The original bass was more than three meters tall, and now he is five meters tall, almost as tall as the two small acropolis walls in the south of Berkner Town. His huge size is almost instantly crushed, and everyone can worship the wind even if he is not cursed by reduction. Of course, Chen Kai is already going to worship the wind at the moment because his physical strength is almost pushing the limit.
The huge strength gap and Chen Kai’s almost crazy attack will consume Chen Kai’s physical strength at one or two points every time he wields a giant sword. Even if he has the crazy spirit, an auxiliary spell that can increase the recovery speed, his physical strength is still not enough. After persisting for nearly two minutes, Chen Kai’s attack frequency has been greatly reduced. Actually, he reduced his attack frequency a minute ago. After all, even when Chen Kai’s physical strength is the most abundant, he can maintain the attack frequency of eleven swords every ten seconds. After all, a giant sword is not a machete or a sword. It’s too much lighter than a giant sword. After all, a giant sword in Chen Kai’s hand may weigh more than ten kilograms, but it’s more than one hundred kilograms. I don’t know how many orders of magnitude it is.
Actually, in a minute and a half, Chen Kai was able to resist in the rage, but he still didn’t take a step back. The sword in his hand would explode from time to time, making Sabowski feel awkward to attack. If Sabowski’s heart was not pierced by Xuan Zhou’s armor-piercing arrow during the battle, maybe he would kill Chen Kai with a blow when Chen Kai’s combat effectiveness dropped.
However, Xuan Zhou’s wound pierced Sabowski’s demon heart like a stroke of a pen and an arrow passed through Chen Kai. Even if one of the three hearts was damaged, it was enough to reduce Sabowski’s combat effectiveness by a large margin. Except for the combat effectiveness, a series of sequelae gradually appeared in the battle with Chen Kai. Actually, Xuan Zhou did not explode Sabowski’s heart in the true sense, otherwise he would definitely lose tens of thousands of lives, but hundreds of thousands of lives. Xuan Zhou’s arrow was inserted in Sabowski’s chest. That’s definitely a distance of ten centimeters less than that. This distance just leaves a small hole in his heart, so that the injury will be replaced by an ordinary human being. Even the tauren with the strongest vitality is definitely a dead end. But if it is a higher demon like Sabosky, it is impossible to kill him completely unless his three hearts are completely destroyed and then his head is cut off. If it is a Lord demon, that is, a holy order demon, then we must be careful about the resurrection of the demon soul. For example, Count Hugo, of course, does not have three hearts like Sabosky. If there is, he will not be killed.
However, there is no demon soul, just Sabowski’s body is enough for many people to envy now. No matter how serious the injury is, even if the limb is broken, he can gradually recover. This is the most terrible place for the demon. The strong resilience makes them regard many injuries as less, and Xuan Zhou attacks will give Sabowski a fatal blow
Of course, a broken heart also caused great pain to Sabowski. He was already jealous in his heart, holding a purple iron longbow Xuan Zhou, but he didn’t have time to pay attention to Xuan Zhou now. Otherwise, Zhou Xuangen couldn’t be in place safely. Although it seems that she can’t be in place now, because of the huge bass and Aguasaxie, they are beyond the control of Su Xinghe. Even if it may cause accidental injury, Xu Fei can make the wall crossbow aim at two huge monsters. Although there are only a dozen bed crossbows to attack, if you are not careful, you will put a huge crossbow on your own personnel, but the combat form is so bad that Xu Fei can’t make such a decision
A few crossbows roared from the city head and rushed at two demons waving maces and hammers, Beth and Aguasaxie, but this attack did not achieve the expected effect. The crossbow did not do much harm to the high-level aborigines. His deterrent was that the low-level cannon fodder soldiers didn’t even bother to hide, but their terror was worse than their defense, which still made the crossbow become a joke. When more than a dozen crossbows smashed wooden crossbows and hit Aguasaxie, the metal arrows were directly broken and thrown out, hitting several unlucky players.
Although the heavy crossbows of the SHE-oriented bass are stuck in the bass’ body, the arrow looks huge to the player. It is only a few centimeters. Everyone knows that this attack has no other effect except tickling the other side. It seems that the crossbow is quite deep in the meat. It is estimated that Mybes has broken through the other side’s skin, and the bass has indeed pulled out his body and tied the crossbow as if he didn’t feel it, and then directly dropped it on the ground. At the same time, those crossbows that are constantly saving on the top of his head really make Beth very upset. So he made a move that frightened the defenders of the wall, that is, he rushed directly to the wall, and then climbed the wall of Berkner town without any reaction from all the soldiers.
At the moment when the huge demon appeared in Chengtou, the piercing jǐng bell rang through the whole town of Berkner again. Only four demons fought and finally turned into an out-of-control situation. For this, it is estimated that Chen Kai would never have thought of it before, but in fact, he never thought that there would be such a terrible giant demon as Beth, but before Beth arrived at the wall, two magic crystal gun beams slammed into him like crazy.
