Behind that a few women hurriedly also chase to "great grandfather and so on male and female servants ….."
Several women looked at her with a proud and provocative look when they passed by Jiang Xue Bud.
Phoenix glass just said something like that. These people are even very happy, aren’t they?
Yes … A man like Feng Li [
There are many women who want to get his love.
She doesn’t want anything rare in Jiang Xue. Naturally, some people do.
So all right … It gives him hope … It’s better to let him down.
So she won’t feel guilty when she leave.
Look at a few people disappear figure Jiang Xue bud stretched out his hand and rubbed his sore jaw couldn’t help sighing.
Since ancient times, being immersed in love with children has been the most tormenting thing.
Once contaminated with this thing … more … is trouble.
After returning to Leng Yue Pavilion, Xiaoxue looked at Jiang Xue Bud and frowned and said, "Miss, how did you dress like this? I didn’t tell you the report … no … it should be great grandfather now … didn’t I tell you that great grandfather will come back today? You just look like this … It’s … "
How can you attract the attention of Taidian in this way?
It’s said that … the emperor has given several beauties to Taidian.
Now … there are more people competing with the young lady.
If the young lady is always like this, if you can win the favor of your grandfather.
Very not easy to see great grandfather and young lady seems to be getting better gradually …
Jiang Xue Bud was a little tired and fell down on the bed with her hands resting on her head. She said, "How can you stay with me for a long time? Xiaoxue said that a woman likes herself. I don’t like him. Why do you want to dress up for him?"
"Miss you …"
"All right, stop talking and go get some bath water."
The palace must be celebrating with great fanfare tonight.
She must be a toffee, too.
You can’t just appear in front of everyone with a unkempt appearance. Section 41: Put away your stupid appearance!
You can’t just appear in front of everyone, can you?
Even if you don’t dress up properly, you have to be refreshing.
Just after taking a shower, someone came to say that Fengli asked her to go to the dining room.
Jiang Xue Bud refused Xiaoxue’s request to dress up for her, randomly selected a crescent white dress and simply combed a bun, then went to the dining room with Xiaoxue’s dissatisfied eyes.
"Miss, you are a toffee now. How can you do that if you haven’t dressed your concubine?" [
"Miss, go back and change another dress. Your dress is too quiet."
"Miss, you can’t be compared with others."
Light snow chattered all the way.
Jiang Xue bud finally turned to look at her coldly.
"Light snow when did you become so wordy? If you don’t believe me again, I will sew your mouth up? "
Light snow pouted and looked wronged. "Miss handmaiden is also hello."
"Well, I don’t know how long it will take him to wait before he goes back to change clothes. Do you think he has the patience to wait for me?"
Light snow took a nose and then gently shook his head.
When I was about to go to the dining room, I suddenly flashed a red shadow.
Before Jiang Xue bud could see everything clearly, the red thing fell on her shoulder.
The faint fragrance of flowers plunged into the nose, and Jiang Xue Bud turned his head slowly in the light snow screaming.
"Ah … smelly …"
Smelly fox!
Why is he here?
Jiang Xue Bud gaped at his shoulder this fox >
And the fox is staring at her with a pair of watery eyes.
"Stupid woman, put away your stupid look!"
The smelly fox still didn’t move, but Jiang Xue Bud heard his voice ring gently in his head.
Her eyes widened [
Just now … This smelly fox was talking to himself.