"That’s to hit people. How can I beat ghosts? That’s only for Taoist priests and monks!"
"Don’t worry, I’m afraid to go near ghosts!" Leaf tilt is very confident tunnel
"What? Because your yang is strong? " Big honey expresses disdain
"Because I’m shameless! Isn’t there a saying that’ people are afraid of shameless ghosts’? "
"At this time you are kidding! Let’s not go forward, okay? We’ll go out when those people chase us! " Big honey looked at the front as dark as possible and was afraid.
"Okay, but if you want to come and go by yourself, my hands are a little numb!" Ye Qing said that he was going to release Da Mi, but Da Mi hung Ye Qing’s neck tightly and said, "I’m afraid if I don’t come!"
"Isn’t it? I’m not afraid of the girl, honey, but I’m afraid? What a surprise! " Ye Qing quipped
"Hum! I’m afraid of ghosts if I’m not afraid of people! " Big honey is not gas tunnel
Chapter 391 Deep steps in the lane
In the alley, the dark leaves are leaning with big honey. In the middle of the alley, I feel that there are bursts of evil wind blowing in front of me, and at this time, the temperature is lower at night before the early spring, and the irrigation wind in the alley adds a chill. Rao Shiye leans forward and is strong and can’t help shivering.
Da Mi Lai leaned over and refused to come. At this time, she was already shy. Although her thighs were always covered with warm hands, she had a strange feeling, but her fear of darkness made her forget all this.
She buried her head in Ye Qing’s chest and didn’t dare to look at the darkness ahead. It was very safe to be held by Ye Qing, but it was bitter. First, Ye Qing ran so far with her, and now she has to hold her still in the same place. Although his physical strength is amazing, it is a bit unbearable at this time. After all, Da Mi’s slim figure is 90 pounds
His hands were shaking, but he was afraid to drop the big honey. He could complain in his heart and look back at the alley. Occasionally, there was light coming in from outside. It was the traffic passing by the lights, and I didn’t know that the group of people were chasing after it. They didn’t dare to go out rashly
In the sky, you can vaguely see a trace of dark clouds moving. There is no moon tonight, but the wind is not high. It’s not a killing night. When you look up, you can see the buildings on both sides criss-crossing. Black lines cover them like a net.
"Ye Qing how do I feel the evil wind bursts? Not really a ghost? " Big honey suddenly whispered to Ye Qing and couldn’t help laughing twice. "Even if there is a ghost, I’m not afraid of me!"
"You want to say that you are afraid of shameless ghosts, right?" Big honey is very contemptuous of the tunnel. She doesn’t think shameless ghosts will be afraid. She would rather believe that money makes the mare go, but now she is wrapped in a bath towel and doesn’t even have money, so there is nothing to hope for.
Some women are just like this. They are not afraid to meet any awesome men. They can be tit for tat, but they are often scared to death by a cockroach or a mouse. Even a higher creature like human can handle it. It is incredible that they should be afraid of some weak and inferior animals.
Ye Qing shook his head and said, "It’s probably no shame to meet ghosts, but I can talk nonsense and communicate with them. They will certainly not hurt us. It’s still important to think about learning a foreign language now!"
"You will talk nonsense? Where do you study? Is there a teacher who specializes in teaching ghosts? " Big honey didn’t believe it, but she couldn’t see it clearly.
"In fact, I didn’t learn from anyone. I was self-taught. Every time I got into trouble, the teacher called me to the office to interrogate me and made up excuses. Then the teacher said,’ I believe you, you little nonsense!’ "Ye Qing explained.
"Depend! It will be nonsense! " Big honey felt funny in her heart, but her mouth was very disdainful, but Ye Qing’s words made her feel relaxed and dispelled her fears.
"Can you come and go now?" Ye Qing asked
"No, I can’t wear slippers. Just now, when you were running with me, you dropped one. I’m afraid that some glass will cut my feet." Honey replied without hesitation.
Ye Qing nai smiled wryly. "Well, why don’t you support me first?"
