Qi Yufeng couldn’t help secretly sighing when he saw the fanatical eyes and fierce shouts of Sili Christians. It was a blessing in disguise that such a cult would not die.
Amina gave a speech for a long time, and her enthusiasm gradually faded. She stood on the spot and closed her eyes. She read the scripture devoutly. She recited a sentence, and the Christians repeated a sentence. The faces were gloomy and weird, as if they were going out to eat people at once.
While Leila light translation way
"The deep sea was silent.
The flame of life devours
Away from home and away from home
A lone assassin travels by eye.
Fly alone on the top of shame
Waiting for the call to hold hands on your chest
Jingo hit his mind.
The drums of war guide the way.
There is a dead body in the mountain
Episode of the undead apocalypse
Run around in spite of oneself.
Heart meridian pain thoroughly understands bitterness.
The snow is fierce and cold, burning my hand.
Cold to the bone, preparing for world war I
I have forgotten your eyes and your face … "
Then he said softly, "These verses are from Artell, the leader of Assassin Sect, a great hero of that year. He has achieved the highest achievement in martial arts among the old people in the mountains in past dynasties, and he can punish the strong and help the weak. At that time, the leaders of Crusaders or kings of various countries didn’t respect him enough. Later, he unfortunately disappeared and the leader of Assassin Sect was gradually assassinated."
Qi Yufeng heard this and couldn’t help thinking, "These few verses want to come from Artell. This area in West Asia has always had four battlefields that have never stopped from ancient times and modern times. Since Artell has achieved so much, it also looks bleak. It’s a pity that it is also a great man who is benevolent and brave, but it has become a den of evil in later generations."
He secretly looked up, but he saw all the people in the four miles kneeling on the ground with their hands on their knees, all looking pious and solemn, but he couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart.
At this moment, I suddenly saw Amina appoint a platform, and immediately after the slim woman went there, she chattered and cooed a lot of words. Everyone listened and drank a lottery, and then they caught each other and discussed it. It seemed that they were debating whether the woman was right or wrong. The atmosphere in the whole cave became lively.
After listening to the woman say a few more words, some believers applauded, some opposed each other’s views, and some people remembered that it was full of academic atmosphere. Qi Yufeng was dumbfounded and asked quickly, "What did this man say?"
Leila couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw him pointing to a big man holding a scroll. "He said that this girl was in the lying doctrine and it was so stipulated, while the other scholar said that this girl understood the meaning, which means that what she said was what was announced in the doctrine."
Qi Yufeng a listen to these killers incredibly still so seriously debate doctrine to detain lost interest immediately groggy repose until two hours later, all the people didn’t have the strength to drool debate to die.
Waiting for Qi Yufeng and his party of five people to walk out of the cave with the disciples in the revolving tent, they saw Amina solemnly waving to his party, and he waited for Qi Yufeng to detain him. There were thousands of people in this cave with dim lights and everyone dressed the same. She could recognize herself at a glance, and her eyes were really sharp.
Seeing three Taoist priests standing by the platform, Qi Yufeng was introduced by Leila and learned that one of them, the blond old man named Tamir, was the third emissary of the old people in the mountain, and the middle-aged man who knew Chinese was called Abraham, ranking seventh in the literary martial arts, especially better than the third one, Amina. She was in charge of teaching assassinations in the door, and Abraham always did the right thing.
A line of five people came to the crowd. aminah raised her eyes and squinted at the four people. She Leila answered a few words and seemed quite satisfied. Then she pointed to Zhu Xiong and asked, "Look at my eyes."
Zhu Xiong’s vast eyes looked up, but when he saw that her blue eyes faintly revealed the meaning of seawater, he immediately said nothing.
Amina asked, "Can dogs bark?"
Zhu Xiong asked in silence, "What?"
Amina frowned and then repeated impatiently, "Can dogs bark?" The tone is obviously very harsh.
Before the arrival of a group of people, they had already decided to submit to humiliation for the time being. Immediately, Zhu Xiong nodded his head when he heard this.
Amina nodded and added, "Do liars tell the truth?"
Zhu secretly wondered if this was when I was stupid? But the mouth also honestly replied "no"
Amina added, "Is the fire hot?"
Zhu Xiong was too lazy for her to be serious and immediately said "yes"
Amina nodded, and the other two messengers crossed their eyes. Qi Yufeng looked up and saw that both of them nodded, and they could not help but feel a little strange.
Listen to Amina and say to Sun Rui, "Is the river downstream?"
Sun Ruilai looked at her pretty face and nodded "Yes"
Amina asked, "Is there a tall tree forest in the desert?"
Sun Ruilai shook his head and said, "No"
"Are slaves free?"