With a yawn, of course, said
"But always find something interesting to do when you are free to chat …"
"Anyway, those guys can replace everywhere and let me eat a few stomachs without getting in the way …"
Root has no sense of guilt after being caught stealing food.
However, for his story
[Ms. Pain] didn’t refute anything wrong.
Because what he said is really true.
Those so-called "gods"
Whether it’s "weak divine power", "weak equal divine power", "medium divine power" or "powerful divine power", it’s just something that can be replaced at will for God.
If they want to create a random idea, they can create a lot.
In terms of combat effectiveness, it is not commendable
One of their greatest values is to fill the gap in the individual strength of this [plane] department.
Those [gods] don’t know about it.
In their cognition
The so-called "god" is actually stronger than "powerful divine power".
So many times they feel that they have a chance to get there.
After all, the current situation is that there is a pressure on the "powerful divine power".
Medium-to-high grade
It doesn’t look too far away!
I don’t know how to look at the mountain and run a dead horse
However, I can’t understand what the gap is between God and God.
Their delusion
It’s the same as a game in which a person can become a game machine by upgrading to one hundred levels and then upgrading to one level by himself.
That thing is the empirical value gap?
I don’t know how many streets are separated between the two!
Even if that guy really upgraded to a level of 100, it would represent an update at best.
There is still a fundamental gap between the two sides!
This also makes the two levels of "Powerful Divine Power" and "God God" even though they are one level apart.
But if you really want to break it down,
You can divide the two into 【 Powerful Divine Power plus 】 and 【 Powerful Divine Power PR 】 … and it won’t be a problem.
The simplest example is to regard [Torre’s World] and [Magic Goddess] as the standard [Powerful Divine Power].
Then a hundred times stronger than her, even if the standard 【 Powerful Divine Power +1 】 is a thousand times stronger than the standard 【 Powerful Divine Power +1 】, then 【 Powerful Divine Power +2 】 is ten thousand times stronger than the standard 【 Powerful Divine Power +3 】 …
According to this trend, after upgrading to [Powerful Divine Power +1]
It looks terrible already!
A little seconds to mean.
But in terms of quality, they are still a weak chicken for God.
It’s only a second at hand
Just as the gamer root doesn’t need to depend on the level of your game characters.
If you upgrade,
Charging is just changing a few lines of game code.
this situation
Those who intend to reach the rank of "God"
Whether it’s a lifetime or a generation of struggle, it’s just like that.
In the eyes of God, there are still some patches to maintain the balance of the world order.
But it is a pity
Those ambitious gods don’t know this fact now.
Life is only a few thousand years, and they have made great efforts to break through [great power] …
As time goes on
When those guys get through the initial [early creation] period and live to that age, they will really understand how ignorant and immature they are at this moment.
Now they
No matter from that level, it is really beautiful!
Holding high the altar and looking up to all the gods, thousands of believers will meet, and all the wars will be fought and torn in the void.
The soul hidden in the abyss and the blood-eating demon Lord can make up thousands of pieces of equipment to work for themselves.
Some guys just look for hundreds of stinky fish and rotten shrimp and dare to claim to be a terrible army that is about to sweep the whole multiverse.
most of the time
Even Olga felt embarrassed.
Low culture, small population and weak strength!
One is poorer than the other, and the other is worse!
Even those domestic travelers who play soy sauce in Olga’s pool are more demanding than them.
At the very least, some farmers can really easily pull out hundreds of millions of troops to cross the imperial city PK!
And this tragic fact is the present situation of this [plane] department.
It just looks very petty!
to tell the truth
You don’t need regular troops or public security forces to put it in Ortega [Crimson Heaven]. You can easily find a small private farm and block it all the way before you do it.
In total, it has only gone through a few thousand years.
When many advanced life eyes are closed and opened, it is more than that.
You really can’t expect these guys to develop so strongly and prosperously in this short time.
If I hadn’t lived in the early days of creation and had a different taste.
Olga probably won’t even bother to think about hanging out here …