"I said strong when did you see me blowing cattle? I really just flew in the sky and formed the Glory Corps with the drizzle blowing cold front and pity frost Haotian. Besides, the Yuanyang firm and the Yuanyang auction house are also what I know now. I am a poor student. What dare I say that you are in trouble and I can help? "
"I depend ~ you are really flying? Let’s not talk about money. Can you tell me if that drizzle is your little girlfriend? "
"The amount is a drop! She is my classmate! "
"Yes little ha ha have a girlfriend! When did you bring it back to meet me? At that time, we watched the flowers in the next class together. At that time, I also said that I was definitely younger than you and found a girlfriend first. I didn’t expect you to find a girl first when you were young. After drilling in the army for a few years, you missed several beautiful women! "
"Come on, if you didn’t join the army, you don’t know how many innocent girls you have harmed, but you certainly don’t have a girlfriend!"
"Shit ~ I appreciate the idea of beauty without evil and dirty!"
"Your ya this like heaven science that small also this yourself philandering around as a cover! By the way, John, how much does it cost to sit up over there? Now, in addition to changing the company and doing other things, I still have some money in the game. Besides leaving some money in the game to prepare, I can also spare a lot of money. I will give it to you directly in the game. You can change it yourself. "
"Well, if you mean to start a security company, there will be no problem if you have 10 million rmb."
"How about this? I’ll give you 100 million gold coins convertible. You can arrange this money at will, and you won’t give it to me any more. Of course, you also know that my parents have always wanted to help my hometown by reading it. I dare not think about it beforehand. Now it’s because I have no time or energy to do it temporarily. If possible, you can get some money to send it to my hometown."
"I acutely ~ how much money do you have? With a mouth of 100 million gold coins, my brothers and I tried our best to train and kill boss to get some equipment to sell luck. It was only a few hundred thousand when we were in this period. "
"But Liu Yang, let’s get familiar with your money. I can’t take it. If you say to lend me millions of dollars, I will definitely agree. But if you give me so much and say no, then I can give it up ~ we are brothers. Little things don’t help each other, but this is not a small thing. You have to go back to your hometown and I will give you a hand to run errands. I also want to do it, but you have to take the lead and I will tell you that I don’t have the ability. We can’t take the money to screw it up."
"Go to ~ so many useless talk you won’t make you don’t have a company? Please can get people to do it. If I have graduated now, I can go back to do it, but I still have two years to graduate. "
Chapter 16 Red Ear Killing God Arrives
"Otherwise, in fact, I got a security company with my comrades-in-arms, that is, because we can’t do anything except killing and moving this body. Didn’t you also work for the company? You give me 10 million first. This 10 million is when you buy% shares of our security company joint-stock company, and I give you the remaining 2%. This way, I take advantage of the company with a group of brothers. You arrange someone to come over and take over, and several comrades and I will be responsible for training personnel and some.
In addition, if you want to come back and invest in other things, you can arrange someone from your company to come and take charge of it, and I will help run errands here. It’s still no problem. Although I have been in the army for several years, there are still many comrades who can eat in the local area.
Besides, won’t you come back for the Chinese New Year holiday? When you come back, you can arrange it yourself, or directly register another company, or let your current company arrange someone to take charge of the investment here. In the meantime, I’ll take care of all the circles here with the security company, and it will be simple then. What do you think? Let me invest so much money. I really don’t have the ability. I’m not the material! "
"Well, since you put it that way, I’m not forced. I hope you won’t be too stranger to me. I’ll give you 20 million shares, and I’ll leave the other 2% to you. It’s up to you to take more than 10 million and put it in the company. What do you need to get money? It’s not easy to do things without money in this society. Our company has just started, and there are still some arrangements, but you will have to be responsible for it when it comes."
