Moreover, Yu Fan also asked about the attribute correction of female hooligans and the attribute correction of wind dancers, which was actually higher than himself by nearly three o’clock. After the chivalrous man changed his job, the strength correction was 15, the physical correction was 15, the agility correction was 12, and the rest was 1 point. The total growth was 72.
However, the total growth value of female hooligans is actually more than 1 point, that is, agile growth correction is 5 points, strength and physical strength correction are 2 points, and intellectual growth is actually negative 2 points, which makes Yu Fan very surprised that female hooligans are full of bad things and actually spread a negative intellectual growth career. I’m really sorry for her pile of bad intentions, endurance and spiritual growth correction are 15 points each. How does Yu Fan see how powerful this attribute grows? Compared with hidden careers, her attributes are simply slag.
Yu Fan also inquired about Kerr’s attribute growth, which is also agility and strength, and revised physique, endurance and spirit. The growth value of mental disorder adds up to a total of ten points, which makes Yu Fan know that the hidden profession is powerful and has always dreamed that he will mix a hidden profession to play. Unfortunately, there is no hair.
I once asked the "black-hearted" old man where he could get a job change and hide his career. As a result, he brazenly said, "What’s so good about hiding his career?"! He also said that it is the same to reach any occupation, and that an ordinary occupation is even better than a hidden occupation. He was dubious. Feather didn’t say anything, but asked, "What is the occupation of a dirty old man?"
As a result, the answer is yes-the Great Light Messenger is a super abnormal hidden occupation with a growth correction of 12 points. Ya actually asked Yu Fan to practice ordinary occupation well, and said that practicing is better than hiding occupation. At that time, Yu Fan grabbed the bench of the equipment shop and asked him before smashing it at the old man with a dirty heart: the growth attributes of 12 points and 72 are both MD, which is twice as bad as hiding occupation. How can it be better than hiding occupation? !
Suddenly, I was kicked out of the equipment store by the "dirty" old man, who flew more than 100 meters in Qinglong City. When I landed, I just left the last drop of blood. At this time, Yu Fancai remembered that the old man was a mature fairy beast, and the couple were afraid to get carried away. It was lucky to dare to copy the bench and hang it!
Feather who was kicked out by the "dirty" old man was embarrassed to go back again. I regret that I was too impulsive just now. If I didn’t impulse, I might be able to get a job transfer from the "dirty" old man. It’s time to find someone when you’re old, isn’t it?
Think about it. The attribute correction is almost twice as high as his 72 attribute at 12 o’clock. Yu Fan drools, but it’s a pity that the old man with "dirty heart" has been offended for a while. It’s not good to have the cheek to go again. It’s estimated that there is no chance to go. Yu Fan has temporarily locked his goal in upgrading and making great equipment. After all, it’s impossible to change jobs and hide his career. If it’s really predestined, it’s impossible to force it.
"ah! This comprehension skill also depends on chance, and you can understand it if you don’t want to understand it! It seems that we can equip our hands from the pole first! Where can I find a baby and no one finds BOSS? ! Wait! Baby more! There seems to be a lot of treasures in Gulen! That goods have a treasure house! And only myself and three girls know! I should be able to abuse him with my attributes and equipment now! Go and try! "
If you think of it, you will do it, and without delay, you will rush to the array and set off for the No.3 novice village!
"Lie trough! Lie in the trough! Really MD dizzy! No wonder so many people throw up all the time! It turns out that this is the cheapest thing to faint! "
Feather who squatted on the ground while clutching his head as soon as he was out of the array was dizzy, but if he was asked to send him in a distinguished class with one hundred gold coins, he would be able to complain while clutching his dizzy head and walked to the cave where the skeleton general Gulen was located.
Once again, I came to the place fifty miles east of Novice Village No.3, and found that the place where I cut off the dragon blood wood has been refreshed with a new tree to cover the hole, but it is no longer a fairy pole wood, but an ordinary tree.
With this tree in the way, no other players should have found Gulen. Maybe it was found and killed! After all, now a well-equipped group of 100 players can heap Gulen to the sea of tactics.
With uneasy feelings, Yu Fan once again entered the cave, and neither the skeleton guardian nor the skeleton wizard refreshed it. It was indeed a one-time and unique monster! The bonus of this kind of monster’s killing experience is doubled, and it must be a big explosion of equipment if it is Gulen’s words! I don’t know if anyone found out.
So guess that Yu Fan once again came to the outside of the Bones Palace, although he had already seen it, but he was once again built by this skeleton, which once again shocked the door of the skeleton. Yu Fan was relieved that the Skull Knight Carl and the Skull General still stayed there quietly to see the samples and were not found by others.
