The answer to Han Xuanxuan is-
"It is necessary!"
Ten minutes later, Han Xuanxuan finally came to a breakfast shop near Chuangshi Internet Cafe with Fang Xiang and Guangguang. Speaking of it, Han Xuanxuan was also sweating violently. When he saw the light, he was shocked. Not only Fang Xiang was naked today, but he was also dressed in a suit. Although there were not many hairs on his head, he sprayed gel and water roots to finalize the design …
When the three men arrived at the breakfast shop, Suk and others had not come to the place. The three men first asked for a box and ordered something.
"Brother Suk is really slow."
Han Xuanxuan freely complained 1.
"Oh, oh, maybe it’s the traffic jam. It’s like this in the morning in Magic Capital."
"Yeah, yeah, the traffic in Modu is not very good."
Looking at himself, he casually said that two people were talking about Suk. Han Xuanxuan began to wonder whether the two goods were cooked with himself or Suk. It was also this time.
The Audi A6 Suk and the curtain are unconsciously frowned.
"It seems to be followed."
The end of the curtain glanced at the mirror to sook novel way
"Then dump it."
Suk said lightly when he saw that the mirror surface was a Toyota Kauste.
At the end of the curtain, I heard a traffic light, the corner intersection was directly put into gear to accelerate, then a drift and then accelerated, and directly disappeared. In the eyes of all, Kauste car followed Kauste car behind him, and everyone was one leng.
"Can A6 play like this?"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Introduce yourself
"But …"
Sitting in Kauste’s passenger seat, the mouth of the man in a black suit is slightly raised
"Sometimes old drivers don’t."
Mock words came out of the mouth.
"I installed a tracker on their Audi A6 last night, so we can just drive slowly."
Hearing the black suit man talking, a line of strong men behind him couldn’t help but give a thumbs-up sign.
"Brother Hui is tall!"
Black suit man casually with the wave.
"It’s the same for the director of the rear to send you out to do things. It’s not the most important thing to rely on it, you know?"
And he pointed to his head
Suddenly the car rang with a palm.
This is the time.
Fang Xiang, Han Xuanxuan and others are in front of the breakfast shop.
An Audi A6 car pulled up slowly.
"Get rid of it"
End glanced at the rearview mirror light said
Although Suk said this in his mouth, he always felt that something was wrong in his heart. From the eye situation, he really got rid of each other
At the end of the day, the Audi A6 car was parked, and then three people got in the car and walked towards the breakfast shop.
And Fang Xiang and his party are already waiting at the breakfast shop at this time.
When I saw the two men and a woman in front of me, I thought that the whole person was excited.
I was trembling all over with excitement.
And in the direction of Fang Xiang and others approached Suk, three people also found that there were two young people besides Han Xuanxuan outfield.
"Sue … Brother Suk"
Goodbye Suk Han Xuanxuan is also more exciting than the previous bear hug Suk.
"Hey, easy, easy. I can’t breathe."
Suk walked over and said.
It’s not only Han Xuanxuan who is excited, but Suk is also much calmer when he sees his former teammates than when he is old Murk, who is the core and soul leader.
"Who are these two?"
Behind the curtain, I saw Han Xuanxuan’s side wanting to be naked and frowned.
Tell things to Han Xuanxuan is also thinking about this meeting. Whether Suk agrees or not, let Han Xuanxuan know the situation. If you choose, it is Han Xuanxuan’s thing, but now you want to appear with bare two people, so that the end can’t help but swallow it back.
Han Xuanxuan just prepared to make an introduction after hearing the ending words, and Suk waved his hand over there.
"Oh, don’t worry about it. Sit down and talk about it. I’m starving."
After hearing Suk’s words ending for a while, it’s already at this point, but you can still act so heartless. There is really no one except Suk.
Han Xuanxuan, on the other hand, suddenly had a strange feeling that he dropped his eyes from Suk’s face to Fang Xiang’s face and then jumped back and forth.
The two men … This time suddenly gave him a feeling.