Although Beth can resist the crossbow attack, it doesn’t mean that he can enjoy being hit head-on by two overloaded magic crystal cannons. The huge demon body didn’t make him fight against the magic crystal cannons. How much cheaper was it? One magic crystal cannon hit his head directly and blew a football hole in his forehead, while the other hit his chest hard. At the moment when his mace was just lifted, it directly turned his ribs into smoke together with the meat ball in his heart.
Force the magic bass to jump into the city head in less than ten seconds, and even the bell of the wall jǐng has just rung, which completely ended his drama. His life died with two magic crystal cannons worth millions of gold coins and high-level magic SPAR. Although the light from the magic crystal cannons has little kinetic energy, Beth still fell from the city head in a few seconds and hit the huge gate of Berkner Town.
The theory of a huge body fall will attract everyone’s attention, even if it is in a violent posture, Chen Kai will suddenly tilt his neck there. Of course, apart from consternation, there are two guys who are most excited. One is Sabowski, who is scared of how strong Beth’s body defense is. He is very clear about the most important thing. It takes less than 20 seconds for Beth to jump from the wall to be killed and fall. Twenty seconds to kill a ninth-order senior force demon and still be able to transform into a demon at the head level. It is a concept that Sabowski needs almost that moment. Did you run to several exorcist and come back? Because Beth’s wound is not a physical trauma, it is full of magic. Beth’s death is a horror from the top of her head. The magic fluctuation really scares Sabowski.
Aguasaxie was angry because of Beth’s death. A good friend, Beth, took care of Aguasaxie’s low IQ. Although Beth’s IQ was not high, she was enough to take care of even lower IQ. Aguasaxie thanked a bell hammer demon whose IQ has always been their weakness, but the bell hammer demon is a very rare emotional animal among demons. Their mood swings are very sensitive and different from some senior demons. The square is full of jiān’s cunning and cunning, and the feelings of the heavy hammer demon are very simple. As for who, in Aguasaxie’s mind, Bass definitely surpassed Sabowski. If Sabowski died, he would never leave a tear, but when Bass fell, his head instantly ignited a black Se flame representing anger.
"roar! !” With a huge roar, the hammer in Aguasaxie’s hand turned into a black shadow and flew directly out. When Xu Fei’s probe looked at Beth’s body, it directly hit the wall. It is said that curing alone blessed the wall for more than a dozen times. In such a terrorist attack, it did not collapse, but Xu Fei’s place was directly missing a large piece.
Our poor arcane master was directly blown into a wall by the hammer with great power, and he was the first player to die. But he was very unlucky, and he got sick because he stuck his head out of the wall. When he came back from life, he regretted his move, because if he didn’t stick his head out of the wall, he might not have died. Of course, he was thrown out of the hammer and naturally became Chen Kai. They fought to compensate the players. Everything was actually rummaged out from the body of Bass, even if Chen Kai handed the hammer to the players. It is estimated that no one will want to change the weight of 500 kilograms because this hammer has almost no other characteristics except its weight. Don’t say that Chen Kai can’t carry it, but a normal person can’t carry it. Only a pervert like Aguasaxie can swing this huge hammer. After all, the hammer is a powerful race.
Although Aguasaxie lost his weapon, his terrorist fighting capacity has not been reduced, but his IQ is still not high. After losing the hammer, he thought about going to the wall to get revenge on Beth. But after all, he didn’t jump off the wall. Of course, he was responsible for his performance of Su Xinghe. After all, it is better for him to wander around the city head than to kill players.
At this time, Sabowski had an impulse to criticize women, because he found that after losing Bass and Aguasaxie, the players were surrounded by him and Sharper. At this moment, Sharper’s forehead had some cold sweat. Although he stabbed his sword with both hands, he was still a sawtooth demon. To put it bluntly, he was a small white face who lived on his face and body. Although he could take advantage of his physical strength to extract information from some human nobles and ladies, he poured demon power into their bodies and let them gradually degenerate, but his physical strength was only third-rate.
More than a dozen players besieged him, which led to Shaper’s danger. He is not a pervert with three hearts and a demon heart. Shaper’s vitality is the most fragile, so he has asked Sabowski for help several times. It is Sabowski who is attacking Chen Kai at the moment. The most important thing is to take care of him. Therefore, Shaper can wave his numerous stab swords to save himself. Fortunately, although he is a gigolo, his strength is still a little instantaneous. It is a dead end to hit the player.
