"You … how can you be here?" Chenxi adjusted her shawl and curly hair awkwardly and said to Mu Feng, this Mu Feng is a nightingale auction house. Even Ji Yin said that she would try her best to please Chenxi, but she dared not offend and neglect it.
"I’ll see who I like … what’s so strange?" Mu Feng smiled immobile, her eyes uncomfortable, and she looked around her and nodded her head with satisfaction.
Dawn Mu Feng said that the person she likes is Ji Yin or Han Yue, but when she saw Mu Feng’s squinting eyes staring at herself at the dawn, she suddenly felt wronged and wanted to refute, but she listened to Mu Feng from a smile. "Okay, I’m joking. I’m here to find Ji Yin. Is she there?"
"Well, you didn’t come to me?" Dawn was a little dissatisfied when she heard this, saying that in the final analysis, she still came to Ji Yin. "Sister Ji Yin is not going out to work with Hanyue. It will be noon before she can go online. What can you tell me?"
"Well, that’s fine. The purpose of my coming here is to ask your auction house to get me a piece to help me with the price. I can pay one billion yuan!" Mu Feng said with satisfaction.
"One billion rmb?"
"Think too much is gold coins." Mu Feng primly sold the gang order himself more than half a month ago. Although it sold 200 million gold coins, it is still precious after such a long time, but Mu Feng believes that one billion gold coins is enough.
"Help me, I can’t decide that you will come to the elder sister later." Dawn pouted and stood quite proud. * * * said to Mu Feng with a rack.
Mu Feng smiled and said, "OK, I’ll come back later, but … is it really good for you to schedule like this, Dawn Beauty?"
"I want you to manage!" The morning light * * fell asleep at my desk with my head in front of Mu Feng.
Mu Feng nai left the nightingale auction.
Inflammation Haicheng low-key god, mad cow, an arrow through the heart, and Ji Yue are all waiting for Mu Feng. Today, Feng Hua Xiaoxue has no line. According to the low-key god, she and Ji Yin are going to handle affairs. Feng Hua Xiaoxue seems to be a nightingale. Employees can’t stay with Mu Feng all day.
But the most depressing thing for Mu Feng is that Yuli didn’t send a message to Yuli before Mu Feng went online, but Yuli didn’t reply, which made Mu Feng not only think about it, but this girl shouldn’t be in danger again, right?
My heart is missing her. However, Mu Feng can’t forget Ji Yue’s smile. Mu Feng took her to Yan Haicheng to play in the wild. During the play period, Mu Feng received a message from Xiaonuo and learned that Xiaonuo is now upgrading in a novice village called Liuguang Village. Xiaonuo and Mu Feng said a lot of fun and beautiful things in this world. Soon Xiaonuo also learned to video chat and chat with Mu Feng.
(ps Mu Feng told Xiaonuo his id before entering the game)
When walking in the wild, Mu Feng can still talk about Xiaonuo. However, when an arrow goes through the heart to send everyone to fight monsters, Mu Feng will be in distress situation. While listening to Xiaonuo’s voice, she will avoid cutting and killing monsters. This is really beyond the limit of Mu Feng. Finally, Mu Feng told Xiaonuo to let her upgrade well, so that she can leave the novice village and be with herself. Xiaonuo just dropped the video call.
However, at the moment when Mu Feng dropped the video, a short but handsome young man appeared in the flame plain where Mu Feng was located. In the eyes of sister paper, this young man is typically a small fresh meat, and this fresh meat happened to be known by Mu Feng.
"Magic days?"
Chapter 37 Magic Day
At the moment when Mu Feng dropped the video, a short but handsome young man appeared in the flame plain where Mu Feng was located. In the eyes of sister paper, this young man is typically a small fresh meat, and this fresh meat happened to be known by Mu Feng.
"Magic days?"
This man is an old friend of Mu Feng, a magical day, in a generation of virtual game "Go against the Heaven".
At present, the young man is still dressed in a black leather jacket with a skull belt around his waist, and his hand guards are all wearing white awls. It’s not the same as in those years, and his left arm is carved with a demon face, and this person is more mature than in those years.
Three years later, I have changed from a cold-blooded and cruel killer king to a fashionable young man who knows what passion is. Compared with my own changes, the changes in magic days are really weak.
Youth black eye pupil looked at Mu Feng. After hearing Mu Feng calling out his name, the youth couldn’t help but frown. The original cold face was a little more worried. Haicheng knew that there were many of his own people, but he knew that Mu Feng was from Ghost Town and should not know who he was.
"Who are you?" The magic day asked in a cold tone. The sound alone gave people a distance and made them feel excluded as if it was difficult to communicate with him.
Ji Yue and an arrow through the heart both quit the long-range attack and treatment. In the face of this menacing magic day, they are all ready for the decisive battle. This time, the bearer has a magic day, and no one else has it. Even if he is the magic king of Yan Haicheng, there is no need to be afraid of him.
"It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that I know who you are, right, little devil?" Mu Feng laughed and poked fun at the magic day. Because Mu Feng wore a mask in the game three years ago, this magic day didn’t recognize himself but knew his taboo.
