The original ten teams. The Ministry accepted the challenge! In battle. The ghost king slaves died a lot! This has added many new members to the current ten members! Team information. It’s blurred, too
But … Every tactic is studied by countless masters from various schools. It will not be converted easily! In this way. Original information. It’s not useless
But except for some powerful people. The average person can’t know much information at all.
At this time. Fight. It has really become unpredictable! Gambling. Also achieved!
"The tenth inning is over. The eleventh inning begins! Challenger Tiandi helped the team to challenge ten teams in the future. "
This challenge object. Zhang Xiaotian just decided.
"Heaven and earth to help? Where does heaven and earth help power? Why have you never heard of it? " The war has just been announced. Someone began to question.
"Yes. I haven’t heard of it either It may not be the power of our Kyushu! " A voice replied.
The celestial land is very large. Divided into countless areas! Kyushu is the name of this 10-billion-kilometer area in Fiona Fang. Kyushu region. There are nine first-class forces!
Level VIP room. A white old light ordered to a young man around the age of twenty.
"yes! Patriarch! " The young man respectfully replied. From the storage ring. Take out a piece of jade Close your eyes and find out. Jade records most of the information collected by their school.
After a while. The young man opened his closed eyes and saw sweat on his forehead. Some awkward said "patriarch! Subordinate affairs are unfavorable. I didn’t find out where this heaven and earth gang came from! " .
"Didn’t find it?" White man slightly one leng. He has never encountered such a thing.
Even forces outside Kyushu. They can’t have no information at all.
I thought about it. The youth added: "I found a heaven and earth meeting. But that’s just a small organization with only one thousand people. I make a living by robbing! Although the strength is not bad in the same order. But the highest level of cultivation is only the fourth order! It is unlikely that this is the heaven and earth gang that can pick up the 500 billion soul stone challenge fee! " .
"Patriarch. The gambling rate reached one to one. Do we want to bet? " At this time. Another young man asked respectfully.
"One to one?" White man eyebrows a pick. A little surprised: "This world gang … an unknown force can make the gambling rate reach one to one?" .
One to one. Is a very difficult data! This shows that. Watch the bets made by gamblers in the Heaven and Earth Gang. As many as those who are optimistic about the Qianqiu Sect.
But this world helps. Just a force I’ve never heard of! And the Qianqiu school. The last game was a very good result! At the expense of 300 demons slaves. Wipe out your opponent! Although not ranked first in ten games. But the top three can’t run!
Such a team’s game has such a gambling rate. It’s really weird.
"Are those old guys looking for land?" The white old man muttered to himself. Meanwhile. Look at several senior guests next to you.
"Patriarch! Just now, my subordinates looked at it. At present, 95% of the gambling money won by the team is from an ordinary VIP room! " .
"A bet?" The white man’s eyes lit up. It’s like showing countless talents and treasures.
"Yes, subordinate to. The owner of this ordinary VIP room is the owner of this team! Besides. There are also two teams in the challenge team! " Nodded his head. The young man said respectfully.
"So it is!" The white old man suddenly. With laughing. He said to himself, "It seems. The team owner. Very confident in his slave! " .
"Xiao Ming. Let’s try a hundred billion soul stones in Qianqiu School first. I see if this 100 billion soul stone can be won away by him! " The white old man tilted his head slightly. Ordered to the youth next to him.
"Since this team | people. So confident. Then there should be reasons for his confidence! " After mumbling a sentence. The old white man ordered another young man beside him, "Xiaoxing. You go and check the information of the owner of this ordinary VIP room! Be quick! " .
"yes! Patriarch! " Two young people took orders. Do it separately.
Wait for two young people to leave. White old man gave me a strange smile on his face.
Three teams participated in the contest together. Obviously.
Master Tong VIP room just wants to win money! Such a situation. In the past gambling games. Not uncommon! And these people. Also tend to be some capable people! But … That’s really capable! Since he is so confident. Then let him win more! Children who can’t give up can’t get wolves …
It’s like we discussed it. More than a dozen senior VIP rooms. They all made a note of 100 billion soul stones in Qianqiu School.
The mind of a gambler. Very difficult to guess. The unknown Heaven and Earth Gang fought against the powerful Qianqiu Sect. The gambling rate reached one to one. No gambler is surprised. Everyone thinks it is a very normal thing.
They don’t have the rights of those people in the VIP room. So … They only know the odds and the total bet. You can’t check the identity and funds of the bettor at will.
But … The odds are one to one. Still make most gamblers crazy! After all. The last battle of the Qianqiu Sect. They are obvious to all. That’s absolutely tough!
Qianqiupai is sure to win. One bet wins 1000. Bet 10 thousand to win 10 thousand Absolute value. This is the idea of most gamblers.
And a small number of gamblers. It is considered that the gambling rate reaches one to one. Not without reason! There may be someone. Know what information. Watch the team! But … The gambling rate is one to one. Make them afraid to take risks! Bet 10 thousand Just won 10 thousand. And the loss rate is very high. Only a fool would do that. The big deal is that I won’t gamble in this game! Bet 10 thousand Win 100 thousand. It’s better to take a risk.
"Rich people. How many! " Take out a soul stone again. Zhang Xiaotian could not help but scold a way again.
Every time there is more betting money in Qianqiu School. Tomorrow will take out some soul stones and fill them in! Keep the gambling rate at one to one all the time.
At this point. Zhang Xiao’s bet in the world. It has reached 5 trillion.
But Zhang Xiaotian knows. This is only the initial stage. Really rich people. Still hesitating He still needs to arouse their interest slowly … He always gambles in the first ten innings. Over 10 trillion every time. This time. Will be no exception …
"Or one to one?" People in the senior VIP room. I’m starting to be surprised Zhang Xiaotian that ordinary VIP room has been outflow soul stone. Maintain a one-to-one gambling rate. Of course they know.
But in this way. They will find out more about the idea of the owner of this ordinary VIP room!
There are very few gamblers who bet their money on the Tiandi gang. Now 97% of the gambling money. They all flowed out of that ordinary VIP room. If you just want to win some money, you don’t have to keep pouring out the soul stone …
Murphy … The owner of the VIP room wants to win more? People in the senior VIP room. Such an idea suddenly came to my mind.
The gambling rate remains like this. Will not attract the attention of gamblers, but also stimulate the gamblers’ lucky psychology in their bones … At this time, even gamblers in ordinary VIP rooms … gamblers who were originally cautious. Start betting. Gamblers who originally bet have also started to increase their bets.
Really rich people start betting. Gambling money keeps going wild!
7 trillion … 8 trillion … 10 trillion … 15 billion!