"Really? That’s great, Cong. Please believe me, this is definitely a wise decision of yours. You will never regret it. "Sarkozy excitedly took over the two volumes of drawings from Leo and will return to headquarters to report the good news.
In fact, if it is a trivial matter, it is impossible for Dyne, the president of the Magic Staff Association, to make a special note. This shows that this matter is so important for the two wizards’ associations that even all the top powers except the sanctuary have been shocked.
"Small is good!" Yalman is also excited. Actually, he also got the face-to-face instruction on this matter. It is natural for her to be able to do it now.
"Oh, by the way, Uncle Yalman, where’s my dad?" Leo also didn’t put this matter in the body but asked toward Yalman.
It is reasonable to say that Papa Hans should live in Yalman Mansion, but he hasn’t seen it for so long. Is it because he has gone out to do something?
"You mean him, I went to the Ofelin Magic Tower. Isn’t he also afraid that your sister will be bullied? Now he has to go there every day to see if he will come back at this time?" Yalman said.
"So that’s it …"
Leo just nodded his head like this. The magic circle in the room seemed to be touched by a young voice. "Mr. Hans, the teacher from Yalman, came over."
Yalman ourtenant openings and toward a piece of salko way "salko adults that this matter is like this, you go to report the good news to the President’s adult! It is estimated that he will certainly praise you well. "
"I still need his praise?" Salko puffed and glared at Leo and said kindly, "In that case, little Leo, I’ll leave first. If you have any problems, just go to Yalman to help you, so as to make sure that our Magic Staff Association will not treat you badly!"
"Well, thank you for your help. I know." Leo nodded and smiled, although he didn’t care.
Their transaction is quite pleasant, but he has reason to believe that the post-contact should be more pleasant. After all, it is not a simple transaction that can help everyone to be honest and sincere sometimes, which may be more beneficial and can buy people’s hearts!
"Then I’ll go first. See you later." Sarkozy left Hans contentedly, and took this opportunity to come. When he saw Leo, he immediately paused and then was pleasantly surprised. "Are you back? How did things succeed? "
"Of course it has succeeded. I’m your Hans. You have to have confidence in me!" Leo muttered something that seemed dissatisfied, and then released his magic breath and fighting power.
"Two-and-two-star care division Samsung warrior isn’t it? Is it my eyesight failing? Leo, how did you do this? How is that possible …" Hans was as surprised as Yalman was when he learned that the first reaction was impossible and there was no way to believe it.
How long has this been?
I’m afraid it’s only a few months at most, but it’s such a short time that the original one-star warrior is not a wizard, and he has turned into a super strong one with the strength of a two-star care teacher. In fact, don’t say it’s him, even the strong in Sanqu will probably be scared. It’s incredible.
"What’s impossible? I’m your Hans, and you should have a little confidence in me, okay? Well, I confess that when I was looking for the seal artifact-Duraze Stone, I accidentally found a mysterious palace left by an ancient god, in which I got great benefits. Now what you see is the real Hans, but you are not dreaming! " Leo boasted
"Good little you virtue? Are you so embarrassed in front of the old man? "
Knowing that Hans suddenly slapped him on the forehead and roared, he immediately showed an aggrieved expression.
"How dare I? You’re my dad. Of course I don’t dare to be rude before you are full!" Leo pathetic way
"Well, you’re an old thing with a bad temper. If you let others know that you dare to treat a magic like this, and the spittle star is estimated to drown you, you’ll be satisfied. Maybe in the near future, he will be able to catch me up as a warrior or a great care teacher. At that time, the whole Terran holy city will definitely have him all over the floor!" Yalman sighed from the side.
To be honest, such a genius, the younger generation, is really the first time he has seen it. It’s so unnatural.
"I don’t care about outsiders. He’s my son. I’ll fight if I want to."
Hans said with a stubborn mouth, but he didn’t really fight again, but it was like something sounded. There was a glimmer of gloom in his eyes and a glimmer of hope. He glanced at his skull and looked at Leo formally. "I have something to ask you. You must answer me honestly."
"What is it? Hans, dad, just ask what you want. What are you doing so seriously? "Leo rarely sees Hans. This expression is somewhat inappropriate.
"What level professionals are equal to your strength now? That is, to what extent can you achieve real combat effectiveness now? " Hans actually asked such a question, not only Leo was one leng, but even Yalman was one leng.
"Wait, Hans, you don’t want to …" Yalman seemed to guess what surprised. "Do you want to know? That’s … "
"Don’t worry about it," Hans waved seriously. "He is not only my son but also Connie’s son. He has the responsibility to admit that Yalman is a matter of concern."
"But …" Yalman seemed to want to say something, but he was interrupted by Leo and said, "What is Hans’ dad, uncle Yalman? Is it with my mother? Don’t sell it, just tell me! "
I heard that Yalman is honestly shut up. In the final analysis, it’s still Hans and Leo’s family affairs. No matter how deep they are, they shouldn’t take part in these things. Forget it.
"Leo, you haven’t answered my question. What level of strength have you reached now? I say it’s real combat effectiveness!" Hans asked again
"Real combat power?" Leo thought about it and then said, "I once killed the Terran two-star war division, the strong one-star demon king, and some of my strength was lost to the base two. If we calculate the words according to this situation, my current strength should be able to compare with that of the ordinary two-star war division. After all, there is a level weapon in my hand that can enhance a lot of strength."
"Two Star Wars Division?" This was replaced by Hans Yalman’s surprise, and Batu seemed stunned.
Two-star war division level super strong, even if you look at the entire holy city, Terran estimates that there will never be more than 30 extremely rare, which can be regarded as the peak strength of Terran now, second only to Sanctuary and Samsung War Division.
Neither Hans nor Yalman thought that Leo had reached this level at a young age.
That is to say, he is now qualified for the Magic Staff Guild, the Fire Spirit of the Salko Sword Guard Guild, and the Fire Lion Cardin is even stronger, which is unbelievable and shocking.
"Mix small you say is true? You really didn’t lie to me? Can you really compare the strength of the two-star war division now? " Hans also wants to make sure that he must be careful because of this kind of thing.
"Dad, I’m serious. If I can learn thunder magic again, I’m qualified to crush the two-star war division and kill it. There should be a little hope," Leo said confidently
Then he said slightly, "Dad, just tell me what you want me to do, but do we have to be so secretive?"
"good! Ok! Good ….. "Hans has been all excited. I don’t know how good it is. He looked straight and then spoke very seriously to Leo." Now I’ll give you something you have to do, that is, to avenge your mother and kill the head of Warcraft that killed him that year-the sharp-horned winged dragon! "
"Mom revenge?" Leo was shocked when he heard this sentence. He didn’t know what it was like in his heart. It was very complicated anyway.
"Why? You don’t want to? " When Hans saw Leo didn’t answer, he immediately turned cold and looked indifferent.
"Of course, I’m thinking about what my mother looks like. I seem to meet her." Leo immediately shook his head and said something dull
Hans’ face was soft and light. "There should still be a magical image of your mother in the Karamanda family. If you really want to see her, go and see it. It was Connie’s most beautiful time twenty years ago."