"Yes! My dad told me that there should be no mistake. I heard that the Magic Council has received rescue requests from there, but those old things don’t seem to be rushing to send people to do rescue operations. "karina cocked his head and said.
"So, karina, can you directly take us to Wuzhou Tianchao Xizhou Baiyun City?" Gao Rang frowned and said.
"Are you going back to rescue?" Karina asked.
"Although we are not Western continent players, we can’t just sit back and watch people in other continents suffer." Gao Rang patted his chest and spoke out.
"Come on, I’m going to intervene in this matter, but since you guys are going to make moves, I’ll see if you behave well first and then I’ll make moves when you can’t solve it." karina said with a smile.
"When shall we start?" Gao rang asked.
"Why don’t we go now?" Karina said with a face of excitement.
"But we haven’t eaten the seafood feast being cooked in the kitchen?" Ye Ye said this foodie drooling.
"Eat your sister, you idiot!" The old cat slapped Ye Ye’s head and scolded him.
Chapter 439 Baiyun City Defence Engineer
First, let’s look at this side of Xizhou Baiyun City.
A few hours ago, a black tiger and several monsters raided Baiyun City.
The war is on the verge of breaking out, and it is said in a panic that attention should be paid! Warning! warning! Danger! Danger! Ghost Tiger, an evil beast, led several of his minions to wage siege war against Baiyun City. Please all players pick up their weapons and defend Baiyun City together!
Because it was already evening at that time, most players had been fighting poison for a day, not only were they exhausted, but also drug resistance and skill cooling were at a critical point.
(This monster launches a sudden siege war, and players’ drug resistance and skill cooling will not be reset separately.)
Most of the players are exhausted, and many people choose not to participate in this war.
Players in Xizhou naturally won’t retreat at this time. After all, it depends on the death of their own hometown. Therefore, even if the medicine is full of skills, they still say that they are fighting with weapons to attack the city.
The mahjong family, the controlling force of Baiyun City, seemed to have known that there would be monsters attacking the city for a long time, so they gave up the control of Baiyun City on their own initiative one day ago, and publicly declared that they would launch a general attack on Blackstone City in Beizhou five days later.
After the mahjong family gave up Baiyun City, the relatively strong Xinmeng reoccupied Baiyun City for the first time. However, Xinmeng did not expect that it was just occupying Baiyun City. The next day, the ghost tiger led the minions to launch a siege war here, but Xinmeng chose to defend Baiyun City to the death.
Perhaps the move of Xinmeng moved other gang forces, among which several gangs, Super God and Baihua Head, took the initiative to send experts to defend the war in Baiyun City, while several other future gangs chose to wait and see.
(The gang’s participation in the war "Brotherhood" and "Future" and "Wanderer" all choose to wait and see, among which "Future" and "Wanderer" are ambiguous while "Brotherhood" is absolutely neutral; The "North Wolf" didn’t play either. They are preparing for the "Mahjong Family" war four days later. On the contrary, the performance of the "Mahjong Family" is very intriguing. They didn’t equip themselves for the "Northern Wolf" War four days later. Their members should be upgraded as usual, and they should do something else, but no one involved in the Baiyun City War. Supergods and Baihua, the legendary swordsman and Hell, all joined in the defense war of Baiyun City, in which Supergods and Baihua were moved by the blood of the heart alliance, while the legendary swordsman was close to the new alliance, and both Supergods and Baihua participated in it, so his gang also chose to join in the fun. In the end, the "heart alliance" means that all the members are as good as chicken blood. This war is not only a good opportunity for them to protect their homes, but also for their "heart alliance" to return to the mainstream.
In the war, most of the attacks on Baiyun City were made by some 6-level multi-point garbage minions of Ghost Tiger, and at this time, the rescue of other gangs has not yet arrived (due to the war mode, other gangs need to be sent to the nearby city before walking to Baiyun City), so the players of Xinmeng and the original Baiyun City are fighting against this wave of monsters.
Soon after the rescue of other gangs arrived, these 6-level garbage monsters were quickly eliminated.
I was very moved to see that the two original rival gangs, Super God and Baihua, came to the rescue.
Niu Mowang and Peony took the initiative to find the bull’s-eye, indicating that this war will help Xinmeng hope that the gang will not have any conflicts in this issue. These things have been ordered by Super God and Baihua, and now they just need the bull’s-eye to explain to Xinmeng players.
The bull’s-eye patted his chest and promised to tell his hand, but also expressed his gratitude to the super god.
After the big gangs like Super God and Baihua joined the war, Baiyun City, which was in a disadvantage, suddenly became strong.
In addition, it is worth noting that a super awesome war madman appeared in this war. Although his fighting capacity is very average, this guy has a very strong ability to build war facilities.
This player’s name is "61". He is a special professional player from the legendary swordsman Guild. His profession is called engineer. This is a very special hidden professional club. Is it said that this profession is special mainly because it has no attack skills and cannot learn combat skills because of its characteristics? Although he has no combat skills, he can still be upgraded to something by teaming up with others? Will anyone be willing to group such a burden or because of his other skills?
61 has two very special passive skills because he has no combat skills.
One of these two passive skills is called "Love and Righteousness". This passive skill is given to 61 teammates. In this passive skill, all players who team up with 61 can get physical attack power and magical attack power+1% physical defense power and magical defense power+15% attack speed+2% crit chance+1% resistance+5 all therapeutic skills and potion effects+1%.
Another passive skill is called "Reward Light". This passive skill is also given to 61 teammates. In this passive skill, all players who team up with 61 have a drug resistance limit+1. All skills consume 2%, the loss rate is extra+3%, and the amount of money dropped is extra+1%.
With these two passive skills, 61 is no longer a burden but a big mobile buff.
Except this mobile buff61 is bigger, but in the war.
There is a great trick to build a famous city. This skill can make it possible to build a new wall in the city through a lot of construction materials, money and war merits in the war mode. This time, when the new wall lasts, the defense value of the wall is the same as that of the original wall.
This is a very expensive skill, but there is no doubt about neutrality in war.
Generally speaking, if it is necessary to build a temporary wall with four sides, the materials and money will add up to about 6 gold coins, which is not a small sum. You know, this temporary wall lasts only during the war.
This time, the bull’s-eye didn’t spare money. It took six gold coins to let 61 build such a temporary wall in Baiyun City.
Chapter 44 Baiyun city defense defense body
It takes about 4 minutes to build the wall when facing the four sides, and during this 4-minute period, players must resist the attacks of monsters.