Big honey thought, "Is it more labor-saving to carry?"
"No, I’ve touched your thighs enough. If you want to touch your back somewhere else, can’t you just touch your ass?" Leaf tilt is very obscene tunnel
"Go to hell * * *!" Big honey scolded shyly and then bit Ye Qing on her strong shoulder. Ye Qing proudly called a big honey and let go. "Don’t you dare to * * * * now that you have my mark, you are mine!"
"Cut the crap and come quickly, or I can’t afford to hug you and kill you!" Ye Qing’s hands were shaking. Honey reluctantly supported him with one foot. Ye Qing was relieved and immediately dumped her hands. Then she touched her shoulder and felt a deep tooth mark on her face. "You are really malicious. Are you a dog?" No, you must be the reincarnation of the roaring dog! "
"Fuck you, hurry up and give me a kick. It won’t be long. Are you going to make your woman jump like a zombie?" Big honey press a way
"Zombies but feet jump never seen one leg jump! Come on baby, jump! " Ye leans his back to Da Mi and squats down. After this guy joined the I club and became a conductor, his mouth became more and more talkative, and he gradually learned that his sense of humor is also increasing.
Big honey gave him a grumpily white look, but thinking that he couldn’t see in the dark, he was so frustrated that he fell to Ye’s broad back and hugged his neck from behind, feeling that the two soft things on Big Honey’s chest were tightly pressed on his back. An unusual feeling made him feel very comfortable.
He carried the big honey nest with both hands and didn’t put his hand on the big honey’s sexy ass, because he knew that if he did, it would be more than just a bite on his shoulder, and he might be wrapped up at any time.
Big honey is not a gentle little sheep, but a thorny rose or red pepper. But before the leaf leans, she holds big honey with one hand on her thigh, but now she is holding her delicate muscles tightly. Yuzryha is very intoxicated
"Ye Qing, wait for me." Big honey suddenly asked Ye Qing some doubts. "Why? Have you changed your mind to be a one-legged zombie? "
"You’re the one-legged zombie. Let me talk about it." Big honey knocked on Ye Tile’s head and Ye Tile let her go slowly. Big honey landed on one foot and held Ye Tile in one hand. Then he tied his coat around his legs and tied his sleeves in a knot. After all, he was tall and strong, so his clothes completely covered her beautiful legs.
Ye Qing has adapted to the darkness at this time, and he can still see clearly what big honey is doing. He can’t help but say, "What do you mean? I am really afraid that I will take advantage of you? "
Dameiqiao blushed and shook his head. "It’s not me … I’m wrapped in a bath towel with nothing on … I just want to cover myself with clothes. I feel … I feel like I’m still pouring wind behind you. I think I’m sure I’ll run out!"
"Hey, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I can just cover it for you with my hands!" Ye Qing smiled lewdly. Big honey slapped him and said, "Big * * *! You just want to take the opportunity to touch my ass! "
"depend on my kindness to help you keep out such an upright person as me, how can you do that! I won’t even take a look if you tear off the bath towel! " Leaf tilt is righteously tunnel
"Don’t fool me, I won’t tear off the bath towel! Don’t believe you! Ok, now you can take a small tilt and drive back to the palace! " Big honey smiled and fell to the leaf back and then patted his head and said
"Hey, don’t push your luck. If you treat me like a eunuch, I’ll let you be a hopping zombie!" Leaf tilt is very dissatisfied tunnel
At this moment, the footsteps suddenly came from the depths of the alley, which was very slow. In the dark, it was very strange. Coupled with the cold wind blowing, honey was so nervous that I closed my eyes and dared not look back. It urged Ye Qing to get out of this alley quickly.
Ye Qing feels a little strange. Why are people walking in such a dark alley? Is it someone who lives in it? The footsteps are especially clear in the quiet night, and it is easy to tell that it is a person’s footsteps, that is to say, there is a person walking towards Ye Qing.
If there is a person, Ye Qing has nothing to be afraid of. That person may not necessarily hurt them. Honey is a little tired of that step. Every step seems to be stepping on her heart. She urges, "Let’s go!"
