As soon as they met, their eyes were a little red. Because of the fighting, a little friendship has long been provoked by Ji Guo’s humiliation. It is unlikely that the fans alone will not let them be together if they want to maintain friendship.
Ji Guo was ashamed to give basketball to his teammates, but immediately changed his mind when he saw Kobe Bryant in front of him. He bullied each other’s height and didn’t raise his hand and throw the basketball himself …
"ah!" Ji Guo shamed himself into throwing a basketball, burying his nose in it.
"Du!" The referee blew the whistle to punish Kobe for a technical foul.
This time, the defensive Peter Pan didn’t stop the basketball at all, and directly slapped the fox’s brother with a straight nose. The referee was not far away and naturally wouldn’t let Kobe Bryant get away with such a bold foul.
Ji Guo was ashamed to cover his nose. At this moment, he felt as if he had inhaled pepper and Chili powder. Tears flowed uncontrollably inside, which made his vision a little blurred.
"Fuck you!" Ji Guo’s humiliation was directly scolded by authentic Mandarin. The majority of China fans laughed when they heard it. It was really unexpected that Chinese people who grew up in orphanages would be scolded by the state.
The referee came to prevent the conflict between two teams of players. Kobe pretended to be a koo and actually questioned the referee’s penalty. However, fans who are familiar with the boss know that Peter Pan will complain to the referee whether he is really wronged or maliciously fouled
Taylor Swift finally couldn’t help cursing "Fuck you, motherfucker!"
Ji Guo’s shameful nose quickly shed two bloodstains, which made him have to deal with the injury first. After a simple examination, the Clippers team doctor confirmed that Ji Guo’s shameful nose should not have much problem except some blood. He was able to lean back when he was recruited and was not actually shot.
Ji Guoqiu was there to make a free throw for him. Although Fox said he would punish himself, he had to stop the bleeding first, and so many people obviously couldn’t wait for him. So Brother Panda scored his 23rd point in the game and broke the record of the highest score in the playoffs.
Ji Guo’s humiliation was dealt with for three minutes, which was beyond his own expectation. It can also be seen how heavy Kobe’s hand was this time. If Ji Guo’s humiliation consciousness had not been hidden for more than three minutes, it might have been like Parker who was almost interrupted by his nose in the first round, and he would have to wear a mask to play in the next game.
During this period, Kobe ko’s humiliation of Ji Guo burst, and after that, the firepower even scored points to help the Lakers resist the giant panda counterattack. By the time Ji Guo’s humiliation came back with a dead ball, the score between the two teams had become 55:63, which was enlarged by the Lakers.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Kobe Bryant rules
Jeff Van Gundy praised: "Kobe’s hand is very smooth. In less than half a quarter, he scored first in the team and hit high."
Magic Johnson smiled with joy: "The whole ball is tilted to him. It is very important to score almost every shot. It is also very important not to force the shot. Now Kobe is the best Kobe."
In the third quarter, Ji Guo’s humiliation reappeared in 5 seconds. At this time, the fox brother with a nose injury was not thinking about playing ball, but thinking about catching a Lakers player.
"It’s okay if you want to get back at me, but you have to wait until the victory is decided. Even if you want me to cooperate, it’s okay, but not now. Look at the score yourself. We are falling behind!" Ji Guoqiu knew what he was thinking and warned him in advance.
"I don’t care so much about the overall situation as you think," Ji Guo snorted at the opposite Kobe Bryant and said in his heart.
At this time, except Clippers fans, everyone is gloating about the national humiliation of being broken. This guy is not a good guy. In the first round, poor Parker was an example. People are still fishing with masks, and they haven’t seen the French retaliate against him. Can’t you allow this fox to plot against others?
This is an excellent example of getting out and hanging out sooner or later!
Ji Guojiao was absent for three minutes. Bryant stepped up his personal attack. Bynum and Gasol were crazy online. Ji Guojiao and the Lakers stepped up their defensive strength, so that Brother Panda didn’t get the ball. He scored two points by breaking through Billups, but Mr. Key was not in the best condition today. Obviously, he couldn’t fight Kobe.
