They still have a chance to wake up, Lin asked
Well, Zushi nodded his head and said, they were once the pinnacle of heaven and earth, and they have broken through life and death. It is not easy to destroy reincarnation, but it takes a long time to wake up.
Lin moved silently and nodded, knowing that those unknown demons were behind him, he felt an inexplicable danger. Those creatures were strong, and Fu Zu could burn the cycle seal. If the cracks in the plane come back again, who can compete in this plane?
There is no fluctuation in the tower of the universe, and it is also lost that Zushi’s line of sight is diverted.
Wild ZuFu heard this name Lin eyes suddenly lit up.
The Lord used to be a great ancestor, and this great Lord is holding the great ancestor, Fu Zushi, light way
Wouldn’t it be the first time for him to hear the secret secret secret that a devouring master Lin couldn’t help saying.
Well, ZuFu nodded, and his eyes seemed to be reminiscing. Finally, he sighed and said, I don’t know if he still devoured the Lord in heaven and earth that year. Five kings of demons died in his hands, and hundreds of millions of them died.
Lin listened to the corner of his eye twitch slightly. He knew that the Great Wasteland Monument was suppressing a king-level demon, but it was white. This level of demon was severe, and the ability of devouring the Lord to be one enemy and five was really some fate.
Among those demons, the king-level demons are the most powerful.
Zushi was silent for a while and then slowly shook his head, saying that the level of the king was also imperial. At that level, the demon owner could cope with it, but fortunately, this level of the demon was born easily even in the inferno.
Imperial alien
It’s so terrible that the king level alone is so terrible that the emperor level demon should be cruel to what extent
Although I woke up today, you should be more careful not to move my strength easily, or your friend’s field will be a warning to Zushi and suddenly wake up.
The sable forest changed his face slightly when he moved for a moment. The sable once said that he was surrounded by people soon after he got the ancestral stone, and finally he burst into the flesh and hid the demon spirit in the ancestral stone, only to pick up a life.
Who are those people? Lin asked with a slightly gloomy eye.
Different magic ZuShi light way
Lin’s pupil shrinks fiercely, and his face surges with some surprises. Some ghosts are still alive in this world.
Well, Zushi nodded and said, there were too many demons that poured into this plane in those years. Although most of them were removed, there are still many hidden ones. They will surely gather together and try to tear the cracks in the plane.
Lin moved somberly. He knew that if the plane cracks were torn again, the plane might be in a state of evil spirit and people could escape.
Moreover, in this plane, there are some monsters that have been suppressed but have not been completely erased. Other monsters are more powerful than the Great Wilderness Monument, and other monsters will definitely try to save it to Zu Shidao.
Lin nodded slightly. It seems that if you return to the East Xuanyu in the future, the first thing you have to do is to help the Great Wilderness Monument to completely obliterate the king-level demon. Otherwise, it would be really troublesome for him to escape.
My great barren monument used to be the main characters, and those demons are particularly sensitive to our fluctuations. If you move my power, it is likely to be detected. Now, your power is not to say that the king-level demon is an alien, but it will kill you and go to Zufu Road.
I see.
Lin nodded slowly. It seems that Zushi has to be well hidden before his strength reaches a certain level. Now Zushi can’t help him too much, but he has extremely rich experience and knowledge, which is why Lin lacks it. He can get a lot from Zushi here after he wants to come.
Thought of here, Lin also had a stretch, glanced at the light film leading to the first floor, and then turned around and left. Now that Zu Shiling woke up, it is not necessary for him to stay here again.
And with the departure of the forest movement, this big tower is once again silent. The giant body in the first floor is still lying quietly. Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Trouble Gate.
Some figures stand in front of the big tower, and their eyes are all looking at the huge stone tower in front. It has been a month since Lin Dong entered it.
And this month, there was no sign that the forest was moving, which made Gu Shuo and others quite amazed. Although they all knew that the gas in the tower of the universe was working wonders, the gas in the universe was particularly heavy. It was not a simple matter to want to stay in it for a month.
It won’t be any accident, will it? Gu Mengqi’s beautiful eyes stared at the tower door and some worries said
Should hinder Lin’s extraordinary strength and cautious personality, if he finds that he is determined not to go, he will definitely take the initiative to retreat now, even if he doesn’t want to come to Gu Shuo yet, he muses.
Hehe, but it’s rare for him to be the backbone of the Honghuang Tower for a month. Even that Shen Tu was only established for 20 days.
That guy is a freak. Gu Mengqi’s lips are slightly curved, which makes her beautiful face look particularly moving.
It’s really a freak. If you give him something to grow up in, this chaotic magic sea will surely make him nod his head in an ancient way, and immediately regret that it’s a pity that it’s my ancient home.
The eagle is not willing to live in a corner. Our ancient home may be too small for him. Gu Mengqi said softly.
Speaking of which, I’m afraid it’s that small vision is too high. Even Miss Gu’s family is a way to keep her. Don’t you know that you can row from one end of the island to the other? Gu Shuo laughs.
Hearing Gu Shuo teasing Gu Mengqi’s cheek, I couldn’t help blushing. It was also because others couldn’t look at me that I couldn’t help it.
Gu Shuo looked at him with a laugh, but he just wanted to talk, but his eyes suddenly moved and he immediately turned to the small Tata door that seemed to be coming when it was closed in January.
Gu Mengqi smell speech beautiful eyes is also quickly transferred away.
When their eyes turned away, the thick stone gate that had been closed for a month finally gave a low roar at this moment. At the same time, a thin figure walked slowly in the darkness and finally shone in the warm sunshine.
Lin took a deep breath of the fresh air and then looked at the face of Gu Shuo and others in front of the big tower with a smile.
Gu Shuo and others looked at the forest moving in the big tower, and their eyes couldn’t resist a slight setting. They could feel that Lin was obviously changing a lot a month ago.
But strangely, this change is not superficial, and they can feel that there seems to be an extremely explosive and terrible force in this thin body.
This force is stronger than it was a month ago.
Hehe, it seems that Lin Xiaoyou has benefited a lot from penance this month. Gu Shuo’s eyes were surprised and slowly gathered and then laughed
Thanks to the ancient family, Lin Dong laughed. This time, he didn’t have the strength to rise in the big tower, but also stabilized the vain force. Of course, the most important thing is that he finally awakened Zushiling.
It’s just mutual benefit. It’s not the help of Lin’s little friends. My ancient family can’t even get a quota. Gu Shuo smiled and waved.