He came because he was afraid that he couldn’t bear the regret later, but now he has seen her, and he feels that his regret has penetrated into the bone marrow?
There was a little pain in his eyes. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but when he looked at the smiling words in front of him, he always sighed.
"I know" to be continued
[531 Chapter five hundred and thirty-two Gather together]
"Cloud idle! There you are! I can find you! " Not far away, a crisp sound sounded and two people followed it back. In this remote place, several people came talking and laughing.
Zuo Tangtang took one look and withdrew his eyes. He didn’t speak. It was very leisurely. He took the tea and drank it. It seemed that she didn’t care about what was at hand.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" Just propaganda is a young woman with nifty short hair. At this time, she has gone to the table for two. After taking a deep look at Zuo Tangtang with a smile, she cocked her head and moved her eyes to Muyun Idle.
Zuo Tangtang glanced at the sneer in his heart and continued to drink his tea.
Some people are really haunted. Who is this person in front of her? She has a vague idea in her heart.
"Hey YunXian just now, you said to see how the game demo came here." One looked with a somewhat naturally invited mature man climbing MuYun idle shoulder and then looked at the opposite motionless. She looked like she knew something with some ambiguous tone, but everyone could hear the divination. "Which girl is this? Do you still have a private opinion when you meet? So hidden? "
The crisp sound sounds modest but attracts everyone’s attention.
Zuo Tangtang put the tea lamp calmly, got up and picked up the things that were put aside, and said, "Since you have something to do, I’ll go first and talk to you later."
I’m leaving when I say it
But when I turned around, I stopped and looked back at the man who looked at her seriously. Suddenly I remembered that they were looking at the peach tree that brought her limited feelings.
The corners of her mouth gently curved into a beautiful arc, and she looked at him and waved "goodbye to Mu Mu".
"Mu Mu? !” That a few people suddenly someone followed shouted.
He is a handsome man with a slender figure.
But she doesn’t know him.
Zuo Tangtang frowned and wanted to continue to leave. At this moment, the man came out of the crowd and walked quickly to the front of her and looked at the hood in her hand for a long time. Just when she wanted to go out, he was pleasantly surprised to ask, "Hoof? !”
Zuo Tangtang looked at several people laughing around him, but he didn’t say much.
These people are all muyun idle in the game. Although there is no personal account one by one, Zuo Tangtang also knows that it is not an old woman or a nun. The girl with short hair who looks at her vaguely with hostility must be a little mushroom.
I didn’t expect them to meet here.
Zuo Tangtang sneered at the annoying entanglements before, but she didn’t care about them for a long time. She was a little annoying because she planned to leave alone to find soy sauce, but Muyun was idle and finally told her that she was thinking about the former gang and that he would go together.
She’s said enough, but he still wants this?
Thought of here, Zuo Tangtang looked back with his head slightly sideways. I didn’t expect to touch Muyun and looked at her eyes slightly. Zheng Leng nodded and her face turned dull.
"hoof, hoof, are you listening to me?"
The man next to him spoke out of turn and asked Zuo Tangtang, who just slipped away from God and prevaricated.
"Alas," the man sighed and shook his head, as if to avoid others’ low voice, and said earnestly, "hoof and hoof have been in your eyes for such a long time. We are young people and sometimes our minds are unstable, but the old people often say that I agree with fate, and I don’t know what will happen in the future. You and Yunxian were like that at the beginning, and now it is fate to meet here. If you will choose to be together again later, hoof and hoof, you have to believe it, just as I was on your side at the beginning."
Zuo Tangtang listened carefully and was impatient until he finally nodded and smiled at the humanity in front of him. "I know, Sister Hua, don’t worry."
If you look at her eyebrow eye, you will know that she has already had an idea in her heart, thinking that she once felt sorry for his two friends in the game and couldn’t help sighing again.
These things are his intervention by outsiders.
Thought of here, like a flower, looking at this, he once appeared as a little girl alive in front of him, and his brow gradually loosened, and he talked about some interesting things before he read it.
