The game was suspended, and Jeff Van Gundy discussed the best defensive player of the season. "This year, the two brothers still dominate the line, but so does Warcraft in the East, and he did it alone, so he will be the favorite defensive player this year."
Guest Olajuwon said, "Everyone knows that there are two baskets on the court. Howard used to be famous in basketball. In fact, the offense has never reached the top level, but the performance on the defensive end is enough. The leader Qun Lun was with him last year. If you ask me, what is Howard’s level? Will I lie about the data to answer the magic’s question? Since the defensive efficiency entered the top five in the 27 th season, Howard has remained in the top three in the league. Howard is their anchor.
Olajuwon was very optimistic about Howard and continued, "Think about who Howard’s partner players are: Nelson, Turkoglu, Lewis … These people are either short-handed or average in physical fitness, and none of them are enough to take the lead. Without World of Warcraft, they can’t even pass the defense. Van Gundy is well-armed, but Howard can take care of both the defense and the break-and-roll. Now, how far will many new line defenses be blown to let them bring magic?"
Mark Jackson also said, "Nowadays, with the improvement of the rules, the requirements for preventing pick-and-roll are getting higher and higher in the nba. It has become a common problem that the big center is trapped on the defensive end. In fact, O’ Neill and Yao have both experienced this problem. Only Howard is fearless because his mobility is a swingman level. Of course, so are the two brothers. They are the benchmark of the new generation of the league. In Chinese, there is a saying that’ the times make heroes’. Now this is the new rule, and new superstars are born. They are a new generation of heroes."
These people don’t have Yao Yinyao’s figure and technical roots, which are the products of the last century. The concept of ten or twenty years behind China has cultivated Yao into a center in the 1990 s. Van Gundy is also an old-school coach who continues to push Yao farther and farther in the new era.
Look at the same time as Yao, the line was full of players like Bosh, Stoudemire and Howard. In fact, Howard was also influenced by old ideas, because his coach was also called Van Gundy.
Re-discipline the country and revenge the game, return to the field, hit altruistic maneuverability from a long distance and fly Yao’s kite again.
Yao’s pace has slipped on the court this season, which shows that the speed is slower. Frankly speaking, he has been as slow as an ox, and now he has become a snail. Z was so degraded step by step in those years. Yao, the highest player in the league, is expected to move closer to him soon.
The Clippers’ offensive end chose Brother Panda as the main player. This choice is unexpected, but it is normal to think about it carefully. Yao’s defensive end really can’t prevent Ji Guoqiu. This range extends to the center outside the three-point line.
Ji Guoqiu hardly practiced the three-pointer on the top of the arc and the three-pointer on the two wings this season. Although the training effect of Fox Brother will not bring him any bonus, it is strange that he has maintained a level of 45-degree three-pointers this season without retrogression.
This is interesting, which means that Brother Panda doesn’t need to train these two positions any more, and he still has a shooting rate of about 36%. This is why his shooting rate at two 45-degree angles last season is not high or low, but if someone defends, his shooting rate will naturally rise again enough to kill the Rockets.
In the first quarter, Ji Guoqiu hit three 3-pointers on the outside, and it was not until the Rockets changed Yao that Brother Panda was slightly controlled.
Yao feels very bad. He is always caught in the double-team online, but Rudy Gay on the outside surrendered 2 of 7 shots in the first quarter, and 3 of them hit three-pointers, which made all the Rockets players not satisfied that the team was behind the pot. Of course, Gay came back.
The score is 2523. The Clippers lead, but not much. Marbury scored 7 points in a single quarter, and Scola won 1 point in the first quarter. These two men are in excellent condition to help the Rockets bite the Clippers tightly.
The two brothers sat on the scene and Ji Guoqiu laughed. "The Rockets are really stronger this season. Guy didn’t play well today, and the Rockets didn’t fall behind. Now they can score more points than us."
Ji Guo was ashamed to see David Lee storming MacDAYS and shook his head. "MacDAYS has too many old injuries. He has injuries to his shoulders and back. These injuries are repeated. When he has physical contact, he will get sick. I don’t think he has played professional basketball. I heard that his shoulders and back will ache every morning. In fact, it is quite pitiful."
