defeating Sun Linze, the principal’s office, has left a deep impression on the presidents of major branches.
"Do you want us to increase his teaching weight? I believe that Wei Li and Lin Yan will not refuse? " Old John looked at Giger’s changing look and asked him.
Giggs, on the other hand, pondered for a while and shook his head with a smile. "The Hunting Group can exercise people more than teaching. I hope he can get the qualification to know the secret …"
Mi Yuan and old John looked at Giger in surprise. It seemed that Giger couldn’t believe it. Can Linze participate in the first grade strength?
But they didn’t object.
Lin Ze returned to the rest area and sat silently beside Wei Li. This time, Lin Ze became the focus of the rest area again, but he didn’t pay attention to people or say a word to Leo. After sitting down, he bowed his head and cultivated himself.
Chapter 37 "Thunder" Arthur
He has to prepare for a battle …
It seems that the battle between him and Mino is very thrilling, but only Lin Ze himself knows that there is no lucky element in it. With such a strong spirit, he can definitely defeat Mino easily, but Lin Ze doesn’t want to expose too much strength in front of the forest attack, and Mino’s cousin can’t let him lose too badly!
Although Mino lost badly enough this time.