"I’d rather believe it or not. What if it’s true?"
"Ah this …"
Yeah, if it’s true, it’ll kill the child
Another one is now closed, and the school is so noisy and worried all day, it is better to find a job so that you can feel at ease.
"Shout … let’s go back and discuss it. Try to find a unit for Yuanyuan."
"Oh, mom, let me work now?" Wang Jiayuan, however, has no mental preparation at all. How can he have a good job next Sunday?
"Yuanyuan, we just said that you also heard that you are a big girl now. What do you think?"
"I … I …"
Wang Jiayuan looked at her father and turned to look at her mother. There was a look of panic in her eyes. After all, she was only fifteen years old and didn’t panic when facing such an important choice in life.
Ding Qiunan stretched out his hand and pulled her to his side and took hold of her shoulder, patting her without saying anything.
Wang Jiayuan looked at her aunt, and she suddenly thought of what my uncle said to her in the afternoon.
"We are your elders. We certainly hope you are well. Remember that we all love you."
When I think of this sentence, the burden on her heart seems to suddenly disappear. She is still young, and she has to bear the consequences. Then listen to them. These are elders. They will definitely not harm themselves.
"Mom, dad, uncle and aunt, I listen to your arrangement."
Li Chu looked at his niece and smiled with relief.
The child has grown up.
"Well, I’ll try to find a job for Yuanyuan as soon as possible." Wang Wen smashed a left hand with his right hand clenched.
"Don’t" Li Chu waved his hand. "I told you to stay. That’s the main thing."
As soon as this word came out of the room, several people turned their eyes to him again.
Before they said anything, Li Chu continued, "Leave it to me to arrange work for Jia Yuan, brother-in-law. What you and my sister need now is to keep a low profile. The situation is so complicated, so don’t make any big moves."
Wang Wen nodded silently. He knew that my little brother said it was really inappropriate for him now. He stared at others too much.
Li Qin saw that her husband had nodded, so he didn’t say anything against it, but asked, "What unit are you going to give Yuanyuan Lian, Xiao Chu?"
Li Qin and Wang Wen both know that although this younger brother doesn’t say anything for a day, it seems that he is careless and doesn’t like to socialize, but the connections between the four the9 cities are tied together.
In recent years, doctors have not come to the door for nothing and begged him to see a lot of patients.
Li Chu raised his hand and pointed to the southwest corner of the room. "What about the department store?"
The words sound just fell and Li Qin, Wang Wen, Ding Qiunan and Wang Jiayuan’s eyes suddenly lit up.
Wang Jiayuan eagerly nodded "Uncle Coco"
Whether it’s a girl who usually goes out with her classmates when she’s free or not, there’s no shortage of shopping in the department store, and whether she buys or not, she has long envied the salespeople inside.
Li Chu looked at her sister and brother-in-law and waited for them to make a gesture.
"All right, Chu, you’ve considered it, so your sister and I won’t say anything about Yuanyuan. I’ll leave it to you."
The department store is a commercial unit. Although Wang Wen is already the head of the city’s grain mouth, it is still short after all.
It is not necessary for him to go directly to the head of the business mouth, but it would be too humiliating if people didn’t promise.
He was very relieved to have his little brother come forward to do it.
Things settled, and everyone’s mood became better. Only a few people found that they hadn’t seen two little guys for a long time.
Turn a look at all of a sudden Wen Hui and Wen Xuan don’t know when they are lying down and sleeping for the dog.
Wenhui pillow, little black belly, sleeping, Wenxuan pillow, little flower belly, little white and little yellow lie beside the two children.
It’s not cold for two children and four dogs to squeeze together.
This is not the first time that this kind of thing has happened. Li Chu and Ding Qiunan are not in a hurry to pick up the child. They are used to it.
"You two just let the children fall asleep like that?" Li Qin looked surprised at her brother and sister-in-law.
"It’s okay, sister. They often do that. Just hold the hot water and wash it directly." Ding Qiunan walked over and said.
Li Qinyu looked at her sister-in-law. She had never seen a mother with such a big heart.
Wang Wenze looked thoughtfully at the four dogs.
No wonder little brother Wang Shu heard this morning that someone wanted to hit his big dog, so he turned black.
"Xiao Chu will wait for the puppy and leave me one."
"No problem, brother-in-law. Don’t say one or two."
"Then I can’t afford it."
But he knows how my little brother feeds the dog all day. That guy eats better than most people. Their family can’t afford to feed like that.
"Wen, why do you think of getting a dog?" Li Qin feels a little strange. It’s not like I haven’t seen these dogs or seen him before.
"Yuan Yuan’s eyes are watching that he will get married in a few years, and his family and army can also rule out loneliness for us after raising a dog."
"Dad, how old am I? What are you talking about? I’m not getting married." Wang Jiayuan blushed and stamped her feet.
"Silly girl is quick when she marries. It’s not normal for a woman to have a crush after returning to work. My aunt will help you." Ding Qiunan took Wang Jiayuan’s shoulder and said jokingly.
"Aunt, you also make fun of me." Wang Jiayuan was even more shy and buried her head in Ding Qiunan’s shoulder.
Li Chunai shook his head. What are you talking about? Where is the dog?
Chapter three hundred and seven Establishment
After sitting for a few minutes, my sister’s family left. Just wait for Wang Guyuan’s news from Li Chu.
After seeing off their sisters, Li Chu and Ding Qiunan washed them with a child in their arms and threw them into bed to let them sleep.
Two bedside, Ding Qiunan took her husband’s arm and leaned against his shoulder to watch the sleeping children in bed.
"Li Chu’s current school base is closed. Will our children have no place to learn later?"
"Don’t worry, the country won’t allow it to be like this all the time."
"Alas," Ding Qiunan sighed. She didn’t know what was going on now. Although she was safer than when she was a child, she was not that kind of shuddering, but she was also worried. In particular, there were many people who opened their mouths and shut up every day, which made her feel at a loss.
Be careful when chatting with others outside, and you are afraid that if you say something wrong, you will be in trouble.
She can silently pray from the bottom of her heart that this day will pass as soon as possible
Li Chu turned to look at her silent wife and stretched out her hand to smooth her tight frown.