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Chapter one hundred and forty-two Changfeng lost
Zhu Feng walked up to him and raised his hand, saying, "Don’t underestimate our players in China, and then let me meet you so bossy. It wouldn’t be today’s show. You’d better remember my words." Then he walked quickly to the show.
As soon as he reached the arena of the tournament, Fujino’s stubble could resume his action. He mistakenly thought that Zhu Feng deliberately left Fujino’s stubble in the same place and looked at his back stupidly. He knew that he had lost his dignity and courage to fight.
Zhu Feng walked the stage for ten thousand people’s palms, and the evil spirit was finally released. Seeing the kid eating turtles, everyone was almost flying. At the same time, they also knew that farmers were not the ones who used to scold and not hit people when they entered the city. Now his strength is very strong and strong, which makes people worship the black screen guild players. Now they are all holding their heads high and enjoying the worship of the players around them. They are proud that they are proud of being with this boss. They are glad that they chose the right gang.
There are no heroes in troubled times, and heroes are needed in troubled times, and he and his black screen guild are about to become heroes of this era
Zhu Fengtai saw cold-blooded Mo and Changfeng several people looking at themselves in confusion, and that evil woman was among them. He sneered and thought to himself, "You don’t help at night, and soon I will destroy you and give you back your shame."
The camel walked up to him and worshiped and said, "Big Brother, that slap you just slapped was really handsome."
"Yes, it’s so Japanese," said the skeleton.
Zhu Feng smiled and said, "All right, let’s leave one person to guard the compound. Let’s all have a rest. It’s estimated that you will be busy tomorrow."
"Hey, hey, I went to send the video to the official website to sleep." Xiaohui thief said with a smile.
Several people have said goodbye to Zhu Feng. They know that many players will join their guild in the future. They need to replenish their physical strength. When robbing people, they can’t beat other animals. The Zhu Feng system can be said to be very intelligent and self-defeating, which makes skeleton people nervous all the time, fearing that they will be left behind by others.
As soon as the battle ended, the players in Qinglong City felt very enjoyable and a little reluctant to go, but when they saw that the protagonist had gone to rest, they could also leave the R woman and patted Fujino on the shoulder, saying, "Let’s go back to China and raise our strength and then come to China to find him for revenge."
Fujino’s eyes were confused and he looked at his friends around him. He could have dominated China for nearly 2 hours every day when he was training hard for a few months. It’s a pity that he was being treated like this … He nodded and walked to the delivery man in a very depressed mood.
At this time, the cold-blooded Mo Leng said to a few people around him, "Let the brothers in the station be a little more energetic in the future. After this, the name of the black screen guild will definitely be shocked. If there is no accident, they will soon catch up with us."
"Boss, do you want me to take some brothers to invade their compound?" A man beside cold-blooded mo asked.
Cold-blooded Mo shook his head and said, "Don’t wait for me for a while. Let’s make a decision. Although they are not as many as us, their overall strength is no longer in phase."
Changfeng has been quietly behind the cold-blooded Mo. He is now called the No.1 Night Gang, and he has been killed by the Japanese. It is hard for him to accept the fact that he once played with his peasants and went to town to kill each other without blood.
Cold-blooded Mo comforted Changfeng when he saw that he had been dug up and said, "Changfeng, we should not be discouraged. Farmers do have his pride in going to town. If we make unremitting efforts, we will definitely beat him one day."
Changfeng nodded and said, "Boss, I’m fine. I’ll upgrade first." Then he walked to the delivery man.
Cold-blooded Mo looked at Changfeng’s back and sighed. Nai shook his head and said, "You also go to upgrade. I’ll go back to guard the station."
Pretty girl still looks around with her eyes after seeing everyone go away. She doesn’t know where she should go. Now she is very depressed. She misses men day and night. At this time, she is hugging other women, and the man who hates herself disappears for a while and then returns to the game. It can be said that the most annoying thing is that when he slaps the Japanese, he feels that he is very Japanese. Is there an unexpected feeling ..
Zhu Feng reconnected to the game after the line. He knew that if he wanted to keep this advantage, he must work harder than others. He didn’t want to rely on the strength of pets to defeat others. If he wanted that kind of real strength, he didn’t find that a hateful woman was about to turn away when he reconnected to the game. The thief smiled. He went over and said, "Yo-ho? Are you reluctant to part with me? "
The pretty girl turned tenderly and heard his cynical tone frowned and asked coldly, "You seem to be narcissistic?"
