When Dong Ge walked into the lobby of the Guild of the Wind Valley, he had guessed the reason of President Zhao himself. At this time, he was also struggling in his heart. On the one hand, he trained his president for five years, and on the other hand, he was a whirlwind who only got along for less than a day.
He doesn’t know why he has such a struggle.
"What level is the small whirlwind now?"
Caesar asked a question, and his voice was cold. He had never said such a tone to his hands.
East elder brother suddenly revealed a self-deprecating wry smile, he looked up and shook his head a way
"I have deleted my little whirlwind friend."
At this time, Zhang Yegang had just finished the news with Residual Blood. When he learned that the major guilds had temporarily withdrawn their troops, his first thought was to get the sixth chapter back.
The remnant blood was shocked when it rediscovered that Ye Zhang’s name turned green and idle.
Level 37 Ye Zhang disappeared from the deep blue sea to reappear less than a day ago, and he had reached such a state. He ranked the second level at present, and the player dumped a full 13 levels.
The residual blood can be confirmed that Ye Zhang has taken the night glass at this time. Although he doesn’t know that Ye Zhang has another adventure, Ye Zhang has already become a natural enemy.
"You won’t come back for the time being, so wait for my news for the time being!"
Seeing this, Ye Zhang’s residual blood feels that he can play this time. His appetite is not limited to the sixth chapter. He wants all the other five chapters.
At present, the first, seventh and seventh chapters have not appeared yet, but he knows that these people will meet in the canopy of death sooner or later, and he is not worried.
Zhang Ye saw that the remnant blood had made up his mind again, so he didn’t ask any more questions. What he needed to do at this time was to continue to go to Klimkhan to see if he could further enhance his strength.
On the other hand, Ye Zhang also wants to try and see if it can arrive.
After hanging the title of beyond the limit, Ye Zhang entered the sea monster pile around the shoal. He passed by and saw that Ye Zhang was on the rampage alone.
In the shoal, two new brush strange areas have been discovered in Ye Zhang, and the level has risen to 37, and the money carried by the bust has exceeded 2 gold coins, a large part of which was obtained through Caesar’s transaction with blood washing equipment.
He came to a fork in the road and made a map. He found that the map did not mark the fork in the road, and he wondered where it led to. At the same time, he chose to take the right road.
And this walk was more than an hour. Zhang Ye felt more and more wrong, so he had entered the mainland from the shallows. Although the surrounding monsters were still suspected by the sea, the number was quite large and he was out of the sea. Is it still called the sea family?
Ye Zhang immediately realized that he might have strayed from his goal.
But it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the road ahead is full of unpredictability, and Ye Zhang is very calm about it. I don’t know how long it will be until the distant clouds and mountains appear in front of Ye Zhang.
There is no new map to explore, and there are no monsters. This continent seems to be like a map that has not yet been sent out for testing, which makes Ye Zhang stop.
It’s too quiet and too spacious. There is no wind in this place. Ye Zhang feels a little cold as if he has come to the end of the world.
Suddenly, a black shadow crossed Zhang Ye’s head, and suddenly the earth fell into darkness, and then the black shadow disappeared to restore light. Zhang Ye suddenly looked up and saw a huge figure on the horizon with a long flame like purgatory.
Zhang Ye’s heart beat violently because he noticed that the creature flying through the sky was huge and proud. It was a creature that dominated the sky and only appeared in myth.
Chapter sixty-two Forbidden spell
In the sky, the dragon suddenly made a detour and then swept towards Ye Zhang’s position. Zhang Yegen didn’t respond and blinked and appeared on his head. The mainland fell into darkness again.
Zhang Ye’s heart fluttered. Did he come to Dragon Island?
It doesn’t seem to be like this. The dragon is hovering without diving, but it seems to be playing with the small creature that landed. Its tail is burning with flames. From time to time, sparks splash and it is small but getting bigger and bigger, and it falls to the ground like a meteorite.
Ye Zhang just came to my mind at this moment.