Ye Qing walked to the outside of the lane, but as soon as he got to the mouth, he heard someone talking outside. "Are you sure those two people are running this way?" Is there a car? "
"The woman was still walking without a car, and then the man ran with the woman on his back. The speed was quite fast, but he certainly couldn’t run too far. Brother Lei’s car must have chased us. It’s useless to find an estimate nearby. Maybe they have chased him now!"
"That’s not necessarily. If I were those two people, I would definitely find a place to hide first. After all, how can people outrun cars? This alley is a good hiding place. "One of them looked in the alley.
The big honey heart is in the throat, and Ye Qing is hiding behind her against the wall in the dark. Fortunately, they didn’t rush out, otherwise they must have run into each other red-handed. Ye Qing is ready to put the big honey at any time and fight with each other’s hands because the other party has already suspected it. It is estimated that they will come in to search for one.
At this time, another person outside was very disdainful. "Only fools will hide in there, let alone them. That is, I can’t find out the road conditions after I go in. Living in such a dark alley is full of amateurs."
"Forget it, even if they hide in it, I won’t go in and find Wuqihei, who is vulnerable to sneak attack."
"That is, we will wait for Brother Lei and them here. Brother, give a cigarette to God!"
There are about four or five people outside, and they are chatting while smoking. They have no intention of leaving. Ye Qing and Da Mi are suddenly worried because the man in the deep lane is gradually approaching, and when he sees them, he will definitely make a noise, which will disturb outsiders and they will be forced to run deep in the lane.
Just now, outsiders also said that if you enter the lane, you won’t find your way out. If you are forced to run in, you won’t be able to get out tonight. Ye Qing is sleeping on the street, but honey can’t. She is wrapped in a bath towel. How embarrassed she is to be seen at dawn!
Chapter 392 Escape
The footsteps are getting closer and closer. Ye Qing is hiding in the dark with big honey on his back, and his breathing is getting faster. People outside the lane have no intention of leaving. They are talking about catching Ye Qing. If they treat the big honey problem, several people still have differences. If you think about it, you should give it to them. If you think about it, you should take turns on the spot.
Hearing the foul language of those people outside, Ye Qing couldn’t wait to rush out and beat those guys all over the place to find a tooth all night, but Da Mi is now in an awkward position. If he wears too little clothes and moves a little bigger, the bath towel will fall down. What if the guy comes in the alley and is also a bad guy?
Ye Qing didn’t dare to put big honey away from her. She could hold her breath in her heart. Big honey also heard those guys talking outside. Naturally, she was trembling with anger. If she was dressed, she would have jumped from Ye Qing’s back and rushed out to beat those guys up.
The footsteps of the master never appeared, and it felt as if it was near, but no one could be seen. Ye Qing moved a few steps inside with big honey on his back, so that big honey hugged his neck. At this moment, Ye Qing saw a fire not far ahead, but it soon went out with a red dot left.
Ye Qing knew that it was the bearer who lit a cigarette. The cigarette butt was very eye-catching in the dark. At the moment when the fire flashed, Ye Qing vaguely saw that the bearer was a man, and the fire lasted too short and the lighter was not very bright. I couldn’t see the human being clearly.
The man gradually approached the cigarette butt, and the light was not enough to illuminate his foot, but this man was obviously familiar with the road and would not bump into the wall with his eyes closed. He walked leisurely, just like walking in his own yard.
There is a pole near Ye Ye’s place. He can hide most of his body. He can’t see him if the other person doesn’t shine with his hand barrel, and he won’t stand in the way of the humanity. Finally, the man came to Ye Ye’s side, and the distance between them was less than half a meter. Although Ye Ye had held his breath, the strong alcohol smell of the man floated into his nose.
Shit, it’s an alcoholic! Ye Qing’s language made them worry for a long time. Where did the drunkard know that there were two people next to him? He suddenly stopped at Ye Qing’s place with a cigarette in his mouth and turned directly to face Ye Qing and Da Mi.