It took a class before the bell rang, so I couldn’t wait to find Mao Chengcheng and Zhao Yi to share clues.
"What did you find? See that class rule? "
Mao Chengcheng and Zhao Yi look puzzled. "What class rules? We haven’t found anything yet. As soon as we opened our eyes, we sat here for class until the first class. "
Zhao Yi pushed his glasses and said, "Chengcheng and I want to go out and have a look, but a student was taken away by the teacher because of skipping class and never came back to the school. We dare not make a move."
"Where’s the puppy?"
"Let’s go and see the puppy!"
"The puppy is not barking?"
"I seem to hear a puppy sound. Hahahaha …"
Several students suddenly moved and rushed out of the classroom together. They were so crowded that they staggered a few steps and left the classroom shouting.
"The puppy? Can they still have dogs in their school? Will this puppy have it with us? " Mao Chengcheng some curious outward eyed whisper 1.
Fang Yin suddenly asked, "What time is it now?"
Thank you, baby trilobite.
Chapter 12 She said her name was Xiaoxiao.
Zhao Yi was the first to react and turned out the schedule in his desk and showed it to Fang Yin. "The first class is ideological and moral, and the second class is mathematics. In that case, it should be Friday afternoon."
"A half-hour class?" Fang Yin’s fingertips tapped on the edge of the table and carefully recalled that the class rules posted behind the door "go to the men’s room"
"What what?" Zhao Yi looked puzzled and asked with uncertain tone.
Fang Yin suddenly realized that Zhao Yi’s gender was not convenient to act with them. He touched the tip of his nose and found some problems when he came with Qin Yi. He simply explained them to Zhao Yi.
Fang Yin’s memory is so good that she actually recited every word.
"You remember so clearly!" Mao Chengcheng looked at him with a face of wonder, which probably came from the scum and was deeply shocked.
"It’s nothing," Fang Yin said with a wave. After all, his power is to remember a clue in this respect. He is eager to go to the men’s room on the fourth floor to have a look.
If today is Friday, some clues will appear in this half hour. Once they miss this special time, they will probably miss the clues completely.
What’s hidden in that last compartment?
Will they say "puppy"? Fang Yin felt that it was not a cat, dog or animal, but a living person. He shook his fist and vaguely guessed what this dreamland was about.
There are secret hidden in that darkest corner of the old school.
Fang Yin urged, "We have half an hour."
"Don’t mind your own business."
A brittle voice sounded from behind them. It was the girl with a high ponytail who looked up at Fang Yin with an obscure expression. Looking back, she nodded her head.
Fang Yin looked at Zhao Yi and Mao Chengcheng, "Who is she?"
Both of them are also very puzzled. Zhao Yi lowered his voice and explained, "I didn’t know that she came in with you in the second class."
Fang Yin suddenly thought of another possibility.
He asked, "Could she also be a human who entered the dreamland?"
"But this has never happened before …"
Zhao Yi didn’t directly deny Fang Yin’s speculation that there had not been a similar situation in their previous dreamland.
Girls are not annoyed when they see their small communication behind their backs, but Fang Yin always feels a little weird when she looks at that smile.
"My name is Xiaoxiao, and you can come to me at any time if you have anything." The girl claimed to be Xiaoxiao, like posting np.
Little unknown surname. What kind of name is this?
Fang Yin looked at her mysteriously but asked directly, "What can I do for you?"
"Of course"
Fang Yin stared at her and said, "Okay, what is the last compartment in the men’s room?"
Everyone didn’t expect him to dare to ask so bluntly. At that time, Mao Chengcheng was frightened and looked at Fang Yin. It looked unbelievable. Qin Yougui wanted to put his hand over Fang Yin’s mouth, but he couldn’t come and speak out. Spilled water.
Fang Yin is quite calm.
Xiao Xiao doesn’t seem to be surprised. He directly put up a finger, touched his lips a little mysteriously and made a hissing sound.
"How do I know about the men’s room?"
A little blinked and said
"You are too impulsive." The novel of Qin Xu’s return to the mouth was vaguely reproachful.
Fang Yin ignored him and didn’t seem to say anything when he saw Xiaoxiao, but bowed his head and began to look at him and said directly, "I’m going to the men’s room."
"Fang Yin!" Qin Xugui grabbed Fang Yin’s wrist, grabbed people and frowned. "Have you forgotten what the class rules say?"
"I know," Fang Yin said to him with a look of indifference, "You don’t want to go."
Zhao Yi also advised him.
"Fang Yin, that’s the men’s room. I can’t get in at all. I must go!"
"You don’t have to go either." Fang Yin broke free from Qin Yi and went out without returning to his hand.
He went his own way. Qin Yigui and Zhao Yi didn’t stop him again. Mao Chengcheng was ignorant and couldn’t understand why everyone suddenly quarreled and hesitated to chase Fang Yin. "Fang Yin, wait for you and I will go with you!"
The toilet is in the middle of the corridor and needs to go through a dark corridor
Yin Mao Mao Cheng was probably afraid that he always wanted to look at Fang Yin’s side and suddenly asked, "Do you know what Zhao Yi did before the fog came?"
Mao Chengcheng shook his head for a few seconds and was not sure. "It should be a doctor … She was wearing a white coat when I first met Zhao Yi."
"Really?" Fang Yin replied casually. It doesn’t sound as if he took Mao Chengcheng’s dialogue to heart.
In a few words, they will have reached the door of the toilet.
Fang Yin would have seen any violence in it, but in fact there was no one hanging around in it. On both sides of the wall, there were urinals and on the other side, there were three closets connected together. It was too luxurious to put them on the shabby fourth floor.
The floor is a cement floor with several pools of water marks. I don’t know what the seal is, but I carefully bypassed it.
Vaguely, he seems to hear something like a puppy whimpering. It’s pitiful and heartbreaking. It seems to be coming out of the last compartment of the toilet.
There was something in it.
Mao Chengcheng obviously heard this movement, holding Fang Yin’s arm and not letting go. He was afraid that the whole person was shaking his mouth and kept chanting, "Fang Yin, let’s go. It’s too scary. Let’s go find Qin Yigui and Zhao Yi, okay?"
Fang Yin tried to pull his arm out of his arms but failed.
He found in the last door of the men’s room that the male students who had gone out from Class 2, Grade 3 did not know when they were all around the door of the toilet. They were crowded at the door, holding their arms and looking at Fang Yin with a hostile face.
Even Fang Yin saw some green fangs in their faces, and it felt as if they would rush to tear Fang Yin apart if he opened the door.
Look like prey.
Ok, Fang Yin is now convinced that this door can’t be opened, which means that they need to abide by the broken class rules, otherwise it is likely to be dangerous.
But Fang Yin didn’t intend to open the door from the beginning. He opened the middle door and looked back at Mao Chengcheng and said, "I want the toilet."