How are you, Jurun?
He said, "What can I do after the beauty queen has left?"
Haha, a few people around you are also following the joke. Of course, they are always meeting with each other and making some pleasantries.
Xiaolin looked back outside and asked Jiahui why you didn’t bring him.
Who JuRun asked?
You have no chance, Jia Hui’s husband.
Jurun heard that Jiahui seemed to be married, and his face was gloomy and full of doubts. He made a long cry, alas, and sat in the chair and groaned. The others laughed again for a long time. Jurun said that I missed the beauty so much that people were famous for their sorrow.
Yang Jiahui, of course, knew that he was joking, so he didn’t care much about meeting the old people. However, it was some light jokes, and soon they got to the point. Because these people are all engaged in the securities industry, stocks are more important to them than eating.
Gao Donghui, why don’t you talk? Yang Jiahui told the first boy across the street that he had some red faces and a slightly drooping eyelid. Gao Donghui listened to her question and said that I was depressed.
Before he finished, Jurun said that he was afraid of Xiaolin cutting him, hehe.
Why are you together? Yang Jiahui doesn’t understand
Xiaolin smiled and gently nodded.
In the big time, Gao Donghui once strongly pursued Xiaolin, but at that time, Xiaolin saw a freshman who was one grade higher than herself, and two people were close. Just before graduation, Yang Jiahui also asked her a personal question. Xiaolin answered very accurately that it was impossible for Gao Donghui to be together. I didn’t expect them to be together.
Yang Jiahui looked at Xiaolin and said, what’s going on? Tell me about it.
At this time, Jurun grabbed the words again. He smirked and said that first of all, Pei Donghui should persevere, and second, sincere people will get married, right?
I wonder if Yang Jiahui can see Xiaolin with her head down and say that it will take a long time to see people’s hearts.
How is your stock doing? She immediately asked.
Not bad. I’m ready to take a year off. What do you think?
Yang Jiahui finished looking at everyone here and saw everyone looking at each other. No one would say anything more. Because Yang Jiahui was a short-term expert at school, she was famous for her accurate stock index judgment. She didn’t seem to have made a big mistake in everyone’s impression.
After a silence, everyone slowly discussed it. Everyone present was almost optimistic about the market outlook. Their basic view is that China’s economy is developing at a high speed, so although it is a bubble at present, there is no bubble in the long run.
They are all majors in financial risk management, so when it comes to it, no one is the same. Finally, they set their eyes on Yang Jiahui as if they could find the answer from her face.
Yang Jiahui thought for a while before saying, first, I think the valuation is already very high at present and the state is now regulating it. Second, I think this is a war between the people and the stock market, which is a low-priced war. Third, I think the rapid overheating of the economy is likely to cause landslides, so I am quite pessimistic about the market outlook.
She said a few words easily. In fact, they are all future stars in the securities industry. Of course, they know this, but they can’t pull it out. No one wants to pierce this window paper for a long time, which has formed an inertial thinking. This thinking is very serious and will be gradually reflected in the following article.
Old people can’t meet and want to drink some wine. Today, Yang Jiahui also made an exception and drank some beer. After they pushed a cup for a change, Jurun proposed to go to the singing hall to play. They were all young people, but they didn’t break up until after midnight.
It is said that Zhang Jun couldn’t sleep alone in the hotel for a long time, because he was not afraid to sleep alone in the open room. He lay in bed watching TV plays and didn’t sleep until late at night.
In the morning, when the first light of the sun entered the hotel window, Zhang Jun woke up in the cicada singing. In the early morning of autumn in the south, the morning sunlight had already penetrated the window lattice, and the cicadas cooperated with the birds, and it seemed that they really sang and sang softly to weave an ode. It was not just a dream, but also aroused the spirituality of all things. He went to the window and listened carefully to the pleasant feeling that the big trees and birds called cicadas outside the window.
Yi Zhang Jun accidentally saw Yang Jiahui lying on the sofa, sleeping soundly. He quietly walked over and carried her to the bed, and then he lay beside her, stroking her face gently. He was afraid to wake her up. The smell of alcohol from her body would tell what happened last night. He didn’t have the heart to wake her up.
It wasn’t until three o’clock in the morning that Yang Jiahui woke up quietly. She was very happy to find herself lying in his arms and closed her eyes quietly. She wanted to fully enjoy this wonderful time.
True love for someone is the law, because you know whether you are in a good mood or not, and you want this person to accompany you. True feelings mean that they can stay together in the most difficult times, that is, they don’t ask for anything. After all, feelings are paid instead of wanting to get Yang Jiahui. She doesn’t ask for anything from him. She feels that he is an honest and trustworthy person, but she can feel more secure and satisfied when she lies quietly in his arms.