More and more eager for the extravagant life of the spiritual emperor
The murder of Zhou Mu Li Lei a month ago made Dong Zhuo decide to take risks.
Since Zhou Mu can be assassinated, why not?
Dong Zhuo tried his best to let himself live in the naked palace.
And Dong Zhuo will have such a mind, in addition to longing for the spiritual emperor to live in luxury, but also heard something from the players in his future.
Dong Zhuo thinks that since he is going to stay in the palace in the future, why not enjoy everything here earlier?
Of course, Dong Zhuo’s thoughts are unknown even to six shareholders.
They know that Dong Zhuo and Zhang Rang killed Lingdi in the naked tour palace.
Then Dong Zhuo worried that other princes and state pastoral societies in various places would unite against him as the players said.
All the deliveries were destroyed in the first place, which made it more difficult for them to communicate with each other.
And gather more than two hundred warlocks and Dong Zhuodong.
Many things were prepared as early as six months ago.
But at that time, Dong Zhuo wanted to wait for the spirit emperor to die and didn’t want to kill the spirit emperor.
Dong Zhuo learned from the player that he was also worried that others would know that he would stop him from making preparations early.
In half a year, he quietly transferred the Qiang army to Luoyang.
After the death of Emperor Ling, Dong Zhuo took control of the whole imperial city and Luoyang.
Forged testamentary edict and established Emperor Liu Xie. In history, there were too few emperors, and Liu Bian was directly sent by Dong Zhuo to be the king of Hongnong.
However, Emperor Ling has only been dead for seven days. Today is the burial day. Liu Xie has not acceded to the throne yet.
There were many objections from the ministers of the DPRK, but after Dong Zhuo killed several people, he temporarily stopped and dared not confront Dong Zhuo directly.
Although Dong Zhuo wanted to kill all the ministers who opposed him, he also knew that he could not do without these ministers.
If you really kill them, you have to ask him to do everything. He is only one person. How can you do it?
It can be a matter of killing a few shocks, and it is necessary to change the blood of the court ministers slowly, not more urgent.
Six shareholders are very careful. Fortunately, Dong Zhuo took Liu Xie and Liu Bian’s ministers to the tomb today.
Six shareholders split up in the palace to find someone to ask about the situation and then quit the game.
Ten shareholders of Longyou Sihai Company Building in the real world gathered in the conference room again.
"This is almost the case." The shareholders who entered the game told all the news they got.
"If so, the game can continue."
"Although we can no longer control the game room, those players don’t know about it when they come."
"So what should we do now?"
"Can those players recover?" The first shareholder asked
At the beginning, they were worried that others would see that it was not a game but a real world. It took them ten years to design a player system with Lingdi.
Now that the player system has disappeared, they are worried that some players will see that this is not a game made by their Longyou Sihai company.
At that time, no one will buy their Longyou Sihai company account, and they will never make money from it. Moreover, countries will definitely force them to hand over their methods of getting in and out of the game.
Now everyone except them knows that they need the help of the game cabin to enter the game.
If countries know that it is a real world, it is absolutely necessary to get the technology to produce game consoles, and it is impossible for Longyou Sihai Company to control it.
"Without their help, it is absolutely impossible for us to restore the player system alone," said some shareholders.
"There is no need to restore the Ministry, but a little bit, such as the player property panel," said the first shareholder.
"If it is a player’s property panel, it should be possible with the strength of several of us, but the chat system will not work."
"If you can recover a little, try to make him look more like a game. I hope it won’t happen again," said the first shareholder
Another shareholder said, "But even if we restore the player attribute panel, they will realize that we are only a few people who are not their opponents."
"This is a problem. It is very likely that we were killed by those warlocks before we restored the player property panel."
"What happened to you three?" The first shareholder looked forward and said to the three shareholders who were killed
Now, in addition to the disappearance of the player system, there is a more important problem, that is, death punishment.
If death does great harm to the real world in the game, they can also publish it.
"I still can’t die for the time being. I should be able to recover after a month’s rest."