"God is a part of chaotic God, and they were forced to quit the ranks of God. Later, the God of Life took the place of God. It was only after a turn that God ate God’s five creation gods that they came into being." Nami Xiaoxin said.
"Isn’t there one God?"
"Don’t forget that God has four faces," said Nami Xiaoxin.
"So God is not a god. What is it?"
"The devil" Nami small core way
"The devil?"
"It is said that if a powerful god is no longer a god, then it can have the name of the devil because it is still powerful."
"This is terrible. Who is the God who covers the elves?" Kay asked.
"No, but I think it should be the fairy goddess," said Nami Xiaoruixin. "But this side also tells the story of the beginning of the creation of the five creation gods. Well, Kay, do you remember that we saw the virtual shadow of creation in the ice and fire shrine?"
"I remember when we saw the virtual shadow of creation at the Bridge of the Gods. At the beginning of creation, the ocean seemed to be ridiculously big! Wind is all sports gods. After the formation of Fengshen, the tornado finally formed in the huge virtual shadow, and the world became another kind. Thunder produced water, water and thunder chaos, and Fengshen was produced. Poseidon was all entity gods, and they fought and fought together. Finally, the life god produced. "Kai Daokai was still very impressed by seeing the virtual shadow of creation in the ice and fire shrine.
"Now I tell you that some stories in the virtual shadow of creation are false, and they are not creating false facts, but in false combinations, that is to say, some photos that are not there are deliberately combined to form a story, so this story must be false," said Nami Xiaoruixin.
"What is the real accident? Did you say the face text? " Kay asked.
"The person who carved this text knows that the creation of the Gods Bridge is a virtual shadow. It is said here that the five creation gods were produced by five elements, which means that no one produced another. That is to say, it was not thunder that produced water, nor was it the chaos of water and thunder that produced the wind. The first four creation gods were all produced by the five creation elements of chaos, and the living god was the result of the movement of the first four creation gods." Nami Xiaoruixin said.
"That is to say, the four creation gods created the life gods?"
"It’s such a long story that it’s finally finished!" Nami small core core breath a sigh of relief way
"I really don’t know who carved this text!" Kaidao
"This surface didn’t say should be dark god believers! Although there are few believers in the dark god, "Nami said with a small core.
At this time, Combattion has absorbed the horror of God of Life, and this one-eyed thief also came along.
Combattion suddenly said, "Be careful of this idol!"
212 Kill Longji
As soon as Kang Barton was careful, he heard a tall figure rush out after a lifetime of abnormal laughter in the dark idol.
This man is dressed in a green military uniform and a black feather robe, and his big eyes are ferocious.
"Who are you?" Kay asked this humanity.
After Kay shouted a word, she remembered that this man was king of fighters, and sometimes he came with God in recent months. When Kay saw this man, he looked like a lonely wolf.
"You need to know, but do you know that you are going to die? I am cleaning this world of knowledge on behalf of the dark god." The tall man shouted with a long short knife in his hand.
"Are you immortal?"
"The undead what is that? I am the Dark God Department. "The man laughed wildly and waved a short knife and rushed to Combatting. He also waved a pair of daggers and rushed to Combatting. He was cold and mad at this weirdo. Compared with Combatting, he was cut by this weirdo in the chest and flew out. Fortunately, Combatting digested the horror of life god. His wound healed.
The weirdo was laughing wildly with a knife in one hand.
Kay lifted a million red thunder from the extinct Tu Longdao, and the weirdo flew dozens of steps with this knife. Kang Barton flicker and killed him …
Everyone has different characteristics in digesting the horror heart of life god. With this horror heart, Kang Barton didn’t learn to be as long as Ivan’s palm, but accelerated his fast break and flicker. Nami’s small core saw a green shadow of Kang Barton flash in the past, and then it was triggered by Kang Barton’s instant thousand strokes.
"Kang Barton is much better!" Nami Xiaoruixin said with emotion
Kay saw that Kang Barton, who had absorbed the horror of the God of Life, was so strong that he smiled. Kay had a magic power and wanted to attack even the purple aurora after the outbreak of Kang Barton’s power.
Kang Barton’s instant thousand blows just approached the end of Kai, and a purple aurora broke out. Who knows that the weirdo actually stretched out his tongue and wiped his head to resist this move. Purple aurora came to Kai. This move, purple aurora and several powerful enemies fought against him every time. After this move, he would attack and stop, but this tall weirdo could resist this move. Purple aurora is really powerful.
Just as Kay thought about it, the weirdo punched out with a single dragon drill, and Combattion was shot and flew out.
Kay stood up and wiped out the world, and Tu Longdao rushed to see that the strange snake made Kay go crazy, and Kay was struck by several snake whips.
"Ah ha ha ha …!" That strange population screams like a wild animal, which is not like human beings at all, but more like a sadist, a wild animal or a perverted wild god
"Kay …!" Nami Xiao Rui Xin Ma adds medical magic to Kay.
Kang Barton reacted. The one-eyed killer flashed to the weirdo again. Kang Barton’s pair of daggers and knives cut the weirdo until he was mad at the meat. The weirdo snake made Kay stop and shoot a shield with one hand, which was bigger than hell’s fire. The weirdo was attacked by Kay and Kang Barton, but he was not afraid of his arms and his face was ferocious. They saw that the black world was completely plunged into darkness at the moment.
