They continued to walk in the middle of the dark world. This time, they temporarily avoided the direction of the dark resonance and chose another road. When the second dark city fortress appeared in front of everyone, it was also a large wild monster in front of them, as if the main force of the dark world was composed of wild monsters.
"Class monster?"
When the famous war looked at the level of these dark spiders, Zheng immediately, and then all the people present were shocked. It seems that in the glitz, besides Cologne, there are such level monsters. They haven’t seen such low-level monsters for a long time.
But the dark spider who lives in groups here is the main force guarding the whole fortress. Ye Zhang and others dare not be careless. Maybe these monsters have strong special abilities or passive effects.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-three Wild monsters are coquettish.
The fact is often very different from the expectation. It is cautious that everyone tentatively chooses a single-level dark spider, and the famous battle takes out the bow and arrow from far away and kills the monster with one arrow.
Suddenly everyone froze.
Judging from the damage caused by the arrow in the famous war, this strange defense is almost negligible, because there is no collateral damage caused by the bow and arrow in the famous war, and the effect is that the damage caused by flat cutting has reached more than 20 thousand
"What a monster!"
Ye Zhang also some dumbfounded for such a big dark fortress that a group of monsters came to vault. At this time, all the people showed an angry expression and felt a little embarrassed about the vigilance just now. These dark spiders didn’t even have a chance to attack them, so Ye Zhang and others passed through this group of dark spiders and walked towards the dark city department.
Like a fortress, there is a 12-level elite monster named Diablo pterosaur not far away, which seems to be the owner of this fortress, and there are also a group of Diablo spiders next to him, which makes Ye Zhang and others laugh.
After the strange name war led this dark pterosaur to Ye Zhang, a Rapier smashed it and then looked around. In the attack of the dark spider, the fire hit this elite monster.
There is almost no difficulty. Diablo pterosaur attacks have dark attribute damage. However, in Ye Zhang, it feels very leisurely to take off the equipment shamefully and play in the middle of the sacred blessing damage value is lost and the name war and anger attack are easily looked at.
Just when the blood volume of the Dark Pterosaur decreased to 5%, the body surrounding triggered an amazing hurricane that swept everyone present. It was a continuous blow with five injuries, but in Ye Zhang, the danger was eliminated by joining hands with the little beauty.
Like other elite monsters, the chance that the dark pterodactyl might break out in a big move was eliminated by Ye Zhang and others. When the blood of the dark pterodactyl was reduced to 2%, because of Ye Zhang, even if the blood of the dark pterodactyl was 1%, it was almost visible that the battle should be taken like this.
The surrounding dark spiders are still persevering in attacking Ye Zhang and others against the 11 th level players. The hit rate decision is that although it is a bit unsightly, no one has noticed them. At this time, when the blood volume of the dark pterosaur is reduced to 1%, the variables happen instantly.
"The elite monster has been upgraded!"
Ye Zhang saw the Diablo pterosaur’s body emit two lights, just like the player’s upgrade. When the level rose to level 13, Zhang Yexian was shocked, but his attack in Rapier was lost, and the probability of losing attacks such as angry inflammation was more serious.
What went wrong? Isn’t 1% of Dark Pterosaur’s health not violent but upgraded?
Ye Zhang wonder others depressed while zhi if smile suddenly said
"The Dark Spider can temporarily upgrade a monster to 5 levels while giving his life."
Zhi Ruo’s words shocked Ye Zhang and others, but at this time they just looked around at the dark spiders. The number of these monsters is greatly decreasing, which has been ignored by Ye Zhang and others. Garbage has become the key to dominate the battle, sir. Isn’t that a bit funny?
When the level of Diablo pterosaur rose to 195, Ye Zhang finally accepted that this process was a flash, and Ye Zhang shouted at this time
"You go first and I’ll follow."
When Ye Zhang’s voice just fell, he spoke at the right time.
"Diablo pterosaur moves at a speed of 7 Ye Zhang. You can’t run away. Let me do it. You go back first."
Ye Zhang hesitated after hearing Zhi Ruo’s words. He felt that Zhi Ruo should be safely away, so he nodded and agreed to deliver the door. When Ye Zhang and others saw that Zhi Ruo had made a seal attack trap, Ye Zhang temporarily set his mind at ease and quickly retreated with everyone.
Back to the entrance of the delivery door, everyone was depressed again and sat down on the ground to annihilate the first fortress. At this moment, the joy of the dark world has become more difficult than the city where the gods live and the dark sky. Although it is some wild monsters, it is precisely these wild monsters that are neglected but decisive.
Zhiruo arrived late after half an hour. It seems that it took her a long time to get rid of the dark pterosaur. After everyone gathered, she felt that the road ahead was a hundred times more difficult no matter which direction. Even Ye Zhang felt a little frustrated at this time, considering whether to find the other two worlds first.
"Brother Cyclone, let’s do it again!"
At this time, the anger burned his eyes with a glimmer of hope. When everyone looked at him, they listened to him and said,
"We have no experience just now. This time, we will kill those spiders first and then fight monsters, and we will succeed."
Angry and eager to meet the second challenge, Ye Zhang is still depressed at this time. He has passed the test of Dark Pterosaur, and there will be a fortress with a group of dark monsters. Won’t they have to start all over again?
When Ye Zhang was about to open his mouth, he saw a famous battle hold his shoulder and then smiled and said,
"Good. Do it again. I’m sure I can pass this time."
The famous war smiled at Ye Zhang, and the little beauty on one side also showed a sly smile. Ye Zhang suddenly woke up. Anyone in this team can give up the bartender, but there are also many brothers who have lived before, but only he, Ye Zhang, can’t give up. If he even gives up, the soul of this team will go out.
Ye Zhang smiled apologetically at the crowd and then got up and said
"Okay, let’s do it again!"
Back to the dark city fortress, I learned a lesson, and they were ready to blame Zhi Re at this time.
"Remember to bring together the range skills and kill even the level dark spider to trigger the special effect level to rise."
Ye Zhang and others suddenly realized that it was true. These spiders sacrificed themselves to upgrade other monsters, not because of a strange body of Diablo pterosaur.
Ye Zhang and Ming Zhan each went to attract the blame. When everyone came back with a creepy spider swarm, Ang Yan and Xiao Mei cast a large-scale spell to kill all the dark spiders in the area
And there are a few stars caught next to each other, sacrificing each other to make a dark spider level rise to level 7. When people look at Zhi Ruo, they are still worried. Fortunately, if there is Zhi Ruo, they will wake up before. Otherwise, if there is one? ? ? Level dark spider. Maybe it’s time for them to come again for the third time.
Diablo pterosaur’s blood volume has returned to full, but this time everyone is ready to take the lead in killing Diablo spider. When it is determined that there is only one Diablo pterosaur left, everyone will be fired for the final battle.
Soon after the battle ended, the dark pterosaur didn’t turn up any waves. When the monster was killed, everyone broke out. When the super BOSS was killed, the food had that kind of cheer
Looking at this exciting group of brothers, Ye Zhang knows that everyone’s passion is back again
Ye Zhang walked up to the dark pterosaur and touched the corpse. When he pulled out the first thing from this strange body, he was stunned for a long time on the spot.
When all the people felt a little strange, Ye Zhang sent this scroll in his hand to the team channel. When everyone shared it, the human body froze.
"The Great Magic Array!"