Many nba veterans, like McDyess, have accumulated wear and injuries in their joints for many years. What might have worn out the cartilage and periosteum inside? These players will probably have joint pain all over their bodies when they retire. Once these old injuries are sent out, they will have to undergo joint replacement surgery and finally end up in the same field as McHale, the general manager of the Timberwolves.
Chapter five hundred and twelve Flowers don’t bear fruit
Ji Guoqiu scored 13 points, 4 rebounds and 1 block in the first quarter. Ji Guojiao scored 4 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. Billups scored 4 points, 2 assists and Hill scored 2 points.
Yao scored 2 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist Marbury scored 7 points and 1 assist Scola scored 1 point and 2 rebounds Rudy Gay scored 4 points.
In the first quarter, rebounding became the key for the Rockets to finally fall behind. The Clippers got a total of seven frontcourt rebounds in this section, especially Ji Guoshen, the power forward who did great damage to the Rockets in the playoffs last year, got four points and six rebounds in the first quarter, including four frontcourt rebounds.
There is almost no effective way for the Rockets to face the twin brothers. Although Yao is high enough, his jumping ability has long been lost. The speed of grabbing the position is too slow. Every time he struggles for rebounds, he falls behind the two brothers, and the combination of David Lee and Sco’s cable is lost. How can he fail?
The two brothers almost played the first quarter and took a two-minute break. Old Deng Liwei changed his ace line again.
In the second quarter, 1 minute and 1 second, the score was 2:26. Crawford scored four points in a row. This guy’s performance in the regular season is really faultless. His output is stable and efficient, and he can occasionally turn into Kobe Bryant at half-time, but it is estimated that he will still launch stealth skills in the playoffs.
Hayes defends the Clippers against foul by changing players, and the battle array becomes Drazic, Crawford, Ji Guo shame, Ji Guo hatred and Jordan Jr.
Old Deng Liwei’s coaching skills have really improved this season. Since the Clippers have an advantage in rebounding, it is a wise decision to continue to increase the weight in the face.
The Clippers set up three centers, but Adelman didn’t have much room for adjustment. It is reasonable that the Rockets don’t lose in rebounding, but their height dominates. Rudy Guy is a tall player in the third position, but they just can’t beat the Clippers. It’s so tacit that the two animals work together. Damn it.
In the second quarter, Ji Guo was ashamed to strengthen his attack. Is David Lee defending him or Scola? He is at a disadvantage in height and pace, and it’s his turn to score.
Old Deng Liwei also ordered Yao not to be present, and Fox’s younger brother was the main attack point of the team.
Rookie Badinger showed his immaturity. He helped prevent Brother Fox’s breakthrough twice in a row, and both fouls ended. Ji Guoshi easily scored 4 points at the free throw line.
Ji Guo’s shame is particularly handy as a rookie
Adelman had to trade for Guy Rockets early. After Guy came, the outside backup was stretched, and he could rely on Guy for more work.
The second quarter is similar to the first quarter, and the Clippers are still rebounding and blasting the rockets, which makes the game into the Clippers’ orbit.
Drazic, Crawford and even Jordan Jr. always have a physical advantage in one-on-one confrontation in the Clippers’ substitute team, which makes the Clippers almost end up with points in every round of attack despite their low shooting percentage.
The two teams beat the Rockets overwhelmingly in sports ability, which is also the reason why the Rockets are looked down upon by experts. They are not energetic enough, especially before trading for Guy.
In the first quarter, the Houston people can still get a little cheaper in Guy, but when Ji Guosheng took the third place, Guy became constrained everywhere.
Ji Guo’s shame is far taller than Guy’s footwork and explosive power, and his wingspan is also dominant. Guy’s performance in the face of Ji Guo’s shame being suppressed in the second quarter is not as good as that in the first quarter.
"No wonder the grizzlies will trade. You have to reflect, you know?"
Ji Guo’s shame is simply a word that makes Guy even more unsettled.