Because the bearer turned out to be Thun III.
Thun III’s appearance changed the situation instantly. Before that, absolutely no one would have thought that NPC would actually participate in the national war of players. At this moment, Thun III looked at the soul-eating and despised it, but eventually he said nothing.
"You can’t win this war."
The ultimate BOSS in the expansion of the soul-eating Setoon III’s tears, he naturally has arrogance, and at this time, a thousand miles away, I have never seen Thutoon III being angry but being rotten by the soul.
"Why do you want to help us win this war?"
Soul-eating eyebrows a pick but in his mind has been thinking about maybe Ye Zhang restart the national war also calculate to thun iii this person will appear, but then the soul-eating chuckle looked directly at the opposite the ultimate BOSS and then said.
"What if I refuse?"
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-one Last hope
If zhi is ill again, her condition is very bad. The doctor came to check her, but she shook her head behind her back. The doctor is helpless about this congenital complication of premature death, and the day after tomorrow can be better than that.
Although zhi ruo doesn’t know the doctor’s conclusion, doesn’t she know her body yet? She shouldn’t play flashy games. Helmets stimulate her brain waves very much, and whenever zhi ruo leaves the game, she will feel very dizzy for a while.
At this time, Zhiruo was lying quietly in bed, and there was a figure in her mind, and there was a sentence in her memory.
"If you have identified a friend, you will always associate with this world. There are no eternal enemies and no eternal friends."
This sentence was once said by Tao An to Zhi Ruo, but when Zhi Ruo approached Ye Zhang with a purpose and a Fu Shi master became an indispensable member of the Ye Zhang camp, obviously this sentence played a key role.
Ye Zhang has always felt that Zhire is completely trustworthy. When Zhire is together, he is always very confident. Two people cooperated several times to win the final victory, and countless BOSS fell into their hands.
Maybe Ye Zhang has any reason not to like such a woman who is willing to pay silently behind his back, and what reason not to trust such a close partner?
However, if Zhi knew that she was not as good as Ye Zhang imagined, her mother’s death and her father’s hatred for her illness made her live like other normal girls. The war brought her a broken family, and all she could have was growing up in a hospital bed watching her father’s scarred face.
The word "friend" was so far away for once Zhiruo, she didn’t deserve a friend, but revenge might be a word that made her feel more frightened and unwilling to speak.
She knows that she won’t live long, so she doesn’t want to enter another world. People’s mental and physical development is determined by genetic programming. Even though she has never experienced it, no one has told her that she should love as much as win the favor of others.
Zhiruo gradually integrated into Ye Zhang’s life and was once compared with three women, Little Beauty, Xu Yin and Jie Shen. When Zhiruo realized this situation, his first thought was to choose to escape.
She has been away from glitz for a long time, and sometimes her body can’t let her play games every day.
She knows that she can’t be an eternal friend, but there is a voice in her heart telling her that if she leaves this life alone, she will leave with regret.
If Zhi Zhi didn’t tell Ye Zhang that she had everything, she would always appear in Ye Zhang when she needed it most. She didn’t study and knew what to do to capture a man’s feelings. Although he never thought he could get an emotional enrichment, just like Ye Zhang, he never thought about hegemony and glitz, but he also stepped out of this step by virtue of his natural desire.
But now she knows it’s time for her to let go, but there is still one last thing in her heart, and it may be difficult for her to turn back once she steps out.
When Tao An went to the headquarters of Chuangshi Network, Zhiruo picked up the game helmet and entered the glitz. When the person who sent her the first message just now saw his name, Zhiruo smiled a little.
"When did you come recently?"
Ye Zhang won’t amuse or communicate too enthusiastically, and this kind of common greeting is the ultimate expression of his feelings. But when Zhiruo saw this news, her eyes suddenly appeared a blur, just like anemia.
Her body has been able to withstand this brain wave impact, and when Zhire managed to calm down, she sent a message to Zhang Ye.
"I think you need a key vote in my hand!"
At this time, Zhang Ye is preparing for the defensive war behind the scenes with the army of residual blood retreating to the day of death, but when he saw the news of Zhiruo, he felt a pain in his heart for no reason, and this feeling was the same as when Jie Shen told him to let the Red Chamber Association isolate him and decided to do it himself.
They come to deceive Ye Zhang Shen Jie, who can push the fault to Shen Censhen. She can lie to leave a good impression on Zhang Ye. At this time, Zhire is also the same. She can’t go for this matter and rely solely on Ye Zhang’s degree of trust in Zhire. He won’t doubt that Zhire’s choice to keep silent with Tao An at this time is a calculated conspiracy.
