"Oh ~ here it is!" Strong look dim and pointed to his heart position loose cold hand.
Xiaoyu and I don’t understand the conversation between the two people, but when we look at the other people, we all look gloomy and sad. I know that Qiang may not be as simple as returning from a few years of demobilized soldiers, but maybe they will leave the army because of some special experiences.
"Ha ha, I’m not too white for you to say, but I think since many things have passed, don’t try to hold on to them. Now we are all our own brothers. Everyone should be careful together!" I said to the crowd and then turned to the cold front. "Where’s the pity frost? Why hasn’t it come yet? "
I don’t know! Cold front simply answered, "I glanced at this guy in a dark tunnel. When I didn’t ask for two minutes, Flow Frost also arrived. When this girl appeared, it was different from when the cold front appeared. Strong did not react much, but several people in the shield were very excited. Flow Frost took a look at everyone and ignored them. They came directly to me and Xiao Yu Cold Front. I looked at several people and it seemed that this girl was still an acquaintance with them. And it seems a little wrong?
Cold front saw shield several people caught a glimpse of flow cream, and then it was faint in both sides. For all the people, it was raining, and I felt wrong. I gently pulled me. I saw that the atmosphere was wrong, and immediately came to Qiang’s side and put my arm around his shoulder. "Qiang has brothers, cold front and flow cream. You are all my friends. I can see that you all seem to know something about each other in reality and have dealt with each other, right? Maybe there is something unpleasant! But what I want to say is that this is the game where everyone gives me a face. Don’t take those unpleasantness with you. You are all my brothers and friends. I hope everyone can get together and become friends. They are all our own! "
With that, I squeezed my hand on my strong shoulder and then glanced at liu er and others and looked at the pity cream
"Ha ha, in fact, the former is also an identity reason. Let’s deal with each other for a few times. We didn’t earn or suffer. Besides, it’s different now. You guys don’t make a pair like that. It’s as embarrassing as being strong in jian! Forget it before! Feiyang said that I am his brother, so his brothers and friends are my friends. Don’t follow me if you have any small opinions! " Strong suddenly ha ha a smile looked at flow cream and said
"Why don’t you say that we don’t have a problem? Besides, since we are flying eldest friends, of course it’s no problem!"
Liu er curled his lips back to the strong sentence after transient smirked at flow frost, "hey how the game is still cold? Now we’re not going to fight with you. Can we have a smile? It’s so boring to be so beautiful and always have a cold face! "
"If you were outside, you would be dead!" Flow frost light way
Liu er several people face a change I am also in the mind a tight this girl is really not to face I just want to mouth cold front has light mouth "remember what I said or you won’t have a chance to continue to say such things! Paying too much attention to the target outsiders is wasting energy! Love shows itself strong in means and language and is not qualified to be a real killer! The benchmark doesn’t remember that you can’t be the first even if you train for another ten years! "
"I’m executing myself, or I won’t ask you if you don’t mess with me!" Flow cream quietly listening to the cold front with that light on the strong humanity.
"Haha, it’s worthy that poppy is still so proud and cold, but I’m also considered a white ghost wolf who quit the circle and can still be the first. Although you have never missed in recent years, you can still be said to surpass him without being recognized as the first!" Strong smiled and shook his head black widow several people also laughed.
Flow frost took a look at them and then looked at the cold front’s eyes with a little loss, but with a little unyielding estimate, it was a little unwilling to suffer in the cold front’s hands.
Chapter 174 Misty Sen
Just when the atmosphere was a little low, several announcements rang in a row. I had expected it, but Pei Ling Zhou really grasped it well when she was two women.
"Announce that the player’s purple wind chimes have won the guild token and the approval of the Lord of House City to formally establish the guild women’s alliance!"
"Announce that the player has won the guild token and the approval of the owner of Nice City to formally establish the Dali Empire of the guild!"
"Announce that the player star shooter has obtained the guild token and obtained the approval of the Lord of Sicheng to formally establish the guild star!"
It’s estimated that several people will go crazy after playing it several times in a row, but I’m curious. Why didn’t these two guys get the guild token? Are you sure you can get it yourself?
I sent a message to Ling Zhou and two women to congratulate them first, and then I said happily to everyone, "Haha, it’s lively today, but it’s not too big for us to be strong with several brothers for several years. It’s a pity that our restaurant hasn’t got up yet. If it is, we can go for a few drinks together, but today we’ll go out and practice together. By the way, our mercenary group hasn’t all got together for a few days. Let’s team up together to find Haotian. It’s time-consuming and troublesome for everyone to go together. I’ll be the captain!"
He said, he will team up and pull all the people in, and a line of nine people will go to the array in a mighty way. Now Lin Hao is just a small team, a knight, a summoner, two soldiers, two priests, two thieves and a shooter, plus our captain mage. It’s not bad to have less output, but the defense surface is still a little lacking. Who makes both soldiers belong to the violent type?
A group of people were sent to the edge of the city to chat with the horizon and walk unhurriedly outside the city, but many people also recognized me and Xiao Yu and the cold front. However, not many people in our party gathered to block people from afar, but many people were far behind us. What’s the point of watching such a big battle?
Many so-called Juyitang people in the city immediately became nervous when they saw us going out of the city. They were not going to pull people to block us, but to call outsiders to be careful not to get caught! When they were out of the city, I really met a few’ familiar’ people. Who was it when they killed Sir Zhong in Xicheng?
These people probably got the news and were about to run to the city. As a result, they ran into each other on the road. It was a car-scrapping thing for a soldier to meet us. They didn’t cry and shout for mercy at our avenue. "md is old and unlucky to touch you, so start work and hurry up."
