I’m afraid the leader will just flash his maid’s face as soon as the young lady leaves.
Yesterday, Miss Saina said that she would guard him and not let the leader take advantage of it.
It’s a pity that the young lady can’t beat the leader
Two people pour out suddenly talked about Saina told them seven years ago she met Conway in China romantic scene.
The handsome China officer caught Saina falling from the tower at a scenic spot in Beijing. At a glance, it was thousands of days and nights of lovesickness. Later, when she happened to find Conway seriously injured at the base, she was desperate to disobey his father and left him to take care of him.
Miss is really in love. That man Saina always has a dreamy expression when she tells the maids about that moment.
Well, if that man weren’t dying, I’m afraid the leader would be infatuated with the young lady
Gu Mengmeng metamorphoses, raised his head, eyes lit with burning pain and anxiety.
Karim magically changed from a robe to two bottles of wine.
He deliberately looked around and then came in with a bottle to greet a few people. Come on, let’s not be bored. Tonight, the leaders and ladies are not here, and the brothers are crazy. Let’s have a drink, too.
Maids can’t look at each other and look at the closed door at the end. They want to drink but dare not.
Let me help you on duty, you drink Gu Mengmeng timely to help them solve the problem. Two hundred and forty-four Meet in this life.
The bronze doorknob turned with a slight twist.
Gu Mengmeng didn’t dare to breathe. His fingers pressed on the swollen abdomen like a time travel machine opened the door to heavy and easy replacement.
When the smell of the house came, Gu Mengmeng covered her mouth tightly, and her eyes gradually filled with tears, but she lay on the big bed without blinking, knowing that the man in the bone refused to miss every moment when he met in this life.
One set off in the beautiful sunshine, and in the fresh air of the jungle, tell her to be my girlfriend, Gu Mengmeng.
Moonlight is dressed in a military uniform, and he is strangely handsome. His eyes are bright as stars, and his eyes are tightly caged. The little woman treats others as living sculptures. You are my girlfriend.
He earnestly begged her Gu Mengmeng to marry me.
Estonia’s life and death trip, he promised that I would always be with you, regardless.
Facing his own difficulties, he led the ancients. I am what troubling wave can arrive to vex Junxin Gujingshui.
He held her in his arms and stood on the street in Beijing’s cold winter, mumbling that MengMeng was a silly girl.
When he woke up, he put it on the table, saying that life loves you more than ever.
Returning the last sentence of Dad broke her hope that Comrade Conway had died.
The scenes of the past kept repeating in front of her eyes, and she couldn’t help tears rolling down her eyes and stained her skirt, but how could she care? Her body and mind were shouting Conway’s name, and she wanted to tell him that it was not good for him to be a silly girl, and it was not good at all to live away from him.
She quickly rushed forward and was hugged by Conway through the softness.
He was thin and haggard, his eyes tightly closed and his thin lips pursed like a sleeping king waiting for her to wake up across Wan Li.
Conway Conway, I’m coming to MengMeng. My child is coming to pick you up. Conway, wake up. She cried and called him to hold him rigidly in bed despite Karim’s advice.
Sister, sister, it’s not time to cry yet. It’s time for us to find a way to send him away
Gu Mengmeng bit her lip hard to suppress her throat. She leaned over his lips and kissed him gently. She turned to Karim and said, Is Karim here?
Karim said anxiously, not yet. I’ll go and see you again. Pick up a horse for him and carry him when the man arrives.
Gu Mengmeng nodded a lift the gland in Conway was.