For this kind of pk habit of fighting at the gate of the city base, Lin is very clear about this. If a game has a special pk place, then the player base will fight at the pk place, while Time, a game that doesn’t come to the pk place specially, will choose to learn from pk at the gate.
This is always used to np is absolutely nothing.
From the environmental forest at the entrance of the base, we can easily judge whether there are players here, and even judge the level of pk players to a certain extent.
"It may be a group to play boss!" Life according to this period of experience guessed.
Lin smiled and didn’t speak. He didn’t know why all the players in this base had left, but one thing is that these players have been away for a while, at least for ten days, that is to say, a few days after he just killed Mu Tianlong, the players here left and never came back.
I haven’t thought deeply about this problem. No, I have to find a rebel base at this time!
At the same time, a group of players bought sixty generations of anti-gravity devices from the fifty-nine times gravity area of the Galaxy region, and they are coming to the sixty times gravity area.
"The skeleton base is closest to us. Hurry up."
"Wait! Can’t go to the bone base! "
"Nonsense, haven’t you heard … at the bone base!"
"In the bones base? Are you sure? "
"Nonsense, the skeleton base is closest to our Galaxy region. Do you think it will be closer or farther if you go?"
"If it is, then don’t go to the bone base … don’t pick a place to stay away from the bone base."
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine People battlefield!
Lin will rob players of things … This news is well known in the fifty times gravity area, not only in the Tianlong Star Region of the Galaxy Region, but also in many high-level players in the Game Star Region.
Most of the other players have backstage scenes, and no one dares to move easily because of the grievances in the game, but they can be extended to reality.
Lin is different. Lin is alone and doesn’t belong to the power. At present, I don’t know where to go … The most amazing thing is that Lin is a master, a master of ordinary people’s law.
Now everyone is afraid of being robbed by Lin, not to mention the problem of robbing or not, that is to kill one or two by Lin, which is a great loss
No matter where the forest may appear, everyone is afraid to go, let alone stay, so they can leave.
That is, for this extremely simple reason, Lin arrived at the skeleton base, and none of the players ran away … or moved their positions before Linda arrived at the skeleton base.
Fortunately, Lin is not a vengeful person … If Lin is such a person, it is impossible to get along well in the online game circle in the 21st century. It is normal to be scolded, robbed, bullied by a large size and beaten by a small size in online games … If you retaliate one by one, you will not be able to handle it.
Most of the game grudges can eventually be laughed off … even if it’s a grudge, it’s the same.
But these players don’t know that they are all self-respecting, and Lin is just like them. If anyone provokes me and pays a reward, they will definitely retaliate.
And Lin has the strength opportunity … Meeting them is the opportunity for revenge.
Therefore, they naturally won’t give Lin this revenge opportunity, so they will hide far away and wait until they have the strength to come back to deal with Lin.
Lin Heming searched the rebel base near the skeleton base.
There is a very special place not far from the bone base. This place is called the’ bone burial ground’ … Maybe it is for this reason that the bone base will be called the bone base.
Buried bones are actually craters that are smashed out by falling meteorites.
There are a large number of animal bones in the sinkhole … If there are only bones, there is no key. Many people have found good things in these animal bones in these sinkholes. For example, some specific bones are stronger than general armor, lighter in weight and sharper and tougher than general weapons. These are not the most important things. These dead animals are this resource planet. I don’t know whether it is hundreds of millions or billions or even tens of billions years ago. Some animal genes are still intact in strange amber.
Relatively speaking, those bone materials and all kinds of metal materials and resources are by-products
These well-preserved ancient animal genes are the most precious things, which have great research value … Immortality, the ultimate goal of several practitioners in Xian Xia’s novels, has always been the ultimate goal of human scientific and technological research, and these ancient animal genes have great research value for immortality.
Because in it, there was more than one human skeleton ten billion years ago, just like human beings today.
The battle of burying bones is not on the ground, but in the underground mine built by human beings to collect treasures on the surface of the tiankeng.
There is no network signal method to connect the network underground.
This is the basic information of the skeleton base. You can find the information by registering an identity without spending money on the military network.
Similar to the ambush environment, many animal husbandry dragons got 60 generations of anti-gravity devices, which were also played out in this place. There were many rebels inside … Of course, it was a time when players joined the battle and became player territory and alliance military territory.
The benefits of famine … are just strange.
It’s not a good thing to waste this kind of thing. Pastoral Tianlong and his party stayed here for a few days before entering the Galaxy region to find trouble with Lin, and cleaned the buried rebels again.
Life asked, "Are you going to bury the bones?"
"go! If you want to find the rebel base, you have to start from the place where the rebels appear, "Lin said." But … you’d better not go and wait for me here! "
"hmm!" Life thought for a moment and said, "Good! Then I’ll just line it directly. "
Life is clear that she is with Lin now, which is purely a trouble to Lin. It requires technology, no technology, no experience and no experience, even if the equipment is no better, it is just wave energy.
"I’ll call you when the time comes!"
Bury the bone!