Thanks a lot, little brother
Silver figure slowly got up and then solemnly made a big gift to Lin Dong, expressing deep gratitude and excitement.
Lin moved to smell speech and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Then he laughed. My predecessors were not so polite. I was pregnant and devoured Zufu. It was natural for these demons to stand against me.
Mouth so said Lin heart is andao this which dare not help, don’t help now he still has a headache to deal with a crazy dead xuan jing qiang.
Predecessors should be safe and sound by now, right? Hehe, ready and ready. Lin moved at the silver figure and bowed his hand and laughed
The body magic pattern has been erased. When my silk was sealed for thousands of years, my mind was also freed, but maybe it will disappear in a short time.
Lin one leng immediately hurried way predecessors body different magic gas is not erased how can dissipate?
Hehe, my mind is a wisp of residual soul now, and it has been the limit for thousands of years. If I hadn’t been obsessed with it in my heart, I might have been lost in that strange magic gas eroding the silver figure, but it was extremely free and easy to want to be able to get rid of that erosion state, which made him extremely satisfied.
Anyway, I have been dead for thousands of years, and now I can regain my senses, even for a short time, and I am satisfied, so I must think more.
Those brothers in those days are all dust now, and I am also a spiritual world.
Lin listened to the silver figure, but at that time it was also a little silent. After that, the mentality was already bearish on life and death, and immediately sighed that I didn’t know my predecessors’ anonymity.
Zuo Yinguang’s figure smiled, and immediately he said that his little brother came to Leifu to look for treasure. Perhaps this place has become a ruins.
Well, I want to come to Thunder Zu Fulin and nod my head.
Thunder ZuFu ah heard this left dazed, immediately eye dew cherish the memory of color light way when the thunder emperor’s adult did get the thunder ZuFu, but also because of this, I just can be stared at by those demons and then attack on a large scale.
Are those demons who attack Leifu very strong?
Hehe, a king’s order, two different demons, and a few left smiles at the same time.
One Wang Jie and two Lin Jie’s pupils shrank slightly, but I couldn’t help but feel the dark feeling in my heart. Wang Jie’s magic is equivalent to the peak of reincarnation and the magic of the order is also comparable to that of the runner. Lin Jie has seen the strength of this level of magic in different magic fields. Even the old man burned his life to seal it before attacking it. The magic of this abode of fairies and immortals is two and there is a stronger Wang Jie’s magic.
For those who are afraid of commanding the order, it is as strong as death. No wonder this abode of fairies and immortals will be destroyed like this. I think that the war must have been earth-shattering.
These demons are quite cunning. When the Emperor Lei crossed the cycle to rob and hit the cycle, he suddenly lost his hand. However, even if he was seriously injured, the Emperor Lei eventually killed two great generals and sealed the king’s order demons. When talking about the Emperor Lei’s adult, it was difficult to hide his respect. Obviously, he was very respectful to that adult.
At that time, the Emperor Lei’s adult was not a reincarnation, but he listened to some clues. At that time, the Emperor Lei’s adult was not really a reincarnation.
If adults survive the reincarnation robbery, the four generals can’t destroy me. Lei Fu needs the hands of Wang Jie’s demons at least. There is no pride in the left tone.
Lin moved slightly, but he was not surprised. That Lord Lei is an ordinary runner. It may be the limit to deal with a famous demon, but it’s a pity that he is not ordinary because he still holds the gods of heaven and earth such as Lei Zufu in his hands. With the help of Lei Zufu, the fighting capacity of that Lord Lei will be as strong as reincarnation.
But in the end, although the king’s order was sealed, Lord Lei’s life cost him a lot. When it comes to this, the color on the left becomes dim.
Lin nodded slightly. After all, no matter whether the thunder emperor’s adult is not a reincarnation, if he stepped into the reincarnation, he wouldn’t want to be like this. Lei Zufu is still in the abode of fairies and immortals. Lin couldn’t help but ask him what he cares most about.
Left nodded and said, if I expected it, Lei Zufu should be in the thunder world.
Lin suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that he really didn’t come to the wrong place this time. There was a thunder ancestor here, but then he reacted with a slightly wrinkled brow.
Lord Leidi has created a piece where outsiders can enter except others.
If you can’t get into the forest, you can’t get into the thunder world. How can he get the thunder rent operator?
Hehe, you’re not in a hurry. The thunder world is also trying to enter the key, and I can feel that there seems to be some keys in your body. Left laughs
Lin Zheng quickly dried the silver tower in Kun’s bag. The key is this thing.
Left glanced at the key of the silver tower and nodded with a smile. This is part of the key. If I expected it to be good, the silver tower should have three seats together to form the key and enter the thunder world to find the thunder ancestor.
It takes three keys to the silver tower to enter the thunder world. Lin’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. In this case, if he wants to enter the thunder world, he has to snatch the keys to the silver tower in the hands of the Nine Pyloris Xuantian Temple. This is some trouble.
How to get into the thunder world? Lin has bitten his teeth to this point, and no one can stop him from getting the thunder ancestor. If this is the way, he can grab the key.
Deep in the abode of fairies and immortals, the center is the Leidian, which is the most central place of this abode of fairies and immortals, and the entrance of Leijie is also on the left.
Lei Dianlin will remember his name in his heart. It seems that there should be a place where people gather.
But if I expect it to be good, there should be three thunder kings guarding the left road in the thunder hall.
Three thunder kings
In those days, Lord Lei Di of Leifu honored him as the southeast and northwest names of the four thunder kings, and I was one of them. Perhaps the other three should also be my former appearance, but at this time, they should completely lose their minds and look complicated and light.
Lin took a breath of air conditioning, and there were still three powerful bodies in the temple that were comparable to Zuo Lei’s corpse. So it means that the three powerful bodies reached the death of Xuan Jing Dacheng, and they guarded who could get in. He was able to solve the trouble of Zuo mainly because he was still in his mind, so the combination of inside and outside just erased the magic gas, but the other three were insane. It seems that there is no other way to do this except hard work.
It seems that the thunder hall is not easy to enter, let alone enter the thunder world.
Whether you can get the thunder Zufu may depend on the chance of your little brother, but in the future, Zufu will be exposed as little as possible, otherwise it will even get you into trouble, warned
Strong Lin nodded, and this Leifu was picked up so badly. If he is alone, he is afraid of being even more miserable if he is also found by different demons.
Hehe, I am able to regain my sanity this time. Thank you, little brother, for your kindness in repaying this mutilated body.