The Clippers’ defensive score has become 55-63 this round.
Kobe Bryant holds the ball on the outside looking for opportunities. Once the ball scores the difference between the two teams, it will be pulled to double digits for the first time today.
Gasol came to cover Ji Guo’s shame and changed Kobe after the other team picked and rolled. His pace was at its peak. Kobe didn’t shake for two consecutive false moves. Fox’s younger brother Artest immediately came to double-team the Clippers, and the whole line of defense was covered.
Kobe Bryant doesn’t have the ball at the moment, and the route has been blocked by the Clippers. Black Mamba doesn’t panic at this time. Take a step back and take a picturesque jump shot …
"Hey!" Basketball hits the nets with a crisp sound. Once Kobe feels it, as Magic Johnson said, he can score in the corner of the court.
"Your nose is crooked?" After Kobe scored, he smiled at Ji Guo’s shame.
"Is O ‘Neill’s ass fragrant?"
Ji Guo’s shame hit someone’s death hole. Kobe’s face turned livid. It was unbearable for Peter Pan to reach out and try to push the fox’s younger brother. But this time, Kobe was miscalculated. Ji Guo’s shame had been on guard. Instead, he took the lead and pushed Kobe back first.
"Lying in the trough!" Of course, Kobe Bryant was not willing to suffer losses at home and immediately rushed to return the favor, but he was really helpless. Before he rushed, he was pushed by Ji Guo’s shame, and then Kobe Bryant never had a chance again. Players from both sides quickly rushed to the stadium every two people and three referees to prevent the conflict from further expanding
Jackson and old Deng Liwei were both expressionless on the sidelines at this time. This skirmish was no longer expected, and they were not sure what impact this incident would have on the match.
Commentators from all over the world laughed at Charles Buckley at the moment. "I knew how there could be no conflict in the same city derby?" Besides, it’s strange that two guys who won’t suffer a loss don’t spark when they meet a piece! I think David Stern must be laughing again. The derby is hot enough to get ratings. "
Kenny Smith shook his head. "Even so, the scale of the conflict must be controlled or David Stern will not laugh if it gets out of control."
Charles Buckley: "These two guys can’t get away with a technical foul."
Lakers fans screamed and booed at Staples Arena, and the referee didn’t make a penalty at the first time. They had to watch the replay before making a penalty decision. After the players on both sides were separated, the judges made sure that there would be no more conflicts. They came to the technical platform to watch the replay before.
The players on both sides returned to their own benches before the referee made a decision, waiting for Kobe Bryant to be surrounded by Lakers players. The boss suffered a loss this time and sat in the chair with a bad face. The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. He turned around and elbowed the poor bench behind him!
The bench blames me!
Many Lakers fans in Staples Arena are abusing Ji Guo’s humiliation. The Clippers surrounded him and the fox clashed with the fans again.
The three referees watched the replay several times in front of the technical bench. Finally, they came to the Lakers bench and showed a technical foul to Kobe Bryant, who still wanted to elbow the bench. Then he trotted all the way to the Clippers bench and showed a technical foul to take advantage of the pride and humiliation of the country.
Play 20 boards each. This is the final punishment result after the three referees discuss. If Kobe Bryant started the game twice, then this punishment is biased towards the home team.
"You won’t be let me score? Then I have to thank you very much. "Ji Guoqiu walked the free throw line and said to Fox in a good mood.
"Mom sacrificed me again to let you score. I sacrificed too much today. You must make it up to me."
Ji Guoqiu made two easy free throws at the free throw line and then laughed in his heart. "Let’s say that I am cool today. How about lending you two million to buy a house?"
Ji Guo shame smell speech immediately eyebrow eye smile "that’s more like it"
"But I don’t think you will pay it back."
"How can I? I’m sure I won’t return it."
