The reaction ability of stepping on the snow mark is also fast. When the spokesman of death whirls and cuts it out, the singing light missile is accumulating in his hand, and it is quickly cancelled and directly changed into a medium-order defense magic light wall.
The light wall is a medium-level defense, the magic defense strength and the high-level light shield root can’t be compared, but its resistance level is similar. It’s a good choice for the spokesman of death to cut the sickle. After all, the hidden profession of the spokesman of death is not the main attack of the sickle of death. It can be said that the light wall can resist just half a catty.
"The fight over the snow mark is just now. Oh, taste my claw of death." The spokesman of death said, "Suddenly and quickly, he stretched out his salty pig’s left hand and shamefully attacked the chest over the snow mark. It seems that the root has never considered what it means for men and women to give and receive, let alone sneak attack on the chest."
The spokesman of death is so ashamed to step on the snow trail, but he still has to try his best to deal with it. When the staff swings and intercepts quickly and the body flies back quickly, it is finally that those shameful pigs are about to reach the chest trail and the staff parries them.
"Shame!" "My day is really a trick!" "It’s shameless to sneak up on MM’s chest in the snow." ……………….. "It’s a wretched trick. I support you!" As soon as the man shouted out the words, he was surrounded by several people and the blink of an eye kung fu was already submerged in the trend.
The rostrum Qinglong coughed twice and suppressed some indignant masses. Then it said slowly, "It was really thrilling just now. The spokesman of death used a wretched trick to grasp the claw of death to the chest of the snow mark, but fortunately, the staff was sensitive to the snow mark and placed horizontally to block the body. At the same time, it flew back as much as possible and finally parried this wretched claw of death."
"Poor guy, I can assure you that from today on, if death appears in front of a large audience, it will be beaten into a pig’s head." Looking at the angry crowd, I slowly sighed and the death spokesman prayed silently.
"Master, the spokesman of death is really brave enough to catch the snow mark in front of a large audience. Isn’t he afraid of offending God-eating Wang?" Aside from the emperor’s favorite, he asked doubtfully, "After all, the snow tread marks are brought out by God-eating Wang, and it is easy for us to do so."
"No, you’re wrong. In fact, what death did was to test the bite of God Wang and …" I smiled and said, "And his attack on the chest root is not a professional skill. Death’s claws are the obscene tricks in the duke of mount deer."
"To test the God-eater?" Emperor Favourite was surprised to get up. It’s such a wretched trick to sneak up on a girl’s chest. Is this actually a test for God-eating Wang?
"That’s right!" I looked at my eyes, closed my eyes and smiled slowly, and said, "Death wants to test the snow mark and bite God. If they are both male and female friends, my girlfriend will be attacked by the opposite sex, and my boyfriend in the chest will bite God with cold eyes. But now, instead of staring at each other coldly, he still closes his eyes and smiles. This means that the snow mark and bite God should not be male and female friends."
"Not boyfriend and girlfriend? Then what are they? God-eating Wang should be unlikely to bring an important person to participate in the United Association confrontation contest. "
"The snow mark can appear beside the God Eater and participate in the United Association Competition, which means that they are not shallow. Since they are not boyfriend and girlfriend, they should be brother and sister."
"Brother and sister?" Emperor Favourite still has some doubts.
The spokesman of death’s left hand was parried and blocked on his chest by the staff of stepping on the snow mark. At this moment, there is a distance of two or three centimeters from the full breasts, but it is only two or three centimeters away that he has tried his best to be as close as an inch.
"Not bad, so close to the claw of death, you can even put aside to deserve to bite the Lord’s sister, so there are so many things."
Now that the method is closer, the spokesman of death has another way of thinking. When he speaks with his mouth, he scatters his attention in the snow. He is holding a sickle of death in his right hand and quickly sweeps over in an attempt to destroy the exquisite staff that intercepts his salty pig’s hand.
This time, the spokesman of death chose the right thing. When he said that the snow mark was a bite of the Lord’s sister, he felt that the other person’s spirit was distracted. Therefore, the sickle sweeping of death was a trick, so he set up the staff, and the salty pig hand was free and quickly attacked ahead.
When the picture is fixed on the death spokesman’s right hand to block the stave, and the salty pig’s left hand invades the chest of the snow mark, the scene is quiet. Perhaps this is the so-called calm before the storm.
Sure enough, when the snow mark in one second shyly forced the spokesman of death, the scene boiled up like a frying pan, and all kinds of noises came and went, making a lot of noise.
"Be quiet for me!" "Everybody be quiet!" "Be quiet!"
When the three giants, Dragon Soul and Dragon Eaten God, spoke together, the original noise quickly stopped, because everyone now wants to know that the leader of Dragon Soul organization, Avenger Dragon Soul and Eaten God help Wang Guardian and they should end this mess!
"I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. I apologize to you on behalf of the god of death." I bowed down to the god of death very sincerely and expressed my apologies. Then I looked at the ring and still proudly said the spokesman of death slowly, "I think you should be responsible for organizing my hero since you have done everything."
The spokesman of death said, "As the saying goes, whoever goes to hell will go to hell if I don’t go to hell. Now that things have happened and I want to undo them, I’ll just suffer a little and take the responsibility of this department."
God-eater looked at the Avenger Dragon Soul Death spokesperson with a straight face and said coldly, "Very good, very good. Death spokesperson, you humiliated my sister’s innocence. Do you want to take this responsibility?" Hum, don’t tell me that my sister is as clean as ice and pure as jade, which you young people can marry? "
Chapter three hundred and ten Purple spin VS ice explosion ()
After all, he flirted with the first bite, and the players cheered at the scene.
