It’s a good thing to have a house
After the formal farewell, they left the place where they had lived for ten years, leaving everyone with various sighs.
What Qu’s family has experienced over the years is a miracle anyway.
Momo Tao’s family has left, and now everyone is looking at the parents of several small flowers who are in the same place as Momo Tao.
The pressure has given you. When did the residents of our original community fight for face?
The parents of the little flowers also silently turned away and thought about their daughters in their hearts.
I’ll give you the pressure.
After a cycle, the pressure suddenly increased a little, and the little flowers …
Wu Manzhu several people arrived on a sunny day.
The truck took them all the way to the transportation bureau where persimmon was located.
A few people haven’t had a car or come to look for persimmons working here, so they have seen persimmons for a long time through the window.
Is it love?
Is it fate?
Not doomed love.
A family of three put their faces on the window, each with a complicated expression and mood.
"Am I wrong?" Wu Manzhu rubbed his eyes. "It’s easy to get old when you are old."
"Maybe we’ll all get it wrong?" Song Xing gritted his teeth. "How did the two of them get together?"
"I always feel that even the police are my contemporaries." Qu Xiaowan sighed lightly and had a complicated mood. "What should I do?"
Let a family of three make all kinds of corrections here. It’s persimmon outside the car and I just handed a bag to persimmon Lian Jun.
That gesture
That feeling
Wu Manzhu, Song Xing and Qu Xiaowan, in a sad mood, continue to stick on the window and stare at the outside without wanting to accept the reality.
Their daughter/granddaughter as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade
In this kind of complicated eyes, persimmon soon realized that it was wrong, and she turned her head and slightly distorted her face in the window.
"… eat a bag?"
When’ tis once spoken, persimmon realized how stupid he was and could not help but pat his head and adjust his mood.
"Mom and Dad, are you here?"
The window slowly descends. Wu Manzhu’s three silent faces are visible to the naked eye.
"You this is"
Persimmon is also the first time to face this situation. After a moment of guilty, I immediately adjusted my mentality and then looked to one side and didn’t talk.
Good, so everyone immediately turned their eyes to this side, even the whole body.
It turned out that she would be afraid of her family, too, and even couldn’t help sighing for a moment before she reacted to this scene.
This is the Qu family.
The former words are friends’ present words.
Even a stiff.
What’s the word?
It’s the first time that people face this scene and look at each other. You look at me and I see that your mood is very complicated and you don’t know what to do next.
Finally, I sent them here. The master honked the horn and broke the embarrassment at the moment.
"Cough persimmon, where will this take people?" He doesn’t want to face the coming scene at all.
He just sent someone over, and now he always feels that his life is threatened.
"Send it home, Zhang Ge. Wait for me and ask for a leave." Persimmon immediately left and stayed with three twisted faces.
"… Wu aunts song ge wan elder sister hungry? Do you want to eat a bag? "
Three people stared at him with a straight face.