It’s the four management limits in glitz. Ye Zhang artificial intelligence Zhiruo Tao An is here now, and Ye Zhang and artificial intelligence voted in favor of the doomsday process, but there are still two votes in the hands of Tao An and Zhiruo. If they can deny such an outcome, they will terminate the flashy filing process by algorithm, but Ye Zhang can win.
Unfortunately, their silence is equivalent to a betrayal for Ye Zhang, because Ye Zhang enemies will hope that glitz will be completely over
"I believe you will come back."
When Zhire saw the news of Ye Zhang, she showed a smile. At this time, when the army was marching, it suddenly felt that the world had changed dramatically again.
"Is the world of Ye Zhang going to be destroyed?"
Feng Zhi looked at the mountain at this time and said that he was worried, but Ye Zhang’s heart was very calm. He knew that this turmoil was Zhi Re’s answer. She voted against it. Although it is only 1 to 2 now, it is still a way to rewrite the flashy filing process, but this doubt is that Ye Zhang is willing to see it.
Who hasn’t passed? Who hasn’t been sad? If Zhi’s father is Tao An, it must be Tao An’s calculation. Although Ye Zhang doesn’t know what Tao An really wants to do at present, it is obvious that if Zhi can make this step, he is very pleased. However, when Ye Zhang wants to say a few warm words, he sees Zhi Ruo’s line.
Ye Zhang looked ahead again, and by this time they had reached the canopy of death.
The remnant blood is carrying out fortifications in the dark swamp and buried in the dead sky. At this time, Ye Zhang whispered something to the remnant blood, and then the remnant blood showed a surprised expression, but then he turned white
"Beauty, come here."
After beauty came to the side of residual blood, residual blood told him the key points of defense, and then beauty also showed a puzzled look, but residual blood patted him on the shoulder with a smile and then beauty left.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-two O return
"Ye Zhang, you said … is it true?"
At this time, the residual blood only looked at Zhang Ye’s former Ye Zhang and told him that those things were very shocking in the view of residual blood, because Ye Zhang not only told him about the incomplete trajectory and separation, but also told him about his fighting experience with several ultimate BOSS.
A player’s performance in glitz is not the top. PK technology is in him, but even Feng Zhi is ashamed of himself. His analysis of the overall situation has reached a horrible level.
Nowadays, the doomsday is actually a war, but without that, millions of people have turned to psychological contests against the impact momentum, and psychologically speaking, Residual Blood is also the No.1 master.
Incomplete rules mean that many pre-habits will be abandoned again. When four different rules are mixed together, not only will the impact of rules be aggravated, but also when an incomplete rule reaches the magical skill, some effects of the skill will be fully exerted, but it will also make another rule more prominent after it is strengthened due to growth and complement each other.
However, the separation of rules makes the original ternary attribute in the Tianqi data piece disappear, and instead, the damage is calculated separately, and there is no rule fusion percentage damage calculation, just like Ye Zhang hit three different colors of damage in World War I with the sea monster.
For Ye Zhang, a few helpers, Ang Yan is a technical talent. He can gradually master superb technology through continuous running-in, but this requires a familiar process.
However, Feng Zhi’s skills tend to be psychological warfare against the enemy, which can exert great psychological suppression when dealing with players, and even form an aura to make opponents afraid before fighting, but his calculation will be greatly reduced when facing the absolute logic of NPC.
Therefore, Ye Zhang finally chose the person with residual blood and residual blood strain ability, who can grasp the smallest moment at the most critical time, and this instantaneous grasp degree is the most critical at present.
Because they don’t have time to do it again, and they have to adapt to the rules again.
The layout of the canopy of death has gradually taken shape. Although every player is puzzled in his heart that there is a good situation and he does not take the initiative to attack, he has to come here to defend. Even in the absence of any overall situation, players can see that passive defense is simply a wave of the huge resources of the five-nation alliance.
It has been more than an hour since the battlefield layout, but there has been no movement of an enemy. Many players feel a little funny in their hearts. It is not until their opponents are so strong that someone will storm. At this time, it will be very good for Otmar to persist for a few days.
But when their absurd feeling has not subsided, the players of the Brave League guild saw the moonlight send a message on the guild channel.
"The big fish is caught."
The news suddenly reached the ears of every player, and no one was not nervous. Players were more inclined to pull out the battle. They had been wronged for a long time, but obviously, in the face of the consequences of going out at this time, all players knew that they could lead them to see hope, a whirlwind and others.
Moonlight has been paying attention to Ottma’s movement. She didn’t go near Honggao’s frontier position, because no matter how good her technology is, she can’t be arrogant enough not to expose her figure among tens of thousands of mage insight skills. However, to her surprise, she just sent a message and immediately entered the combat state.