"I’m a god of death, and I do what I say," the spokesman of death said with a master’s demeanor attached to his hands. "From today on, I’m a god of death, and I’m willing to let you do whatever you want in the game and never frown."
When you say that, the spokesman of death silently said with disdain, anyway, it’s just in the game. Hey, if you want me to turn off the com, you can’t find me, so I don’t have to listen to you. Haha, I’m so smart.
The snow mark subsided, and the big waves in my heart glared at me. The spokesman of death really wanted to punish the top ten tortures in the Qing Dynasty. This little guy said immediately, "Well, you said I would come to you after the league competition. I hope you don’t forget what you said."
"OK, I’ll wait for you." The spokesman of death looked at the eye and chest, but he still couldn’t keep up with the ups and downs. He knew that his paw was not light in his heart. After laughing lewdly in his heart, the spokesman of death said in a gentleman’s manner, "I don’t think you have the heart to fight with me again. Why don’t you change places?"
"It’s up to you, brother." Treading through the snow really didn’t have the heart to fight with the spokesman of death again, so he made a third substitution and his brother ate God alternately.
"Yo, I can’t believe that God eats Wang so quickly. How about the dragon soul? How did you recover? Do you need to fight with the God-eater again? " The spokesman of death now also wants to know which one is more powerful, the avenger dragon soul or the guardian, so he handed it over directly.
"Just what I want!" It’s rare to have a chance to fight God-eater, so I agreed.
"Now the battle has returned to the original point." Qinglong looked at it again, and the two people had some cooling mood and were immediately ignited. "Avenger Dragon Soul VS Guardian eats God. They will continue the unfinished battle. What is the outcome? Please wipe your eyes!"
"supercilious look into empty supercilious look! 」
"sharingan transformation mirror sharingan! 」
Because the magic values of both sides have been greatly supplemented after the death spokesman and the snow mark battle, both sides have just been able to quickly decide the outcome and directly open their own super artifacts.
"Empty eyes tai chi magnetic field! 」
Qi Chao artifact instantaneous guardian eats God and directly releases the virtual white eye Tai Chi magnetic field, hoping to rely on the magnetic force of Tai Chi magnetic field to give opponents a head-on blow.
"Mirror sharingan-illusion Harle! 」
I have now recovered my mana to half, which is just right. sharingan released the illusion Harle, so I released the Taiji magnetic field in the blink of an eye, and I also brought out the illusion Harle.
The intentions of both sides are very obvious, both of which are trying to decide the outcome of the game with one stroke.
See ring blustery virtual tai chi magnetic field Harle mysterious dreamland is almost together to form two mysteries collided with each other, who also don’t let anyone at that time, whether it’s a bite god tai chi magnetic field or a dragon soul Harle dreamland, they all have the method to seize the main attack opportunity.
"Every wave! 」
Because the virtual supercilious look Taiji magnetic field method grabbed the main attack and took the initiative to bite God, the Panlong sword in his hand quickly swept out, and the golden yellow wave passed through the two great mysteries like golden light and firm but gentle, and swept away directly to the opposite dragon soul.
"frost wyrm broken! 」
16 When the wave damage floated above my head, I had already accumulated a long time ago. The grass sword flashed cold light and waved a twisted frost wyrm through the sword and floated out of Rowen. At the same time, frost wyrm quickly crossed the two opposing meanings and went straight to eat God.
"Panlong Rock Shield! 」
God-eating reaction is unpleasant. Just when frost wyrm is about to hit him, I saw him quickly insert the Panlong sword in his hand into the ground. It is still like the big dipper attack. The soil and rocks quickly rushed out of the ground and wrapped the God-eating directly.
At the same time, frost wyrm has also hit the Panlong rock shield and directly hit a crack nearly half a meter long on the surface of the rock shield. It has to be said that frost wyrm’s breaking power is huge, even as hard as Panlong rock shield, it can hit a crack, but it also hits a crack half a meter long and does not hurt the department.
"God eats Wang Panlong Rock Shield’s defense is amazing. I can’t believe that even frost wyrm can directly resist giggling Panlong Sword. It’s really enviable."
It is not an absolute defense skill. Panlong Rock Shield can forcibly resist the impact of frost wyrm. Although it was hit by frost wyrm, it was not damaged. This shows that its defense is amazing. Even I have to marvel.
God-eating emerged from the crack in the rock shield. Smelling this statement, he said lightly, "Brother Dragon Soul, your frost wyrm’s breaking power is also good. A straight line can break the enemy’s blood and prevent low occupation. There is no combination in your frost wyrm. Even my Panlong rock shield with amazing defense can’t resist the impact of frost wyrm. I don’t envy Brother Dragon Soul!"
"God-eater!" I watched my eyes gradually dissipate and Harle almost dissipated the Tai Chi magnetic field and said with a smile, "I remember you once said that Tai Chi magnetic field should not be released after Tai Chi was born, otherwise it would be opposite before the meeting, right?"
"Brother Dragon Soul should not be thinking about when I happen." If you don’t think about God’s thinking ability, you will already know each other’s eyes. "Brother Dragon Soul might as well think about himself more realistically."
"teleport! ""The shadows overlap! 」
God eats away from the Panlong Rock Shield by teleportation, and directly comes to the back of the Avenger Dragon Soul. The shadows of Panlong Sword overlap and quickly combine together to form a giant Panlong Sword, and then quickly stab it from the back of the Dragon Soul.
Attacking from behind is the most difficult way to resist the normal situation. Even the Avenger Dragon Soul is too poor to cope with it, but now …
"teleport! ""The ground fissures and spikes! 」