Liu Yu reveals a sneer at the corner of her mouth. It’s really perfect where she goes.
"Real is not finished 560 million? Gee … "
He gently touched the small fish’s eyes, and then a blazing blue light burst out, followed by a surging chill like waves that filled the shop.
For a moment, everyone felt so cool in the hot summer in the ocean.
"This is a treasure. It’s a valuable treasure."
The boss’s throat is dry and he shouted that it will shine. Jade is expensive and hard to find in the world.
"Poof ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" The youth directly gushed out an old blood.
Price? He changed to a 20 thousand paralyzed rooftop. I’m going to the rooftop
"Small … young man, your price is not just money … or what conditions are there?" The boss was shivering and ruined his family’s soup. How can he be worth this if he wants to change to this jade?
"Ha ha, the boss once controlled this opportunity in your hands. You are all clear in this line of work. Since you missed it, you won’t have it." Liu Yu smiled and said that he wouldn’t sell this thing.
After appraisal, this jade is worth millions of dollars. It will always be sold to you. innocent
Chapter 12 Stepping on the Sea
"Er … is this jade Jane? I can help you sign it." The boss regretted it.
"Well, it’s not that I don’t bother you. So will I."
Liu Yu took the glass of water just now and took a few drops directly.
"If it is real jade, the falling surface will converge and not disperse to form water droplets."
The boss is deeply aware of this method, but he has heard that if water drips, it will be directly absorbed or scattered as a fake.
Then Liu Yu shook the glass in his hand, and the water fell irregularly on the fish. Sure enough, all the water droplets were condensed and refracted by light, and these water droplets actually showed the same color as if they were connected together, which was amazing.
"Really … really"
The boss shivered and cried again, even today’s scene made him unforgettable.
And the youth … Not much to say. His eyes are glazed and he vomited several mouthfuls of blood. No matter what the word is, it’s hard to shape his mood at the moment.
"Mr. Liu is really a good eye."
This thoroughly opened the eyes of the killer beside him. This Mr. Liu Yu can not only think of other aspects, but also have such advanced studies.
At last they left the shop.
Liu Yu has a’ small fish’ in his hand, and he doesn’t want to sell it even if others pay 100 million yuan.
This jade is not ordinary jade, but xuanyu.
I just don’t know where it was unearthed, but that place is probably still a treasure.
"With this, this mysterious jade, I can portray the water multiplier with extremely strong lethality." Liu Yu thought to himself that he had robbed the thunder multiplier before him, and now there is a water hey hey card. The more these things, the better.
Then they got off the boat and set foot on the seaway.
There are several rooms in the fishing boat. Liu Yu chose the first one and ordered him to go and disturb him.
"I refined this jade into a multiplier and sent it back to Jiali that wench."
Because this is a rare piece of extremely mysterious jade with spirituality, if it is worn around for a long time, it can cultivate the breath of the owner’s connection, let it take the initiative to protect the owner, and then wash the master’s body with aura.
"I can finally portray a more advanced array after entering the Tao."
Liu Yu’s heart was pleasantly surprised, and then the jade jade’ Xiaoyu’ was suspended.
His fingers and pens are imaginary, and he depicts it.
A golden light shone out, and Liu Yu fingered a round and complicated array in vain, which lasted for almost thirty minutes.
Liu Yu’s fingering stopped, and then when he saw that the light seal took off, he drew a half-trace arc and disappeared into the’ small fish’ body, and then something amazing happened. The small fish actually became more agile and just like a living thing.
It vibrates several times and then turns into a bright green light, but if you look closely, it turns out to be a virtual shadow of a big fish.
"It’s done!" Liu Yu’s face showed joy. This is the first Xuanyu instrument that he has produced by the refining division.
As soon as he waved, the big fish flew over, and its huge tail swept like a whale, and its strength was fierce, even a handful of air currents were generated in Hwa-Sung Do.
The big fish was quietly suspended above his head, and then it became a small fish again. The only difference before was that this small fish had a golden light, which was both a water array.
"Perfect, if you really put your hands on it, this xuanyu instrument can explode with great lethality and the explosive power of water warfare will be even higher."
Liu Yu walked out of the house and everyone else was in the living room.
"Mr. Liu just didn’t disturb your practice?" Sally took the initiative to ask forward, and her eyes were full of obsession with Liu Yu.
"oh? Has anything happened here? " Liu Yu is puzzled
"It’s nothing. I just don’t know what happened. There was a strange wind that almost swallowed the fishing boat and shook it badly …"
This fishing boat has some detection instruments, and the weather near it usually wakes up before, but this strange wind comes suddenly, which not only makes the calm sea area swell up, but also almost sinks the boat.
Liu Yu was silent for a moment, which should be the phenomenon that abstruse fish just wagged his tail and pulled it up, but he didn’t expect Yu Wei to be so fierce.
Xuanyu multiplier is really extraordinary.
"How long will it take us to arrive?" Liu Yu just stopped. Now he wants to find the last sniper, the Liu family. This face can’t be half played.
Then a foreigner came in from the boat outside. "Boss, here we are."
There are many isolated islands in the bay near here, not to mention their destination this time is a continent relatively close to an island.
According to the leader’s information, there is a high probability that this island is the sniper’s base.
Liu Yushen came to the deck and several people followed him out.
"You just go home, I’ll go by myself, but I hope you can abide by the agreement and leave China." Liu Yu said lightly that he always holds mutual benefit values for this group of people. Since he has achieved his goal, he doesn’t kill these people, but they must leave China.
The leader was very excited and escaped. "Mr. Liu is deeply righteous. We will definitely withdraw from China, and let a small boat go to let Mr. Liu enter the island."
Asa nodded. He was big enough to pull the rope.
"No, you can go straight home." Liu Yu refused.
I’m afraid I’ll be more exposed if I go boating in the past. Before that, he had the heart to sink this killer stronghold completely.
"ah? But Mr. Liu … There are still three or four kilometers away from the island … "The leader was startled and some people didn’t understand the Chinese thinking.
"Mr. Liu, I can help you row the boat. There are often sharks and swordfish in the waters around here. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for you to swim there," said Sally.