Cried sadly, I beg you, don’t hurt her again, please.
From the language of dangfu, I can’t hear a little pleading and taste more anger.
Fu Chen ha ha smiled. He disdained to do such a thing as desecrating a dead body, but it was also right for him to benefit boys and girls to improve his strength.
I don’t want to ask again. If you want me to dismember your wife, then don’t say it. I’ll get to the bottom of it one day.
Say that finish and put the blue yuan Yang sword on the black naked thigh is likely to be cut off.
No, I said, please, don’t kill my dead wife. The slut screamed angrily.
Ahem, because of the bloody battle, I took advantage of Wushu and Longteng in Jiatian, which was extremely exhausting. Fu Chen’s body just crushed the injury and still didn’t calm down. Until now, he was still holding on to dry cough for two times and then slowly sat on the ground and listened to this plot that was about to be revealed.
After I say I know everything, I beg you to kill me at once and stop torturing my dead wife, or I will become a spectre and won’t let you go, desperate way
Fu Chenli nodded. Don’t say it’s murder now, that is, he didn’t have the strength to hold a sword.
Seeing Fu Chen’s nod, he gave a dry smile on his face. He also knew that he had committed several sins before his death and it was a great gift to be a corpse after his death, but he did not regret practicing such magic skills.
Dangfu was silent for a while, and then told the story of his miserable life.
Laidangfu’s real name is Fang Lin, and his real name is Li Xiaofeng. Both of them are peasant children from Donggou Village who have booked young marriage since childhood, but on their wedding night, 30 masked men suddenly came. When they arrived in Donggou Village, they killed women, raped young people, killed old animals and killed a village, which turned into a river of blood in one night.
Just when this group of people wanted each other’s Lin Li Xiaofeng killer, a person suddenly appeared. This person killed all the 30 masked men in a blink of an eye, and he also saved the only two people in Donggou Village, Fang Lin Li Xiaofeng.
The man who saved them was none other than Fu Haotianyi Fu Junhong.
Fu Chen, Chu Weiguo, Xiao You and others exclaimed when they heard that the benefactor was Fu Junhong. Obviously, they didn’t expect that the benefactor was a traitor Fu Junhong.
Fu Chen is frowning and secretly thinking about what Fu Junhong can do to save them both.
After Fu Junhong saved them, he told Fang Lin and Li Xiaofeng what the Chu family sent to these Tu village people’s departments because he was not clear.
When Fu Junhong asked them if they wanted revenge, Fang Lin and Li Xiaofeng couldn’t wait to destroy the Chu family at once.
Both of them are ordinary people, plus they are already in their twenties, and they have missed the best cultivation period. If they are practicing the true qi, it is impossible.
Don’t say it’s a master cloud, a super family, Chu family. Even ordinary junior practitioners are hard to surpass them.
Just when they were confused and desperate about revenge, Fu Junhong gave them a set of techniques to cultivate the true qi.
And this method of uniting the true qi is the aphrodisiac that killed several boys and girls.
Aphrodisiac is divided into two parts: Yin and Yang.
Men cultivate yin and women cultivate yang, but after practice, men and women will combine with each other to achieve the balance of yin and yang, and the speed of cultivating true qi will increase greatly
Later, with the rising of aphrodisiac practice, there are more and more demands for essence. Lin Li Xiaofeng and Lin Li Xiaofeng can’t meet each other’s needs, and whenever this aphrodisiac occurs, the practitioner becomes a dog in spring. If they can’t find an outlet, they will die in torture.
The two men took revenge and had to rob others to practice.
A few years later, the two of them succeeded in designing and attracted Chu Weiguo’s parents, and then they were tortured to death by aphrodisiac. Later, when Chu Weiguo arrived, they were seriously injured by Chu Weiguo before they came to this hidden mountain to recuperate and practice.
Fang Lin looked miserable. After finishing this sad story, he decisively said, Kill me quickly.
Fu Chen looked at Fang Lin’s charred bust, and thought it would be a very happy thing for him to die at this time. If you ask Fu Junhong from his mouth again, you will know who is in Fu’s family for three years.
It is well known that Chu Weiguo’s parents are a pair of good people, but from what Fang Lingang just said, Fu Chen feels that Donggou Village was slaughtered, which is probably planned by Fu Junhong.
Aphrodisiac is so evil that it is impossible to achieve it without cultivation qualification, while Fang Lin and Li Xiaofeng are likely to be Fu Junhong’s bastard to kill weapons.
Fu Junhong, a despicable son of a bitch, has killed so many people. Sooner or later, I will make life immortal.
After getting it, Fu Chen took a look at the blood dripping all over Fang Lin’s mind. Let him die peacefully without telling him the truth. I don’t want him to die with a grudge.
Asked whether Fu Junhong was a lackey of the flower family or a slave of the Li family.
Don’t say that. My benefactor Fang Lin clenched his fist and stared at Fu Chen. Don’t forget your promise.
After this period, he recovered his body and became angry. After that, his fist was full of blood red light and he hit his head.
A head suddenly turned into a pool of blood.
Fu Chen saw Fang Lin’s excessive killing of his insides, and immediately a tumble was added to his body’s true qi, which was close to the point where the oil was exhausted. Although the ancient compass protected him, three consecutive bloody battles and a fatigue hit my mind, and my eyelids became heavier and heavier. Seeing Xiao You’s worried face, he smiled and fell unconscious.
Xiao You, Chu Weiguo and others believe that there is such an angry story hidden behind this incident. They are all shocked to see Fu Chen sitting on the ground.
Fu Junhong, sooner or later, I will kill you myself.
Have oil lamp withered Fu Chen can no longer live a soft body on the ground in a coma.
Chapter one hundred and three Girl body fragrance
Chinese Chapter one hundred and three Girl’s Body Fragrance
All of a sudden, my ears came to me, and I was still in a coma. At this moment, Fu Chen’s eyebrows were slightly shaken, and a breath of light fragrance floated into his nose. Immediately, he felt relaxed and happy.
Uh, what is this smell? Why is it so familiar?
Is it a woman’s body odor?