The blue woman in the cloud was shaking this evil animal.
"Amitabha’s brother’s way has soared. It’s really gratifying to congratulate the poor monk on his style. Please give me your advice."
Then Buddhist King Bodhisattva sat in meditation and looked around with a chuckle.
Wu Ming couldn’t help frowning when he saw this and immediately thought of something. "School sister, you go away."
Without hesitation, the seven spider spirits immediately raised a strong wind and took Sanzang far away.
"Aliya, wow, Luigi, post-spindle, Bodhisattva, wow, wow …"
In an instant, Sanskrit sounds resounded through heaven and earth.
"Put a butcher’s knife on the ground and become a Buddha."
The strange Buddha’s voice suddenly made someone in the place look great. The walker seemed to think of being tortured by the incantation and fear. Duh ran away and disappeared.
Don’t be afraid to see that the dark scold the dead monkey is not loyal, but the running speed is not slow. What dharma the old monk practiced actually made him give birth to a conversion idea.
"Damn it, what does this monk read?" Sun Xingjun’s subordinates move slowly, but they can’t help but lay down their weapons. Fortunately, the sun has no spiritual wisdom, and a true fire from the sun made him wake up without turning around and leaving.
Walker and others are troubled by Bo Bian and are in Sanskrit. Wu Ming can imagine being under equal pressure.
The one left in the field, Pilanpo Najinwu, was taken care of by the king and bodhisattva, but both of them hated the name of Wu.
Wu Ming was imprisoned by Sanskrit for a while, and could not break free. The sun immediately opened his mouth to spit out the real fire, and the blue woman also made a strong move to get the blow, even if Wu Ming repaired the sky, born to die.
"Hum! Do you dare to show off your tricks? "
A light ring suddenly made heaven and earth dark, and the three divine lights rolled like the moon shining. Those are three divine eyes!
A huge ancient god emerged from the ghost gas, rising higher and higher, with a single horn and eyebrows and three eyes. The second yuan god, Jiu You Xuan Ling, beheaded the true king!
Pressing the palm of your hand against the blue woman is like a mosquito being patted down.
The Buddhist King and Bodhisattva were also a little surprised and angry, but they didn’t panic. It turned out that Mrs. Zhang and the four great gods were stiff as monsters at the moment, and I’m afraid they were killed unconsciously.
A full moon machete with a back arm flew out of the hands of the nine deep and remote kings, and in a flash, Mrs. Zhang’s head was cut off, and a silver hammer, a black fork, a god’s coffin, etc. were held in his hand, waving all kinds of magic weapons to chop people into chopping vegetables, and the four great gods were beaten into a meat sauce for a moment.
"Is that the true body of the multi-eyed true gentleman Yuan Shen? It’s amazing!"
A group of gods outside the worse gate looked on with admiration.
"Why are those bodhisattvas more like demons than demons?"
"Shh, don’t talk nonsense."
With the second Yuan God’s hand, Pilanpo and the Buddhist King Bodhisattva of the Sun blinked, and they were suppressed. Although the Sanskrit is powerful, it is not enough for the face of carrying almost half of the demon world.
Tathagata’s eyes opened slightly, and when he saw the yellow flowers, he immediately decided that King Kong would not break the Buddha’s treasure, the moonlight Buddha and the dragon statue, and Wang Buddha led the Tianlong Department to help the holy monk Du Jie.
In an instant, a vast sight of golden clouds spread, making all the demon kings shrink their heads.
The three rhinoceros spirits moved the crispy sesame oil into the cave. Seeing this scene, they almost abandoned the cave and were relieved when they saw that the target was not them.
"It’s outrageous to send so many people just because the bald donkey can’t beat you!"
The King of the West Tianmen, together with Wen, Ma and the Great God General of Zhao Si, waited and saw that Lingshan had sent such an array and could not help but denounce it.
"Brother Ma, where are you going?"
Ma Lingyao waved his hand and said, "Please ask the position to beat people."
"Wait for me. I’ll go too."
Immediately, a few days later, they went to the Lingxiao Hall to ask the purport community not to want Wu Qu, Mude and some gods to strongly dissuade them. Wouldn’t it be a great sin to send the heavenly generals to Lingshan to go to war and then let the three realms be in turmoil?
The jade emperor sat high for nine days with his eyes closed as if he had seen something.
The yellow flowers view the Buddha’s light and oppress the second god, the ghost earth, and want to break. Three Buddhas stand horizontally behind them, with the evil dragon department behind them.
Indra Tian, Yan Futian, Xian Ye, Visayan Tuo and many other acquaintances are all listed.
"The evil beasts and buddhas are still here!" King Kong is not bad, Buddha shouted, and immediately made those who were low dizzy and almost fell into the clouds.
Don’t blame him for getting angry. Four donkey kong is his own brother. Now he is smashed by Wu Ming, and his way is ruined.
The other two Buddhas are old acquaintances, but I didn’t know that the evil Buddha was actually a multi-eyed god. At the moment, he is also sarcastic and obstructs the westward journey. Even the heaven will not be strong. See where you are fleeing this time!
Wu Ming looked at the Buddha all over the sky and couldn’t help laughing. Even the immortals were sent out, but they were afraid to fight the immortals today!
Immediately waved the square day painting halberd, a halberd cracked the sky, and golden Xiangyun hit a Wan Liqing.
"You are just wearing a Buddha’s clothes. Do you dare to be presumptuous in front of me? Today, Zhenjun will uncover the behavior of your rats! "
Wu Ming drank it all over the Three Realms. Without that layer of shelter, he immediately counted the great fairies in the ancient cave of Xianshan, and then he could check here again.
"That little boy is going to be a jerk!"
Chapter 49 Fight the Buddha’s heart again
Beiju Luzhou always pays attention to Huanghuaguan Zhang Tianshi to get up and leave immediately.