Zhu Feng held his chest in one hand and said, "I’m relieved in this case. I’m really afraid that a vicious woman like you will love me. What a sad thing it will be."
"You …" The pretty girl was just about to express her tenderness, but she still endured it, not because she was afraid of him, but because she felt that it was unnecessary to do so now. So what if she beat him? So what if I get angry? The man I love is …
Zhu Feng saw her absence and wondered how she had changed. Suddenly lost that spirit? Bah, Bah, what do I want with all this? He shook his head and asked, "Is sister frustrated in love? Don’t be afraid, my brother will introduce you to one another day. "
The tenderness of the beautiful girl who was stung by the wound was like a fierce lioness. At this time, Zhu Feng threw herself on the ground like a rain, and her fist was mixed with tears and kept falling in Zhu Fengshen’s mouth, saying, "I told you to say me …" She wanted to release the mouth that had been suppressed in her heart.
Zhu Feng was at a loss by this sudden change. He lay beside her and watched him make a big tear fall on himself. A woman cried so sadly that he couldn’t fight back. He wondered why you were crying so badly …
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Chapter one hundred and forty-three Hang up the first level
Zhu Feng got up from the ground and looked at the beautiful girl crying like a crybaby. He smiled bitterly and said, "Hey, brother, you’re not so excited when I get stronger, are you?"
The pretty girl tried to wipe a tear with tenderness and said faintly, "What if you become stronger without boasting?"
"Crazy woman, see you cry so sad today, brother, I won’t kill you anymore. Bye-bye to you." Zhu Feng evil smile always walked outside the city.
The pretty girl looked at his back tenderly, turned her eyes and flashed her face with a bright smile.
Skeleton Knife is a higher-level monster in Qinglong City. Few players come to fight this type of monster. They are fast and have high attack and defense. They belong to that kind of monster. Zhu Feng walked to the haunt of Skeleton Knife at this time. He had to train his reflection ability and temporary adaptability. A monster like Skeleton Knife is just right for him.
The pretty girl followed him quietly and watched his every move, but she became more and more nervous and wondered, "where is he going?" Going forward is a high-level monster. "
Seeing a skeleton with a big knife in both hands, Zhu Feng unleashed magic on it and was attacked. The skeleton soldier quickly ran to Zhu Feng, waving his big knife in his hand, watching which direction the big knife would cut and quickly making evasive moves. Slowly, he analyzed the attack direction of the skeleton soldier and made evasive moves before cutting himself.
The pretty girl hides in the side with tenderness and looks at the enemy in front. She can’t figure out what the hell he’s doing. Is it strange that he doesn’t fight? Does he just avoid even if he’s hit and don’t fight back?
After more than three hours of training, Zhu Feng can now fight back and get two knives, so he can get rid of the skeleton swordsmen, but that’s not what he wants. He wants to get rid of it without bloodshed, and he has to successfully judge its attack direction and get rid of it easily.
"Is this how his strength has risen?" How many people can do this perseverance, this endurance to endure loneliness? I have been blaming myself for hours without stopping. I always hear Changfeng say that "the master is lonely" and now I finally have an experience.
Just when she was still thinking, she suddenly brushed out a skeleton sword soldier. Now she is only six levels. When she meets this monster root with 75 levels of strength, she will die and be cut. The beautiful girl screams "Ah" and then quickly runs to Zhu Feng, shouting "Farmers come to town and help me"
At the same time, Zhu Feng led two skeleton swordsmen to train their avoidance ability. When they heard someone calling their names, they turned their heads and turned their heads. The two skeleton swordsmen cut off two knives at him unceremoniously. Zhu Feng scolded 1, "Go back and release the necromancer constantly and quickly avoid the attack."
"Hey, come and help me quickly." Pretty girl kept circling around him, trying to get him to lead the monster away from him.
Zhu Feng said impatiently, "When I get these two done, you run first."
It took about five minutes for Zhu Fengcai to kill the three monsters. He frowned and asked, "How did you get here? A little bit overreached, isn’t it? "
"What’s wrong with me coming here to upgrade?" The pretty girl lifted up her face with tenderness and asked with an aloof expression.
"You practice you, I’ll change places. Don’t test my patience. Be careful. I’ll really kill you."
"if you want to kill me, why did you save me just now?"
"Let the monster kill you and I do it myself are two kinds of feelings. Don’t you even understand this truth?"