Little devil, this is the nickname of the magical day. Of course, this was given to the magical day by another person at that time. This nickname is full of irony to the magical day, because the magical day is not younger than Mu Feng, but his height is a head lower than Mu Feng. It is really fun to add this nickname to the magical day.
Magic day almost jumped up when he heard this nickname. As far as he knows, there are no more than six people who know their nickname. Although the six-person magic day is not connected now, why does this Mu Feng know his nickname magic day but he has never seen Mu Feng?
"Shut up, I want to talk to you." The magic day roared with suppressed anger.
"Is it because of the gods? If so, you can ask more people to come over. Of course, if you want to challenge me, you can do the same. "Mu Feng never smiled and didn’t care that there were enemies looking for doors at this time.
Magic Tianmai held his arms steadily and sank, "The gods are no longer my affiliated gang and I don’t want to be your enemy, otherwise you and I will come to you alone?"
"Then what can I do for you?" Mu Feng said casually.
"I want you to challenge Vice Imperial City!" Magic day told me that he had come to Mu Feng.
Just after the magic day finished, I wanted to walk a few steps to play with the mad cow. I instantly guessed the wrong foot and fell to the ground. He seemed unable to believe that this magic day was as big as Mu Feng and Wuyan Sea City, and the soul world was as big as this guy. Who didn’t look for Mu Feng?
In a low-key magic potion, he also found it strange. After all, the magic day is the magic door, and there are ten thousand members of the magic door. He can’t pick out ten to play vice, but he has to call Mu Feng.
However, in Mu Feng’s eyes, this is not surprising. After all, Magic Heaven has a very strange character, that is, he likes to associate with his enemies. If you beat him up today, he will definitely challenge you to some super-difficult monsters. If you try your best to please him, he will say coldly, "I like to be alone in Magic Heaven!"
Besides, Xiao Shengfeng, deputy fourth progress of the Imperial City, can’t even beat off half his blood himself. I’m afraid I don’t even know Xiao Shengfeng’s name this magical day.
(Xiao Shengfeng, deputy director of Huangcheng, is a special boss. He won’t tell his name until he kills 5% of his blood, that is, 350,000.)
Mu Feng squinting at magic queen hey hey a smile "I and you wu I what’s good? Or do you want to be the captain? "
Magic day also looked at Mu Feng. He didn’t understand who this Mu Feng was who had the courage to talk to himself like this. Magic day checked Mu Feng’s information. There is no such person in the past game. Is it a new rising game dragon?
"I need to say more about distributing rewards according to Jianghu rules than I will be the captain," Magic Day said with awe.
"Tut tut this attitude low-key mad cow we continue to brush blame" Mu Feng arrogance sighed and then rely on low-key they leave two beautiful women on the side also saw Mu Feng shook them to wake up.
Just after Mu Feng turned around and left, there suddenly appeared a deep and dark flame as strong as foaming at the mouth, showing "Ding! The player’s magic day will attack you, please consciously dodge. "
This soaring dark flame is like a deep-sea dragon, which is the magic day’s best at magic inflammation attack, and this magic inflammation is very special. Once it is hit, magic inflammation will explode in the player’s body, thus forming multiple pieces of damage. In the forum, some people have specially discussed the results of magic day’s attack, such as either hiding or enemies or waiting for death.
Mu Feng, who turned his back on the magic day, smiled lightly, turned around and dazzled himself with gold and black colors. He wore Afar’s armor and issued a "hum" foot. There was also a dazzling array. Compared with the word array, Mu Feng prefers to call the field because the array will not move, but the field can belong to Mu Feng’s dazzling field and move in the footsteps of Mu Feng.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
Like the second battle against Xiao Shengfeng, the field first appeared in the foot, and then when Xiao Shengfeng’s phantom firm but gentle attack came, the field appeared in front of Mu Feng. Although this attack was a monstrous magic dragon, it was still swallowed up by Mu Feng’s field.
And this skill is called the only magic skill attached to the anti-Afar suit
With the sound of "om", the field appeared in front of the magic day, almost at the same time, the magic day released an enemy skill to stop itself from releasing the monstrous magic inflammation and attacking itself. When the magic inflammation dispersed, the law disappeared and the magic Nai Tian shook his head.
Say, "Say a time."
"At noon, you and I will take four people to fight the imperial city." Mu Feng smiles.
Chapter 371 Orcs Castle
There’s nothing to worry about teaming up with Magic Day to play Mu Feng, the deputy of Imperial City. After all, he’s the magic door leader of Yan Haicheng and he once knew an old player. For this person, Mu Feng can still be trusted.
And the magic day enlisted low-key god, they are naturally happy than that, but this joy is also a little depressed because Mu Feng wants to organize people, but the magic god, this boss of Yan Haicheng seems to be going into the vice with Mu Feng, but who knows what means he will play in the vice, or how to distribute the reward after the vice passes? These are not agreed upon
Mu Feng watched the magic days leave and smiled after seeing several people’s surprised eyes. "Don’t worry, everything is as expected. Let’s upgrade today. If necessary, change a piece of equipment later to prepare for Xiao Shengfeng!"
"Well, it can be done." Low-key God and Mad Cow Nai said that the low-key God was slaughtered by the scum of the gods yesterday, and now his level has dropped to level 2, and Mad Cow has also dropped to level 29, which is seriously low.