In this case, although the player wants to kill Sharper, he has the heart. Every player is afraid of being killed and can surround him without rushing. If Sharper can’t fly, it is estimated that he would have spread his wings and flew in the middle. At the same time, if Sharper flew in the middle, it is estimated that everyone would be able to watch him stare blankly. Among the four demons, Sabowski has demon wings, but no one knows whether he can fly or not. But Su Xinghe, they estimate that he won’t fly, because when Donny and Xiaojin attack him under the command of Su Wan, Sabowski looks at the middle of the ground and star
Su Wan’s arrival made Chen Kai avoid the end of being exhausted alive. When two dragons attacked Sabowski, Su Xinghe commanded a lasso to drag Chen Kai out of the scope of Sabowski’s attack, and then poured medicine, poured medicine and undressed. Finally, Chen Kai was pulled back from the death line. Of course, Alisha, a tauren shaman soul doctor, was very good at this near-madness ability. A soul soothing made Chen Kai free from the violent posture and fell into a deep sleep. If it wasn’t for the pre-soul medical treatment, Chen Kai might not have to go through it.
However, although Chen Kai was rescued, the war situation was still in trouble. Aguasaxie was nobody dared to provoke him, but he blocked the city gate and made Drake go to France to support him unless they could kill this huge monster with a height of five meters. Although Drake wanted to try, Su Xinghe definitely didn’t want to train the cavalry again and suffered great damage. This is the life-saving money of Berkner Town.
Soderek can choose to detour from another city gate nearly 1,000 meters away. Fortunately, the number of players leaving the city has exceeded 300 at this time. After that, Sabowski can be suppressed and two dragons can be added to contain Sabowski. There is nothing to do but wave his combat knives in vain.
Looking around like a wolf, the player Sabowski knew that it was impossible to take Chen Kai’s head this time, but he was very unwilling to let him leave like this, so it would be a tragedy for the players who could have surrounded Sabowski firmly. They were not like Chen Kai, but they fought Sabowski for nearly three minutes, and the players broke through double digits after only a few efforts.
Seeing this situation, Sabowski suddenly found that he might really be able to kill Chen Kai because he found that the players around him were not as powerful as he thought, so there was a situation that made Su Xinghe and them collapse
"Damn fish! Give me die! !” With Sabowski’s roar, the combat knives in his hand conjured up a series of roads. The players were stronger than the black Se knife light, and they were able to escape. The poor strength was almost instantly hacked to death, while Sabowski’s knife light was almost directed at the position where Chen Kai was lying. The distance between them was only 50 meters, which was to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 294 Chaos Preface ()
Watching Sabowski rush wildly with huge combat knives, although most players who stood in his way received a unified payment at the same time to stop Sabowski from saving the Lord temporarily, few players in the base would do it because they all felt that there was no way to stop Sabowski.
Because several players who tried to stop him practiced the name of Saboski’s miscellaneous fish, they were instantly cut into two parts by his combat knives. Although the division was not very even, they were definitely dead. In this case, no player wanted to stop in front of Saboski.
However, in the end, Sabowski was blocked because a gold Se magic barrier appeared in front of ll to release this sacred retaining wall. Naturally, Rola Chen never took action. Rola Chen slowly changed his magic into a sacred retaining wall with extremely strong defense. Although this sacred retaining wall almost collapsed in a moment when Sabowski cut it, the terrorist attack almost attacked the retaining wall players through the retaining wall.
Seeing that Sabowski’s face is as ugly as tissue paper, because he knows that he can’t break this defense unless he can make Aguasaxie, who is already crazy, do it, but he looks like a rabbit and wants to climb the wall. Aguasaxie Sabowski knows that he can’t command the other side at all.
"Sharper! Go! " Finally, after seeing that Fa finished killing Chen Kai, Sabowski chose to retreat, but he shouted this retreat a little late, because Shaper was completely surrounded by players, and a hundred players surrounded him in a circle. A dozen mage players were rubbing and mastering the highest-level spells.
"Help me! ! !” Shappel, brandishing a sword, is fighting for his life. He roared at Sabowski. Unfortunately, his words just shouted out several arcane flashes, and then he burst into his body, making him different from other demons. His blue Se hair was instantly erected. Shappel is not a pervert like Beth, and he has no very powerful magic to fight against a sawtooth demon. It is a miracle that he has a beautiful sword-stabbing skill, and among the four demons, he has the lowest rank of seven, and even if he is at the head of the template, his health is only 700 thousand. He has been besieged by players. After more than a dozen cuts in the body, even if the bone was not cut off, it was still scarred. When Sabowski saw Shapiro, he knew that he could not save the other side, especially when Downey and Xiaojin saw Sabowski stay in the same place, they gave each other a blow. Buron’s breath, gold and purple were mixed together to form a vortex. The heat in Sabowski’s body was hotter than the high temperature, which affected the players behind the protective wall through the sacred protective wall
But Su Xinghe, they know that although the dragon’s breath is powerful, it is impossible for the powerful root to cause too much damage to Sabowski now. After all, the two little guys have sprayed several low-power dragon’s breath before. Although the energy can still maintain a large dragon’s breath, it is good that the power of this large dragon’s breath can be half. Of course, even if it is so hot, Buron’s breath is enough to make Sabowski suffer. After all, this time he is not dodging as before, but directly hit by the dragon’s breath and the whole person is wrapped in flames.
