Don’t thank me. This is the compensation you deserve. Li Yueling, hey hey, laughs. You all go to work. I want to come to Canghong’s brother and the old drunkard. It’s time to adjust your breath.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Scenic Line
After treating Tian Jianzhi, it’s always a time to see a new world. Li Yueling immediately said goodbye to everyone after learning about the present position from Cang Hong’s old road, and agreed to return here to participate in the Taoist event one year later.
It’s really possible that Li Yueling learned that Li Yueling’s soft-ruler sword fell sharply, but Yun Hong’s old road was calculated after the incident. First, Li Yueling was good at participating in the Taoist law in terms of age, and second, he was refined into a soft-ruler sword, which was an excellent flying sword. In this way, his comprehensive strength was determined to be no worse than that of one of the long-time ancestors.
Taoism is more important than things. However, it is necessary to send people with the strongest strength to participate in the Taoist school. It was in Yun Hong Road that Li Yueling finally agreed to come, and Canghong Road was very vocal in this matter, but he was also happy with this knot
In fact, the dominant factor is Li Yueling’s own thoughts. After all, he has established a deep affection for XuanYuanzong for more than half a year, and he has already regarded himself as XuanYuanzong. After knowing the importance of Dafa compared with XuanYuanzong, Li Yueling can’t look at the situation at a loss. He also intends to use Taoism to gain a deeper understanding of today’s fix-up world. This is a hit-and-miss thing.
Speaking of it, after more than half a year’s life in a strange place, Li Yueling’s idea of being interested in repairing the truth has been greatly improved. In his mind, he has produced a rather bizarre and bold idea, that is, to cherish the truth and people can live longer, then it is the best way to enjoy more doubt and repair the truth.
This is what Li Yueling thinks, giving the Tao of cultivating truth to grandpa, giving warm jade to himself and caring for people.
It’s said that Li Yueling’s flying with the soft-ruler sword is a series of ups and downs. Because the soft-ruler sword and the old road have joined forces to pour into several royal spirit arrays, its speed has gone to several times that of the ordinary flying sword. This is also because Li Yueling missed too many precious refining materials to forge the soft-ruler sword.
Objective The message in Jiang Shishi’s poems in Wuyueling, Miaojiang was actually a few words. My sister went to Wuyueling, Miaojiang to learn about a past feud. My sister will return in a few days.
Although these few words in Jiang’s poems seem to be very serious, the last word is that Li Yueling is worried about the real reason. According to the first calculation, when Li Yueling was able to peek at the jade pupil slips, it should be three or four months after Jiang’s poems left, but you never know. Who would have thought that Li Yueling first broke into the Crystal Palace in the Atlantic Ocean and was replaced by the unstable Xuanbingyang fire force, and then he was repaired by careless practice. Although it was a long time, he was trapped in the cave for half a year.
That is to say, when Li Yueling can peek at the information in Jiang’s poems, it is already half a year later than the usual calculation, so can Li Yueling not be worried?
What’s more, Li Yueling once inquired about the origin of the Magic Shadow Sect from Yunhong Road. When he learned that the Magic Shadow Sect was a vicious and vicious clan in the East, Li Yueling was even more excited.
Jiang’s poems are not important in Li Yueling’s heart. It’s impossible for Jin Nuan Jade to fly in the half of Li Yueling’s surge of emotion. If anything happens to Fu Ruoran’s poem sister, it’s necessary to tear down this magic shadow door. It’s wrong to think so. It’s wrong for her. Maybe I’ll bump into her as soon as I get to Wuyueling.
In ancient times in western Hunan, it was called Miaojiang, where Miao and other ethnic minorities lived together. It was also the hinterland of the mainland of Z, with Dongting in the east and Guinan in Sichuan in the west, and hilly and flat mountains in Guangxi. It was an important frontier fortress in ancient times.
At the moment, Li Yueling dropped his flying sword and found a secluded place. For one thing, Li Yueling didn’t know where Wuyueling was, and he needed to find a guide. For another, he planned to get a copy of Master Jin here, and they got little news to let them know that they were safe. However, after half a year, satellite words had long been motivated.
Li Yueling, an ancient street in Gancheng, set foot on the street made of slate, and looked around at the old street next to it. When she looked up at the towering fire-proof ancient brick walls, she could not help but feel antique and interesting, as if she had returned to an ancient dynasty.
This street is the most lively scenic spot in Gancheng. Li Yueling changed into a leisure suit early in the morning, carrying a shoulder bag and wearing a pair of RayBan aviator sunglasses, which is like a foreign tourist.
Boss, can you make a long distance call here? Li Yueling finally stepped into an antique shop and immediately asked when he saw the counter words.
The owner of this shop is a 50-year-old man dressed as a minority. After seeing Li Yueling, he first smiled and said that the young man can get through to the city line but can’t get through.
Li Yueling heard that he was slightly disappointed and planned to leave. The owner of the antique shop said again that you need someone else to get in touch urgently, right? I’ll call on my mobile phone.
When the boss handed a ROKE mobile phone to Li Yueling, a big bean sweat slipped from his forehead. It seemed so corny.
Fortunately, Li Yueling was thick-skinned and embarrassed for a moment. Immediately, even thank you so much. I’ll pay for this.
Before Li Yueling finished speaking, the boss suddenly looked like a straight-faced guy. He should not expect to get paid for helping others. If you want to pay, give me back my mobile phone.
Li Yueling heard that his tongue spit, but his affection for the Miao boss increased greatly. He nodded and laughed. You were right, but I was confused. Then thank you for your help first.
I dialed the Kim family’s direct connection in the sea. A familiar tone came from the end of the mobile phone. Who are you looking for?
Aunt, it’s me. When Yueling heard the answer, it was Jin Xiuqing. Li Yueling was excited.
Ah, Jin Xiuqing is obviously more excited than Li Yueling. Yue Ling, I’m not dreaming, are you? Where are you? Are you all right?
It’s a long story. Li Yueling thought for a moment and finally decided to tell Jin Xiuqing what really happened. Li Yueling might not have done it before the change, but now he has given the idea of fixing the truth to the Kim family, but he is afraid again.
This call was played for nearly two hours, but Li Yueling finally told Jin Xiu everything in Qing Dynasty, and learned from her what happened after Mo disappeared in London.
Of course, Li Yueling didn’t say that he was in the scenic zone at the moment because he was simple enough to wait here for Jiang Shishi to meet, and then they would return to Haijin’s house together after they met.
Jin Xiuqing, on the other end of the sentence, obviously hasn’t recovered from Li Yueling’s real exposition until Li Yueling even called three of her in the words, which reflected that what you just said really happened.
How can I make fun of this kind of thing, my little aunt? Let’s do it for Grandpa. You can report the details of peace for me first, and then you can talk about it slowly when my poem sister comes back together. Because I learned from Jin Xiuqing that London gold warm jade has returned to the sea and successfully helped the London company to resume its normal operation, everything can be said to be perfect. Li Yueling’s heart is calm and her tone of voice is relaxed. Unfortunately, Jin Warm jade can’t talk to her today in Tian Building.
I made a lot of promises with Jin Xiuqing again. Li Yueling always hung up and looked at the phone. Li Yueling was embarrassed to say to the Miao boss, you see, I’ve been playing for so long, but this is not small.