Lu Zhan’s reaction speed, Lu Zhan’s calm …
These have impacted Xia Lingyao’s cognition again and again.
However, Lu Zhan still has perseverance that ordinary people don’t have. It is also very important to achieve the goal of sleepless perseverance. It will be very boring to compete until the later training, and it is difficult to persist without great perseverance.
Similarly, when a person has these distances at the same time, success is very close.
"Keep cheering!" Xia Lingyao helped Lu Zhan blow milk tea and thought, "It may be a problem for him to surpass Su Huanjen. It is not impossible for Su Huanjen to become the world’s number one."
Thought of here, she was even happier to know such a man as Lu Zhan.
At this time, Lu Zhan didn’t know the delicate thoughts of the girls behind him, and his thoughts were still in the game.
Leona, in the previous game, he successfully protected Vayne’s arry, and the last four strikes and five counterattacks made him the strongest king in the game.
Although he was promoted to the strongest king once before, this time he was still very worried.
Because this time he called himself and it took a day.
At that time, it was already past three o’clock. Zhang Xi went out to sleep for a while and then continued to show Lu cheerfully.
Zhang Xi was also afraid that Lu Zhan didn’t have enough rest, but Lu Zhan was honed for a long time, and three hours’ sleep was enough for him to keep his spirits up.
But they didn’t even know that someone with ulterior motives had been waiting for three hours because they wanted to sleep.
At six o’clock, when Lu Zhan got up, the other three people in the room were still awake. He simply washed and continued to line up with Zhang Xi.
The total head count of the land exhibition in the last wave of the King’s Promotion Tournament has been tied by Zhang Xi, reaching nearly two.
This time, the two agreed to recalculate the number of heads. This is because the master appreciate each other regards the other side as an opponent of the same level as himself.
However, their winning streak was terminated in the 30 th game. In that game, the opponent had a strong single crocodile and started the rhythm in the later stage.
It was still a diamond, but it was really strong, and the opponent was a team battle and didn’t give them a chance to turn over.
This time, Lu Zhan knows that there are still many masters lurking in the country, and if they are not careful, they will capsize in the gutter.
Then Lu Zhan discovered this difficulty.
The more you fight, there will be passers-by with strong fuck in almost every game. Some passers-by are really as good as professional players because they didn’t join the team for some personal reasons
Although it became more and more difficult, the two men kept three games and won two games. The winning point rose steadily.
By ten o’clock in the afternoon, two people had already scored in the top 40.
At the same time, the great gods have been boiling, and more than a dozen people have come out to discuss this matter. Two accounts suddenly appeared in the strongest king, which is a big thing. What’s worse, the owner of this account is Zhang Xi.
"I saw that there was no winning point and it went up again. This is a flight!"
"Yes, I was the strongest king at the beginning, but I played for half a year. These two perverts"
"I know the strength of hope, but who is the other one?"
"I haven’t heard of it before I joined the new group yesterday."
The strongest kings have checked their achievements, and even they are surprised at the level of 30-game winning streak. It is really difficult to achieve this level in Xinyi District.
There has been a big event, and some professional players have also blended in the group. Many qq or s2 era experts who don’t often bubble have also appeared.
They all want to see whether these two people can play the top 30 of the strongest kings in a day or so to complete this achievement of the ancient people.
Some people have itchy fingers, claiming to complete a deadly sniper, and they also take their own numbers to the platoon. Some people also claim to be protectors in the land exhibition to counter sniper.
Every time two people play a game, someone sends out screenshots of their achievements to the group to see the news. Even some League of Legends game networks are ready to publish the news, but the great gods have a tacit understanding and have not said that this game is a substitute practice. After all, this is Zhang Xi’ s privacy.
It’s been a long time since the great gods were so busy.
But then something strange suddenly appeared.
There will be people hanging up here every one or two games, as if they had discussed it.
Now they meet more and more experts, and it’s too difficult to win by four against five. It’s already up to two people to win one game in four innings.
As a result, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, neither of them had a good lunch, but the progress was still hovering around forty.
After another game was hung up, Zhang Xi said that he sent a qq voice invitation.
In fact, as early as yesterday, when he was promoted to the strongest king, Lu Zhan had a voice to play with him, but Zhang Xi didn’t want to, and since the other party felt that he didn’t need it, he didn’t need it.
But now, in a special situation, do you have to pronounce it or do Zhang Xixian lose it? You don’t need patience with pronunciation.
Lu Zhan did not hesitate to accept it.
"I’m sorry to drag you in. I didn’t expect this to happen. This is someone’s calculation. I hired actors in a row, which got you into trouble. You may not be able to finish this order until six hours later." Zhang Xiyin sounded very anxious and seemed to have lost confidence.
"No, it’s okay. Don’t give up. It’s only 2 o’clock. We still have six hours to collect this. It’s impossible!" Whenever someone encounter difficulties and want to give up, Lu Zhan always gives people hope with that simplest syllable.
Chapter 2 I want to win every game.
"I’m sorry, I think the problem is too simple. I didn’t expect that there would be actors at this time." Zhang Xiyin was deep and heavy
"No, I don’t think it’s that simple. You may have been calculated." Although it’s the first time to talk to Zhang Xi, the two of them have been together for a day and Lu Zhan has analyzed it from Zhang Xi’s point of view