"Damn reptiles! ! I’ll kill you! !” Angry roar came from the flames, followed by a demon who was on fire. He jumped from the ground and hit two dragons. However, Sabowski may be very good on the ground, but in the middle of the flight, his semi-hanging flying skills can fool people who can’t fly or can fly by magic. However, dealing with middle-class dragon creatures is just like teaching fish to swim.
Sabowski should be proud of his flying impact. He has been playing chasing battles in two schools for almost half a year and has been playing wild bat battles for three months. For the little guys, it’s like a baby. It’s just an emergency stop and a sideways roll. The two little guys are more flexible than avoiding Sabowski’s flapping. As a result, Sabowski’s flying skills are not so good. If Sabowski flies, it will become a falling ash machine. Good technology, then he would have attacked Chen Kai in the middle of the flight. It is because of the terrible flying technology that the crash has become like this. In fact, it is a miracle that a knife demon in Sabowski has wings, which also proves from the side that the blood of the knife demon in his body is mixed with the blood of other demons, and this demon must be a flying demon with wings
It’s a pity that he only inherited the special control of knife weapons in the blood of the knife demon, but did not inherit the flying ability of the flying demon. If he also inherited the flying ability of the flying demon, he might not be dragged down by two little guys with a tail.
It’s more difficult for Sabowski to fall from it than to get up from the ground and then chop off the player who wants to take advantage of him with two knives. Unfortunately, now he has no way to rescue Sharper. He is about to climb to the wall and stare at Aguasaxie. Now he is constantly saved by more than a dozen heavy crossbows, hitting his body with one by one, causing more than a dozen injuries. This accumulated value eventually ends with Aguasaxie climbing the wall, but his head is pointed at by more than a dozen huge bed crossbows, and then he screams more than a dozen wooden crossbows.
When Aguasaxie’s body fell to the ground, Saboski chose to turn around and leave because he knew that this time it was a big loss. Not only did he lose three of his hands, but he was also slightly injured. A heart was worn by shè and burned. It is estimated that Saboski will not dare to go out again after a few months of cultivation.
The battle that took place outside the city gate was finally over after an hour. Although Aguasaxie was almost shot in the head by a crossbow, his terror fighting capacity remained unchanged. The crazy clock hammer almost hysterically destroyed everything that could be destroyed around him. Finally, he grabbed Bass’ body and mace and frantically swept away several players trying to rush away. If it wasn’t for the last time, Drake arrived with black armor cavalry, it was estimated that the loss of the players would be even greater, but even Drake couldn’t take Aguasaxie because his body defense was too strong and his resilience was extremely terrible.
Although he was shot in the head at close range by more than a dozen bed crossbows, his head injury was actually not serious. It is estimated that more than a dozen crossbows would not cause too much damage if they were not right in his eyes, but the ultimate reason that caused the crossbows to be deeply inserted into the demon’s head was that his head landed first when he fell from the wall. If not, it is estimated that even more crossbows would not be able to complete the headshots. Unfortunately, the terrible life of the demon made Aguasaxie not die even if his brains split.
In the end, Aguasaxie was killed by Su Xinghe, who dismantled more than a dozen bed crossbows from the city wall. After that, the crossbows were saved at close range. When he died, seven bed crossbows were scrapped. These are all standard military bed crossbows, and each one has the pulling force to throw the crossbows for one meter and five kilometers.
But that’s it. The horrible bed crossbow actually penetrated Aguasaxie’s scales in a distance of less than 50 meters. When this huge bell hammer demon died, the road in front of Berkner town was completely black with demon blood and full of evil breath. It took Su Xinghe two days for the demon blood to be completely cleaned up, and the plants that grew after Ri in this area were still full of demon breath and twisted plants. Of course, Aguasaxie’s final result was almost stripped and broken up with his good friend Beth.
It’s better to be a gigolo in Shappel. It’s just that the head was cut off and the heart was turned into a spell material. The blood bank of some withered demons in Berkner Town was once again abundant on this day, and there were several bottles of demon blood alone.
When Chen Kai woke up from the bed, it was the second day after the battle. This time, his lethargy was much shorter. Of course, thanks to the help of Alisha’s soul therapy, Alisha was admitted to the Lord’s Mansion as a healer. This was definitely a great progress for the beautiful girl who had always wanted to attack Chen Kai’s tauren. Therefore, when Chen Kai saw Alisha, she looked like a silly giggle.