Ji Guoqiu’s $2 million made the dead fox back to normal. Someone forgot revenge at this time. Money really is everything.
On the other hand, Kobe Bryant doesn’t know if he was bounced off the bench and only got one of the two free throws. It seems that the Clippers took advantage of this conflict, but once Kobe loses, no one can guess what will happen next because this guy will automatically activate the "Kobe Rules" once he is wronged!
What is the "Kobe rule"?
The answer is that once someone is wronged, once he feels "unfairly treated", he will get high marks in the next game to avenge himself. This is the "Kobe Rule"-Kobe has set such an unwritten rule for himself since Eagle County.
After the game, the two brothers soon experienced what the "Kobe rules" were. Ji Guo was ashamed. He never imagined that he finally succeeded in angering Kobe and let Kobe start the singles mode.
But the tragedy is that Phil Jackson came to let Kobe Bryant increase his shot in the third quarter.
To make matters worse, Kobe feels just right at this time.
So this M is a disaster for the Clippers!
Ji Guoqiu is in the same excellent state today, but he is focused on the Lakers’ defense. Brother Panda does not have Kobe’s attack ability. Even without such strict defense, he is still far from scoring with Kobe. Yu Jiguo is ashamed that his attack ability is better than that of the giant panda, but it is still not enough to compete with Kobe Bryant. He ruined people at half-court. It is estimated that he will be cursed by the ball of 600 million coco, and he will not have enough attack power to compete with people to explode Kobe Bryant.
The revenge of the boss is as picturesque as the attack end of the storm. In the last few minutes of the third quarter, Kobe stopped jumping shots on the outside line, stopped turning and jumped shots, and occasionally attacked with his back on the wings … but no matter what offensive style and posture Kobe Bryant has, it is equally beautiful.
Lakers fans shouted wildly. Staples Arena echoed with neat "mvp" shouts for several minutes!
At the end of the third quarter, the score was 76:9. Kobe Bryant scored 1 point in a single quarter and the Lakers led by 14 points and entered the fourth quarter.
The clippers’ main force had little rest during Kobe’s attack, but they still couldn’t hold back Kobe’s powerful attack
The Lakers rotation was not affected. Phil Jackson rotated normally except for crazy Kobe Bryant. When Gasol, Odom and Bynum got enough rest, it made the Clippers look even worse. They fell behind the main force by a big margin and didn’t get any rest. It seemed that it was difficult to counterattack in the last quarter.
Ji Guoqiu scored 26 points, Ji Guoshame scored 12 points and 6 rebounds, Billups scored 12 points and 3 assists, Artest scored 12 points, Mobry scored 6 points and Posey scored 5 points.
Kobe Bryant scored 22 points, 4 rebounds and assists, Gasol scored 11 points, Odom scored 9 points, 6 rebounds, Rad Manovic scored 7 points, Walton Jr. scored 5 points, Farmar scored 13 points and Scheer scored 6 points.
Old Deng Liwei always feels that he is in a very awkward position today. The facial expression and muscles on the opposite side are like paralysis of the old KFC man. The whole game looks tepid, but unconsciously, it makes them fall behind by 14 points in the third quarter. It seems that he didn’t do anything. It is Kobe Bryant’s explosive performance in the third quarter, but did Phil Jackson really do nothing?
In the fourth quarter, the Clippers’ main force sat on the scene and rested, but the Lakers changed most of their main force and planned to end the game with a bang.
In the fourth quarter, the Lakers played Schell, Vujacic, Odom, Rad Manovic and Gasol.
In the fourth quarter of the Clippers, Brett, Mobry, Garcia, Almie Johnson and Tim Thomas.
Clippers fans feel bad now. The Lakers’ backup array doesn’t look better than the Clippers, but they can always put on a mix of main and backup arrays in the second echelon to suppress the Clippers’ rotation contest. Old Deng Liwei seems to be completely defeated again. Isn’t it that Jackson’s on-the-spot arrangement is very general?