When you can see things in front of everyone, you will see that tall weirdo in green standing on Combatting and killing Combatting. Although he has a life god’s horrible heart, he can quickly return to blood, but it is also difficult to attack Kay with this weirdo’s crazy big move, but he was stabbed in the lower abdomen by that weirdo. This weirdo thought it was the enemy of street fighting, but he was constantly rushed up with this strong force. Kay was pushed back by him for several steps, and the weirdo was madly killed by that weirdo, laughing and laughing.
Nami Xiao Rui Xin Ma added all kinds of medical treatments to Kay, only to see that the weirdo rushed out with a ferocious laugh and a punch. This new one fought like a huge tornado, and Likai flew out with this punch. The weirdo had to follow the trick, but he saw Kang Barton dancing with a pair of daggers and rushed over with Kang Barton’s knife. As soon as he turned around, the weirdo was stabbed into his body by Kang Barton’s pair of daggers. Kang Barton also injured his only eye at this time. This one-eyed thief injected the biochemical power of the life god into the weirdo’s body. Inside, there is another effort to pick and kill this weirdo, but the strength of the people in Combattion is also a little small. The weirdo hugs Combattion and screams and pushes Combattion to the ground. This weirdo seems to be still Japanese. After he has always been a big iron boot, he kicked and stepped on it in Combattion.
Short and well-off Barton was kicked dirty and cracked by him, and his ribs were broken.
"Ah …!" Kay roared. Kay raised the sword of Tu Longdao in one hand and thundered. Wan Junkai wanted to kill this weirdo.
"Ah ha ha ha …!" The weirdo laughed wildly, and the snake made Kay go crazy. He was hit by these thousands of snakes, and the monty thunder was interrupted. Fortunately, at this time, the thief Kang Barton, who had survived from the dead, broke out with strength. Kang Barton jumped flat from the ground and a pair of daggers were inserted into the weirdo’s throat. If an ordinary person was stuck in his throat, he would die, but this weirdo proudly rushed up with a pair of daggers against Kang Barton’s throat. Kang Barton was in the middle, and the weirdo rushed for a while. He inserted a knife into Kang Barton’s ribs and threw Kang
"I like blood, you little bugs!" The weirdo stood there and cried
Kay was also surprised in his heart. He knew that this weirdo was a member of king of fighters, but the most important thing was that he absorbed the energy of the dark god, or that the dark god chose him as a violent person. Now he has the power of the dark god. The combination of the two makes this person more ferocious and terrible.
Nami Xiaoruixin has been excitedly adding blood to Kay and Combattion. She won’t say anything. It took more than half a second before and after this great war. The bear, toad and small hellhound didn’t react in front of this powerful opponent.
"Ho …!" At this time, the bear buddy let out a roar. This buddy seems to say, "Don’t worry about me yelling late. Who are you afraid of?" I’m afraid of you. I’m afraid of you. You’re wearing Wang Lvda. "
But that weirdo couldn’t understand what the bear said. In his eyes, there were two strong men, Kay and Combattion. He launched a short knife sweep and was about to come and get Kay’s life. In the middle of Kaiyue’s leap, he took a picture of a deep and blue hellfire. The weirdo stood on his shoulder and actually passed Kay’s hellfire. This weirdo actually hit Kay with a lone dragon drill. Kay was swept away by this boxing, and the whole life seemed to be back to the dark end.
"Ho …!" The bear’s paw shot up, and the weirdo kicked the bear and toad out without looking at one foot, and returned his hand with a knife, stabbing Cambutton’s left shoulder. At this time, blood poured into him, which inspired the life god’s horrible heart. The thief stabbed him in the heart with a dagger.
"It’s not jumping!" This weirdo said this mindlessly, and knocked Combattion out with one punch. Kaili burst out a dark wind knife behind that weirdo. This dark wind knife is the unique skill of Fengshen devil’s eye, and it must be in the middle of that weirdo.
"Hum! What is this? You little …! " The weirdo collapsed in Tiancheng without saying a word.
Kay and other three people are all one leng-weren’t they still so fierce just now? How to say it fell down? Kay looked at Huo Ran Langdao for a while. "This man is a strong man, but he is either alive strongly or dead forever. He is not in an excessive state, and he is either arrogant or dead."
Nami’s little core horse added blood to Kay, Combattion and the bear. Combattion now had a life god, and his horror heart recovered quickly, but Kay and the bear were affected by this man’s physical strength and darkness, and the wound recovered slowly.
"the messenger of the dark god died like this?" Asked Kang Barton.
"He seems to have a line of words" Kay said.
"This line of writing looks so weird. It means, well, it is." Nami Xiaoxin looked at that line of writing.
213 Ocean Longwei
"This line of writing means that Dragon II is the messenger of the Dark God. If we can kill Dragon II, we can enter the sky and ocean along the broken idol, where we will get the evil power of the ocean god," said Nami Xiaoruixin.
"Who is Long Er?" Combattin road
"This man should be Dragon II. He came to fight the crowd and crossed into this world. People don’t know what has gained the power of the dark god, but now it seems that the dark god has come to test him." Kay said.
"Can this be true?" Nami Xiao Rui Xin Dao
"Whether it’s true or not, I think we should all go to see the world and take risks to find the answer," Kay said.
Kay and Nami Xiaoxin came to the front of the statue destroyed by the dark god and found that the statue was really rough and the sea was fluctuating.
Kang Barton looked at the well, which seemed to destroy the idol. This guy jumped without thinking.
The bear jumped second.