If something happens, run
Ye Zhang ran wildly, but with his legs, if he could run through the middle of the day, the dragon was still far away from the distant mountains. Ye Zhang was panting like an ox, and his hands were on his knees. He was sweating and couldn’t run any more.
Grandma was dragged into the sea by a sea monster on the island, and now she is chased by a fire dragon. Ye Zhang is almost speechless. The sea monster at least pulled him into Atlantis and got rich harvest, but the fire dragon Ye Zhang didn’t see any trigger feeling.
At this time, Ye Zhang hates that he is not a magician. He wants to give this fire dragon at once, and even if he can’t reach it, he can express his depression.
Nai Ye Zhang continued to run towards the top of the mountain, but he was far away from the horizon and high mountains, but he couldn’t see the distance as if he couldn’t reach it at all.
"It’s really the ghost!"
Ye Zhang spit bitterly and wiped the sweat on his forehead. He was extremely unhappy and most importantly, he was surprised to find that he was in a state of fighting and had no way to draw a line.
When he came, the road was too far away and there was nothing nearby to make him commit suicide. At that time, Zhang Ye was in a dilemma, and he was going crazy. He sat on the ground and was ready to wait for some glitz.
But now there are still four hours away from the point, which makes Zhang Yeru sit still, and the dragon in the sky screams from time to time to close his eyes. Ye Zhang almost didn’t scare half his life during the rest.
Time is extremely slow. Ye Zhang feels like crying. Don’t play with yourself like this. What kind of suicide is this? No running, no line.
Just as Ye Zhang was at a loss to help, there was a slight noise from the earth, followed by the churning of the soil, and the sound became louder and louder, and it was clear that the sand was raised.
"Ground monsters?"
Ye Zhang thought of such a conclusion almost at the same time.
Sure enough, in the dark night, several monsters emerged from the ground in the soil layer. They were covered with thick shells, and they were very short, with frogs’ mouths and feet. This was a race that Ye Zhang had never seen before.
"Haha, I can finally commit suicide!"
Ye Zhang ran towards this group of monsters like a relief. Suddenly, in the sky, a dragon with huge wings came to me, and Ye Zhang overturned several somersaults. When he got up from the ground again, the dragon swooped from the sky and its huge body landed not far away.
The black dragon covered with dark scales, a pair of flashing yellow lights like giant cat’s eyes, looked down at all creatures in front of it, including Ye Zhang.
At this time, Zhang Yegen doesn’t care what it wants to do. He wants to commit suicide now, whether it’s going back to Cologne or the canopy of death, it doesn’t matter even if he goes back to Atlantis. He wants to get online quickly.
Because he knows that he must be hungry in reality.
But every time he ran close, he was thrown back by the giant wings of the black dragon.
"I can’t even commit suicide?"
Ye Zhang secretly lamented that it was the first time he met such a wild monster Zhang Ye, and he seemed to be in a lot of trouble when he looked around.
At this time, a number of frogmen (so called for the time being) emerged from the sand and moved. Their figure was comparable to that of dwarf goblins, but with one exception, they all held embroidered needles and wands in their hands. Now they are all wizards.
They are in groups of five, and it seems that they are going to have a fight with the behemoths in front of them.
"NPC fighting?"
Ye Zhang narrowed his eyes slightly at this time. He remembered Royotia and the Shadow Tribe. It seems that the flashy history and racial hatred are no less than those of the players.
At this time, his mind moved, and people were in groups of five. Are they forming a formation?
Ye Zhang didn’t move at this time. He knew that the flashy system must have its meaning.
And what happen next completely shocked Ye Zhang.
See Frogman’s five-person group release skills, one of which releases assault spells, one releases sniper spells, one releases work spells, one releases tactical spells and one releases strategic spells. When five spells converge into one light, the light limit expands by a huge pulse, which instantly releases extremely strong energy.
"At this moment … the spell! !”
Ye Zhang’s mind is changing rapidly to form an array to cast the spell, but it takes conditions to cast the spell. It seems that when five different teammates cast five different kinds of spells at the same time, it is the condition to cast the spell.
At this time, the frogman five-person cast is one of the forbidden black holes.