Feather Fan thinks that it’s actually quite difficult to find here. First, the strange yaks of Grade 9 in the valley are the type with too much blood and too low cost performance, which ensures that there are few people in this valley. Then, the cave is hidden. At the beginning, I received feather Fan and looked for it wholeheartedly for several hours. Even if a novice really came here to train, their attention was on the monster body, which is even more impossible to find here.
Once again, it was very easy to get their information when the kryptonite dog eye detected them. After all, Yu Fan is now at level 35, and it is still very easy to detect the same level of gold BOSS and odd BOSS. However, Yu Fan stared at the kryptonite dog for half an hour and didn’t see this weakness of Carl and Gulen. I can’t shrug my shoulders.
It’s strange that the enemy once hung a skeleton in his hand, but now he wants to single them out by himself. It’s really powerful before you know it!
"ding! Congratulations on the establishment of the Shenqu Guild as the second town guild in Huaxia District! Hereby announce! "
"ding! Congratulations to God’s field … "
"ding! Congratulations … "
Suddenly, the announcement for three times in a row stunned Yu Fan, who was about to start work, and also stunned almost billions of players who went to China. Although he was not too happy, Yu Fan still made a note to build a city in the ten days after the establishment of the town by the Tea Fragrance Association.
In these ten days, after the three wolves in flames, they were discovered by the major guilds, with a level of 75 or odd BOSS, each of which almost caused conflicts among these major guilds, but unfortunately, none of the seven BOSS made a city building order, of which their strong strength in the God field grabbed two, but none made a city building order.
However, almost all players did not expect that the God field could still occupy the wind with the BOSSes of major guilds, and at the same time, they could find a BOSS alone in the dark and block the news so well that others didn’t know that they had secretly finished fighting the boss and broke the city building order until the town system was established and announced.
"This god field was not simple and they seem to stare at the old! It’s the cloak man who’s been put in jail. They haven’t done anything recently! It seems that whether it’s PK contest or self-protection, you have to be stronger! Gulen and Calgo are here! "
So thinking about the silver moon Wolf gun in Yu Fan’s hand, he took a gun flower and launched a heroic dash directly towards the skull knight Carl, who once felt unshakable, but now he doesn’t think they are so powerful!
Starting (
9 One-to-one [Chapter Words 3259 Last Updated 214123 23:14:6]
With Feather Fan taking the initiative to attack with a gun, while Feather Fan is moving, Skull Knight Carl and Skeleton General Gulen move their heads almost at the same time. Knight Carl urges the steeds to charge Feather Fan, and with the greatly high attribute and level, Carl’s charging speed has become less fast and difficult to avoid.
In the face of the charge, Carl Yufan saw the opportunity, a forward tumbling avoided its impact, and at the same time, he put out his right foot and a side kick in the back leg of the white bone horse, interrupting the effect. Jeancard’s charge came to an abrupt end and stopped in Carl’s hands. The silver moon Wolf gun has also stabbed Carl’s waist and successfully hit it.
As the piercing hit Carl, a terrorist damage emerged from his head. The damage limit of Feather holding the Hallows reached more than 3,900, plus 200% of piercing skill. When damage per second hit Carl in defense from 1,350 to 1,500, such a terrorist damage came out directly. As soon as the damage came out, Feather felt like a cock burst. This was the first time he had cracked a monster after holding the Hallows and changing into a gold-level equipment.
And the first blow is out of such an ultra-high damage that can almost kill M, which immediately gives Yu Fan an illusion of God’s first.
More than 6,000 injuries were inflicted on Carl’s body, even with 400,000 blood. It can be clearly seen that a small amount of blood was lost. Carl sent out a roar and directly urged the horse to stand up and raise a pair of front feet high, and suddenly stepped on Yu Fan. It was Carl’s signature skill-war trampling.
"Lying in the trough!"
Looking at this man standing up with a skeleton war horse, Yu Fan is very eloquent. When he hits the undead in this cave, they will all release their skills when their blood drops to a certain percentage. I didn’t expect this Carl to come and charge wildly, but he didn’t say that he just hit it. A ya actually threw out a skill, and the scope of war trampling was full. The Fiona Fang rice side kick skill was just now cooling down.
And even with the side kick skills, Carl’s interruption success rate is 50% in the face of fanatical belief skills. It seems that he can resist him hard. If he tramples on this war, he will have to retreat!
Just as Yu Fan was preparing to fight hard against Karl’s war trampling skills and felt that he couldn’t beat himself much blood anyway, he suddenly took a glimpse of the skeleton general Gulen out of the corner of his eye, and this war trampling had a 6% chance to stun his opponent for three seconds. If he was unfortunately stunned by Karl, he would have to die with a five-fold injury and evil chop in Medieval Lun, not to mention that he had nearly 6,000 blood, even if he had 10,000 blood!
