"At 40 o’clock, if you enter the monster area of the same level, it will be a little bit. If you enter the monster territory 40 times stronger than yourself, it will be 40 o’clock." The blue sky pondered but didn’t think about entering the monster territory too strong than itself. According to the blue sky level at the moment, the blue sky wanted to kill a monster of the same level, but the real strength of the blue sky was not a turn. In the end, the blue sky chose a monster ten times stronger than itself, and it wouldn’t lose its experience and level anyway.
"I choose ten times," said Lantiankou.
"Boss, don’t scare me, okay? The two of us are a team. If you choose ten times the monster, I will definitely die with you. Can you take care of your little sister? I will follow you later. You mustn’t take me as cannon fodder." The little witch was obviously scared by the blue sky choosing ten times the monster and has asked for the blue sky.
And the blue sky naturally feels funny in my heart, but at the same time, I feel that it is a great pleasure to be requested and worshipped by such a beautiful and sexy little witch who likes to kill people. So the blue sky solemnly said, "It’s okay, since you have been with me as the boss, how can I make my little sister hurt? Then rest assured that I have everything."
In the hesitant and excited eyes of the little witch, the blue sky handed over the ten points it had won, and the team system stipulated that one person could be taken in, and the little witch was sent to a monster territory ten times stronger than the blue sky.
"Ah, boss, what? These monsters are all 100-level jerboa." The little witch cried in disbelief.
However, in order to maintain its image, Blue Sky said, "Your boss and I have a prop that can hide our true strength. If there is a prop, I can adjust my level at will without being discovered."
The blue sky lied, and the little witch looked at the blue sky with admiration after listening to the blue sky and said, "Boss, how powerful are you really? Can you show your little sister?"
Blue sky is thinking about letting you know that I’m still mixed up, but blue sky still deceives the little witch. "This post-organic conversation will definitely let you know, but it’s important to kill monsters first. We can’t wave when we kill monsters for an hour every day."
"Good, but you must let me know your strength. Otherwise, how can I tell others how powerful my boss is? Besides, the boss is the first seven criminals in sin city. I think there will be many people who are afraid that I can quote the boss’s name to kill more people …" The little witch said excitedly.
The blue sky sees the little witch’s excitement, redness, pretty face and purple sexy lips that keep spitting out horrible words. The blue sky thinks that there must be something wrong with this little girl’s mind. Otherwise, she is always thinking about killing people, and she is thinking about killing many people. This world is really unreasonable. What is so cute, sexy and beautiful that a girl is thinking about killing people? The blue sky has a white brain.
Then the two men killed monsters here, but because of restrictions, the blue sky couldn’t let out the pet sun. At the same time, the blue sky was also measuring its real strength at the moment. As an hour later, the two men were sent back to the hall, and the blue sky was considered to have a real answer to its own strength. At this moment, it can easily kill a hundred monsters with its own skills, attributes and strength. If these monsters don’t catch or attack it, the blue sky will not be able to resist if it is accidentally touched. Although the blue sky has a powerful defensive shield with a barrier, it can not last for a long time.
After they were sent out, they counted the monsters they killed at NPC and then exchanged them, but the result was that they were surprised. In just one hour, the killing points of the two people decreased by more than 400 points, which was an exciting thing. At the same time, it strengthened the determination of the little witch to recognize the blue sky as the boss.
The blue sky also learned that the level strength of the little witch is actually more than one hundred and sixty levels, which makes the blue sky depressed, but it won’t get experience or money when it comes to killing monsters through places, even if it is a little reward, but after it is depressed, the blue sky also has a little joy in its heart, because although the experience level will not be palm, the skill level and power are constantly growing crazily with the help of the blue sky’s efforts, which also comforts the blue sky and the blue sky is really known to everyone who enters vice city. To be able to compensate for one’s crimes, to try to compensate, that is, the price of malicious murder, but what makes the blue sky not white is that some people want to stay in the sin city and don’t want to go out? What is this?