"Wow, you are car-scrapping, but don’t blame me. Blame your boss for touching his mind to deal with the members of our group, and you will have to bear the consequences. If you hadn’t failed to hang up Heaven Science, now I wouldn’t have put up a reward. Our group would have been looking for you all the time without doing anything unless you didn’t upgrade. I gave Lord Kuiye a chance in Xicheng every day, but he didn’t want to grasp him. If he wanted to protect Sir Zhong in Xicheng, he would have to face the lives of his brothers! I didn’t specifically look for you today, but it’s not my wind if I don’t charge some interest conveniently! Cold front, you go. I’m too lazy to start work. You and pity frost were not here yesterday. Haotian and Xiaoyu were robbed by these guys and chased for a long time. I already made moves yesterday to give you enough fun! "
Looking at those guys, to be honest, I really didn’t want to do it. If these guys hadn’t stopped by themselves and took the initiative to talk, I wouldn’t even care. But since you want to be car-scrapping, I can’t pretend to be a coward, can I?
When the cold front heard my words, it took a cold look at those people and slowly walked past. When the first soldier saw it, the cold front drank a drink alone. "Brothers put together to kill this so-called first soldier! Md Haotian and Xiaoyu are together. Can we kill him alone? Can’t we kill him yet? Spell this guy out, even if we all die, it’s famous ~ "
With that, the man rushed at the cold wind with his sword sideways, followed by a soldier and a mage and a priest. The soldier also rushed up, and the priest followed closely to prepare for treatment. The mage also raised his staff.
Xiao Yu saw the cold front slowly walk past, and there was a flash of worry in his eyes. He turned to me and asked, "Aren’t we going to do it?" I smiled gently. "We can easily handle the cold front, just to show them the strength of the cold front."
Just finished, the opposite mage has hit a fireball at the cold front. With a flick of his sword, he just hit the fireball, and he lost more than 400 points of blood. When he hit the fireball, the cold front suddenly accelerated and rushed to the first soldier. Bang, the soldier was knocked unconscious, and the cold front brushed two swords, hitting the other side of the neck, taking up two crit injuries, moving aside and cutting a sword again. The second soldier came to the ground directly ~ The cold front brushed his shoulders and prepared to hit. Unfortunately, the general soldier didn’t hit it. I stopped when I hit the cold front, but I was wondering that the cold front hit him with a heavy chop from his side and rear. The soldier directly received the cold front and cut two swords on his neck. This guy also fell to the ground tragically.
The priest looked behind and forgot what he could do. The cold front turned to look at the priest and the mage, who also stayed there with a staff. Both faces were full of horror ~ "Cold front, don’t wave, we have to hurry!" I shouted with a smile.
Cold front nodded slightly, raised his sword instantly, waved a sword light before and directly attacked the mage in stupidity’ poof’. A mage was hit by a firm but gentle, and crit damage took up and fell to the ground directly.
Until then, the priest suddenly woke up and looked around. His companion was full of sweat and his face was full of anxiety. He wanted to run, but he didn’t want to hit himself or attack his skills. He almost cried. The cold front shook his head and turned around and walked back. He didn’t shoot the priest.
I ha ha a smile. This guy is definitely not soft-hearted, but he really disdains to kill such a guy. But we are not afraid of dirty hands! Raise my hand, a ball of fire, an ice arrow and a pneumatic drill are lost, and the priest is directly hanged.
"You this guy to have to fly lice regardless of size don’t kill yourself will be uncomfortable! I don’t think you can do this kind of disdain! Ok, let’s go and delay for a while. Don’t be late. Haotian has been hung back! "
I don’t know if it’s acceptable for Lengfeng to talk to me, but that’s what I think. You don’t accept it, and I don’t ask you to do the same. Then you stay and I’ll solve it! I don’t want to see anyone else targeting my brother and friends like Juyitang again, even if they are cruel and cold-blooded!
Everyone set off again for just now. Strong people and others have been laughing and looking at nothing. They should also know that we are talking about the so-called Juyitang thing, that is, a little thing is not worth spending much thought while walking. I remembered to get up and give the pet eggs directly to the cold front and pity cream, so that they can hatch and summon them. I saw that both of them are 13, and the growth value is not as good as that of Xiaoyu’s three-headed magic snakes, but it should not be too bad. I can also gain experience by directly letting three people take their pets and kill them when they are strange.
Qiang and others saw three pets coming together one after another. At present, everyone doesn’t know much about pets. After all, official website doesn’t introduce much about pets. This game doesn’t introduce much about anything, just let everyone explore independently
Everyone walked and talked, and I kept asking about the strong coordinate position. When I met the monster directly, I quickly cleaned up in front, but the speed was not slow
It took more than three hours for everyone to finally get into the fog and find Lin Hao, who is hiding in a tree. Not far ahead, there are a large number of monsters, all of which are in their forties and forties. The refresh density is very high. It is difficult to get through this small one alone, and it will lead to many monsters as soon as he goes.
When someone found it, I introduced Lin Hao to everyone first. This little feature is that I can’t get used to people and talk too much. I introduced Qiang to them all. This guy got excited and pulled Qiang people to chat. After sharing, I threw everything aside. After sharing this little thing, I didn’t care about playing hot with everyone, especially liu er, who was a slut and a troublemaker. These guys couldn’t stop together. Lin Hao kept blowing to several people how he was hunted down in the first place, how to fight against killers, and how to know me how to play games and how to become the first shooter.
It wasn’t until I took out the striped leopard pet eggs, skills, scrolls and skeleton poison spear bows that this little boy finally stopped bragging with several people in liu er and immediately changed into a pair of tears, just kneeling and hugging his thighs. Shit ~ This ya is really embarrassing!