Zuo Tangtang is also happy to forget the past and just have a joke with him.
Looking at the meaning of flowers, they already know where the soy sauce box is. Zuo Tangtang has no words to follow them. He happened to go to the side corridor of the hall and saw a purple antenna baby standing there.
"Hoof hooves! My sister! ! !”
Zuo Tangtang will have to greet these two Tianjin in the future. He was sharp-eyed and saw her jumping over. He was very wronged. "Where have you been? We have been looking for you for a long time, but we haven’t found it."
"I’m sorry that I met an acquaintance’s mobile phone and didn’t contact you in Su Orange." Zuo Tangtang looked at the soy sauce players with apologies at first. She wanted to avoid it and hide for a quiet time until they stopped fighting a little. Later, she met Gai Muyun and others, and when they were delayed, it was really a bit more. Sex must have been worrying about her for a long time. It was not until now that she saw her that she was at ease.
"Ah, no, no, you’re fine." Erjin never cared about these wags. "Hoohoo-hoo, you are quick to go in and sit down. Everyone is inside."
Then I seemed to remember something and complained, "We just came out looking for you. Who knows that the security guard insisted that we had a large group of Teletubbies mixed in there, so please let us in. If you can’t help the Lord, let me come out here and wait for you."
Rainbow Teletubbies lined up in a long line and entered the box one by one with reluctance, just like appearing with Teletubbies cartoons.
Zuo Tangtang, who is rich in association, can’t help laughing after hearing the words. As a result, he saw Erjin staring at her with that head.
"All right, all right," Zuo Tangtang rubbed his head. "I told you it’s impossible to whisper with this headgear on. Pay attention ~"
When I finished speaking, I consciously looked up through the visible plastic sheet and looked at the people around Zuo Tangtang, but there were too many people who couldn’t see the obsessive-compulsive disorder at the moment. Erjin simply took off his headgear and was watching Zuo Tangtang enter the box and those people were going in.
"Ah, and so on, and so on" Erjin hurriedly stopped and gave Zuo Tangtang a questioning look.
Zuo Tangtang looked at the little mushrooms and they had already reached the door. He felt a little unhappy and interesting. If the two sides met in the game, they would kill each other. Now, when they meet in reality, there are still some formalities and familiarity.
She looked at the side of Ruhua and smiled at Erjin. "This is my friend Ruhua. He came to see me by the way, and … the former one behind is our gang."
At this point, she stopped talking, and she didn’t even bother to be polite, let alone introduce herself.
Two-two-two people knew who Zuo Tangtang was when he came out like a flower. Seeing her like this at this time could not help but be somewhat embarrassed and angry
Erjin, the big guy, didn’t notice these but was attracted by Zuo Tangtang’s last sentence. He held an antenna baby’s head in his chest and kept looking at several people. "Which one? Which one? " As stupid as it is.
Zuo Tangtang smiled and shook his head. He took the lead and took a step. He ignored the little mushroom and pushed the door and went in.
This box is really soundproof.
On entering the room, Zuo Tangtang’s face froze with a smile, and he was filled with this idea.
It’s really … it’s too noisy.
Zuo Tangtang nai rubbed the sun * *
Fortunately, although the soy sauce makers were noisy and almost turned over the ceiling, they all stopped talking as soon as the door rang and immediately looked back.
Watching a large group of Teletubbies look at themselves …
For the first time in my life, Zuo Tangtang’s mood is so complicated.
"This is our sister!" Erjin outside seems to remember. A head leaned out of the door and shouted
Suddenly, the Teletubbies stood up and Zuo Tangtang watched in horror as he was surrounded by rainbow-colored heads.
"I finally saw it alive!"
"I finally saw it alive!"
The soy sauce makers were in tears, and they danced around each other in circles, scaring Zuo Tangtang.
"Will you pick that big head?" Finally, before Zuo Tangtang broke out, someone broke out first. Zuo Tangtang, who was hanging around in the middle, squinted at the table not far away. A normal man roared