Rapid retreat Feather Fan fell down before she ran out of the meter range, and the whole skeleton hall trembled, but fortunately, although the damage was terrible, she took away about one-third of Feather Fan’s blood, but fortunately, she was not trampled by this war and dizzy. She looked at herself now less than four meters away from Carl.
Carl, this war trampling is that the closer you get to him, the higher the chance of being dizzy. If you are next to it, there is a 6% chance of being dizzy. Now there are more than half of the distance from it that has not been stunned. It can be said that it is fortunate that a huge epee was cut at Yu Fan from a strange angle when Yu Fan was not stunned and was not happy. In the process of cutting, a bunch of virtual shadows appeared. It is strange that Yu Fan actually felt as if she heard the devil laugh when this sword was cut.
If Yu Fan didn’t guess wrong, this sword should be the signature skill of the skeleton general Gulen-evil chop can cause 500% damage to the target and have a chance to cause bleeding effect. The abnormal skill is almost wiped to death by this skill. This skeleton general Gulen has sealed off Yu Fan’s retreat with one sword.
At the same time, Carl, a knight with a skull in front of Yu Fan, suddenly raised his knight’s gun. At the top of his knight’s gun, a ghost of a cross with a skeleton on his back appeared. The ghost was as red as a ruby, and his eyes were staring at Yu Fan. He was screaming and screaming, so that Yu Fan’s head was dizzy and his consciousness was not clear!
"MD is an evil trial!" Although my head was a little dizzy by this shrill scream, Yu Fan remembered this skill name for the first time, which caused 30% physical damage to the target’s own life. This is a skill that can easily kill all the current players and the casting distance is abnormal for more than 30 meters. Yu Fan didn’t expect that Carl would release this skill as soon as he was fighting, and it would only be able to do this skill if it fell to half blood.
“MD! Are these two guys on drugs? Why are you crazy? Don’t follow the routine when you finish your skills! "
Originally, Karl, the knight with skull, and Gurun, the general with skull, were nothing. Now, I have the attribute of Niu B and this extremely well-equipped body, and I can take them one-on-one with the result. Only when I hit Feather did I know that these two BOSS were very tough.
Now, facing the evil trial that Carl can kill himself in front, Yu Fan wants to hide 30 meters away from Karla quickly, but behind him is the big sword attacked by skeleton general Gulen, and he still cuts a huge epee towards himself to seal off the retreat.
In front, it is more than enough to complete the evil trial of more than 100,000 injuries, and it is more than enough to kill Yu Fan. Behind it, it can also cause 500% evil attack and seal off the retreat. Even if it is wiped, it will be killed. MD is a dead end. No, it can’t continue. We have to withdraw first!
Decided to retreat, Yu Fan did not hesitate to launch the ghost cloak with the ghost shadow skill. At that second, the enemy directly resisted Gulen’s sword, and at the same time, Carl’s evil judgment also fell. The evil ghost with the skeleton cross on his back descended on Yu Fan with a violent spirit, but when he touched Yu Fan’s enemy body, he gave an unwilling roar and didn’t even take a drop of blood with him, and finally disappeared.
Although she came alive in the evil trial and evil chop, Yu Fan didn’t stop. She directly launched a movement such as running thunder and rushed out toward the bone gate. Yu Fan now increased her attribute agility, such as running thunder, and the movement speed was 100% increased. Only after she tied with Gu Lun’s speed, Gu Lun would have stopped. As a result, I didn’t expect that Ya actually chased Yu Fan all the way to the cave entrance and stopped when Carl chased the skeleton knight to the bone gate.
Originally, I planned to retreat and call two dog, a female rogue, and they would come back to fight Gulen together. After discovering this, Yufan didn’t escape again, but rushed into the cave and entered the attack range of Gulen. Now, in the outermost layer of this cave, Yufan finally got one-on-one with Gulen, the skeleton general. Without the help of knight Carl, Yufan finally got his wish and fought with Gulen, the skeleton general.
However, judging from the fact that Carl has released three skills in a row just now, this skull knight Carl is different from the skeleton general Gulen and the ordinary BOSS root. They have very high IQ and can judge when to release what skills independently, unlike the ordinary BOSS, when the blood volume drops to a certain extent, the required skills can be released.
Although Gulen and Carl’s strength has been sealed, after all, they used to surpass the 100-level immortal level and odd-level BOSS. Although their strength has been weakened to the level of 35-level gold level and odd-level BOSS, their skills are still strong. The root is not that Yufan’s contact with BOSS skills can be compared at this stage