"Brothers, I don’t mention it to you. I accept this benefit! Haha, I’ll try my best to manage the security company for you during this period, even if it can’t develop well, I can’t guarantee that there will be any problems. I’ll also take care of other festivals slowly. If there is anything you need, I’ll arrange for someone to go there. When you come back for the New Year, I’ll say goodbye to you. I can’t, but I can handle some troublesome things for you and ask you to take the lead in presiding over the overall situation. "
"Well, when my side is stable, I will arrange people to visit my hometown environment as soon as possible, and work out the plan first. If I can move forward, I don’t have to wait until the winter vacation. In the game, I am online from late to 7: 00 am, and then from 6: 00 pm to 11: 00 pm. When you are online, please find me and introduce your comrades-in-arms. We want them not to dislike your brother, that is, my brother."
"Ok, I, we still have a few hours online today, and I’ll come to you with my brothers at night."
"Where do you usually activities? Kiki doesn’t spend much time with other people, does she? It’s almost the same as us. "
"Well, we usually look for places where no one is leveling, and no one is robbing the boss. They are also virgins, so it is more likely to explode more things."
"How many people are there? What occupations are they? "
There are five people, I am a soldier, a knight, two thieves and a priest.
"You’re a soldier, haha, I’ll give you something just in time." md transferred soldiers hide professional skeleton kings ~ two artifacts.
"You are the first person to give something to my brother, so I’m welcome. But my brothers, you have to prepare something!" Strong certainly can’t think of what I will give him ~ "Don’t worry, it’s indispensable! And never take bad things! "
"Hey hey I’ll thank you for the brothers! That’s nothing to say in advance. I have to tell the brothers the good news first. See you at the game tonight! "
"See you in the evening game!"
Hang up the phone and think about it. This guy goes to see his mother every time he goes back. They didn’t expect it to be so difficult for them. Well, you have to arrange someone to take charge of some things in the past to buy some shares there. That guy is really not very good at the company’s development, and if you want to go back to invest later, you really have to inspect it first
Out of the office, the daughters are still busy. I directly called Xiaoyu, Liu Xiao, Luo Ling and Ling Zhou Wu Yun to the office to buy a security company. I also said that I will prepare to invest in my hometown. As a result, Ling Zhou and Wu Yun both said that some of their family businesses can also be there. If I go back to invest, they want to invest in my own name. I am very welcome to ask them to join us. Although they are in their own name, many kinds of resources will be of great help.
Leave the security company’s affairs to Liu Xiao and Luo Ling, who are responsible for finding the right management talents. I don’t ask much, but I told both of them about the past work. The main person in charge there is still strong. He is familiar with it. It is best to arrange a main person in charge here, and then recruit people there to inspect things. After the security company stabilizes, it is good to arrange personnel to implement it directly there.
Several people discussed the important things together for a while, and then we had nothing to do ~ Several women went back to work, and I chatted and sat in the office thinking about many things, which was really troublesome. Everything just started, and I didn’t know when it would be stable.
Finally, it’s almost five o’clock, and there’s nothing wrong with the light rain. Ling Zhou and two women have already left me first, so that everyone will not be busy directly. The formal class of genius is not busy too late today, and then I’m in a hurry to get home with the light rain. Let’s see if that guy Qiang has changed in recent years.
At six o’clock, I finally arrived at the game, wearing a helmet with Xiao Yu and reappearing in that room. I looked at the bed and laughed. Xiao Yu gave me a shy look, and I almost couldn’t help but execute this girl on the spot!
"Xiao Yu, we can’t go to Lin Hao’s place for the time being. Qiang brought his comrades to come to me. We’ll see what happens after seeing them first."
"Well, Lin Hao shouldn’t have a problem himself over there. By the way, Lu Yang, I think you should really consider building a guild for ourselves. Now, businesses and auction houses occupy a huge advantage, but after all, there are so many land in various cities and various forces develop slowly, so all kinds of shops will develop slowly. When the time comes, many mass players’ markets, whether it is equipment or medicines and cooking, will be robbed. At most, we will maintain a certain advantage in high-end equipment, but it will not be too big. In the later stage, there will be less and less advantages, and the guild will have a station in the later stage that can develop into a city. Those stations are not like cities. Land is a guild, and we will have no advantages. All forces can make huge profits with the station, but we will be robbed of the market. "
"I don’t know, but there are too many things to do now. The main reason is that I really don’t want to get a guild. It’s too much to involve. Let’s see what happens later!"