After asking the little witch, the blue sky got the answer, and was sent to Sin City. Some people chose to accumulate 12 hours a day in exchange for a point to enter the place, and then kill monsters of the same level for one hour after entering, so as to eliminate the killing points themselves. However, some people think that it is too troublesome. Everyone will get the points through more than 40 methods or directly eliminate the killing points, but there are still some people who think that it is too long, and some people will add points in another way. If you add more killing points to your own body than killing points, there will be another unknown change after you reach the limit of level-6 criminals, and this change is just a record. Until now, no one has been able to reach the top of level-6 criminals, at most, there are a few criminals who have reached level-6 criminals before the blue sky arrives.
The little witch’s words made the blue sky want to know what kind of changes have taken place after killing people, and the blue sky’s thoughts also made him walk another extremely difficult but bloody road.
Chapter VI Killing and Being Killed
"Let me ask you a question!" The blue sky asked the little witch
"Yes, you ask, boss. I will answer whatever you ask," said the little witch excitedly.
"But I seem to think it’s a bit idiotic to ask you this question again, because it may be such an answer for you," Blue Sky said with a headache.
"Say it? I’ll just listen to you after the big deal." The little witch became interested.
"Oh, which one do you like?" The blue sky really asked an idiot question.
"Kill, kill, kill, kill, of course." The little witch’s purple eyes shone again.
"Just forget I asked …" Blue sky said.
"Oh, but is it? It’s better to kill others than to be killed by others. This is the way to kill in my heart …" The little witch said seriously and shyly.
But the blue sky is almost terrible to sit up and be a darling. How can this little girl’s skin head be a murder? Moreover, I feel completely numb when I get out a shit killing the blue sky.
A moment later, Lantiankou said, "Would you like to be a prehistoric murderer if you have the chance?"
There was a silence, then a scream came out of the mouth of the little witch, and then I saw the little witch anxiously asking, "Boss, are you going to take me to kill people? Well, I will definitely kill people with the boss."
The blue sky felt a thrill, but it happened that I really wanted to see what happened after that class of criminals. Such a strong attraction made the blue sky deeply involved, which also made the blue sky change its mind and choose to kill more people.
"From now on, you should cooperate with me to catch more monsters, catch different kinds of monsters, and then we will have a cross-century massacre, okay?" The blue sky said something that made the little witch extremely excited, and the little witch looked at the blue sky after this sentence, and her eyes changed again, and then the little witch said something that made the blue sky extremely depressed.
"Eldest brother, don’t lie to me with this kind of lying to children. People have grown up and killed many small animals and bad people, but your idea of catching different kinds of monsters and carrying out a cross-century massacre has been seriously divorced from reality. Please wake up immediately …"
The blue sky put on a face and said, "You know what? I naturally have a way to collect monsters, but now there is a problem that cannot be solved. That is, if we catch monsters, we must kill more monsters, so that our killing points will be rapidly reduced instead of increased, which makes it very difficult." The blue sky said the problem in his heart
"What’s so hard about this? If we don’t exchange the killing points with NPC when we are killed, we won’t reduce the killing points. Besides, in fact, boss, you are stupid. We can kill monsters in exchange for others’ killing points. I believe those people will scramble to exchange them with us."
Blue sky was stupefied and immediately said excitedly, "Really? That would be great. It is estimated that we can become criminals in four or five days at most."
"What shall we do now?" The little witch said excitedly.
"What can I do? Find a dozen people who killed me in front and continue to kill me, or I’ll kill them and get more points. Then I’ll take you in and kill monsters. Finally, we’ll exchange killing points with others."
"Good, then let’s go." The little witch excitedly went to those people with the blue sky, but the blue sky stopped and said, "You’d better kill me so that you can get my body killing points and I won’t give them to others."
"Really, boss, do you really want me to kill you?" The little witch said excitedly.
The blue sky looked at the little witch and said easily, "If yes, kill me fifty times first, and then kill me if you don’t have enough points."
"Well, the boss is really frank enough, so I’m not at all sorry for the little sister. If the boss remembers that I once killed the boss and thinks about how to get back at me, I can’t kill the boss again." The little witch worried that it was the blue sky, but she saw the bloody blue sky in her eyes, and she couldn’t help thinking that it was killed by people, although it wasn’t as real as it was in reality, but it was also uncomfortable enough. Now she is doing something to let the little witch kill herself fifty times. Does the blue sky have a tendency to be abused?